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Thinknoodles, Think or formerly Insiders Network, is an American gamer on Youtube. This is his logo. ( Source : Youtube )

Thinknoodles, Think or formerly Insiders Network, is an American gamer on Youtube and formerly Twitch.

He is a gaming channel, and his Youtube is filled with him playing family-friendly adventure games. What separates him from most other gamers and Let's players on YouTube is that he does not use profane language.

The gamer is mainly known for playing Minecraft, Roblox, Pokemon, Club Penguin, Webkinz, and Poptropica.

He has also played many other games on his channels, such as Splatoon, Clash of Clans, House Flipper, Thief Simulator, Sims 4, Granny, Baldi's Basics, and Super Mario Maker.

Thinknoodles has been on Youtube for a long time, using different avatars and channels. His first channel was called jawatkin, and it was a vlogging channel.

The jawatkin channel has 95 subscribers and six short videos on random topics. He hasn't used it for 11 years. 

Besides jawatkin, Thinknoodles had three other channels before he launched his current one.

The first of these channels was CPInsider 2nd. This channel provided Club Penguin Walkthroughs. The second channel was FreeRealmsinsider which featured gameplay videos.

Lastly, the third channel was Webkinz Insider, featuring similar gameplay.

Quick Info

Net Worth:$6.05 Million
Real Name:Justin Andrew Watkins
Date of Birth:May 30, 1977
Place of Birth:America
Style:Gaming & Shorts
Subscribers:8.51 Million
Date Joined:December 15, 2011
Years Active:2006 - Present

Has Thinknoodles Done A Face Reveal?

Yes, the gamer Youtuber Thinknoodles has done a face reveal on his main channel.

On May 26, 2018, Thinknoodles released a video on his main channel, Disney Vlog, featuring him and his wife at a Disney theme park.

At around the three-minute mark, Thinknoodles shows his face alongside his wife. Though this wasn't the first time he had shown his face online, this was the first time since he had amassed millions of subscribers that he had done so. 

Thinknoodles is not very confident, showing his face and physical appearance as he has stated he is very shy. 

This is what Thinknoodles looks behind the camera
This is what Thinknoodles looks behind the camera ( Source : youtube )

Even going back to his jawatkin days, Thinknoodles never showed his face. Even in the 66 videos on CPInsider 2nd, 74 videos on FreeRealmsInsider, and nine videos on Webkinz Insider, the Youtuber was not showing his face. 

After he showed his face on the Disney Vlog, Thinknoodles has shown his face here and there but has still stuck to his normal style of gameplay where he is audio only. 

His videos feature a visual representation of the man, an avatar, or an animoji of a dog's face with brown ears and a patch around its left eye.

What Is Thinknoodles Real Name?

The game Youtuber Thinknoodles has revealed his real name, and it is Justin Andrew Watkins.

Watkins lives in New York City, New York. He stated that he used to live in an apartment but has recently moved a few miles away.

Watkins has a wife named Rachelle, who seems to be of Asian descent. He also has a dog named Kloi, born on September 18, 2020.

The couple got the dog in early 2021 after their previous dog Kopi passed away on December 10, 2020.

Thinknoodles with his wife Rachelle
Thinknoodles with his wife Rachelle ( Source : twitter )

Watkins is a big animal lover and shares that love with his wife. The Youtuber had stated that he used to have a dog called Missy as a kid and was heartbroken when she went missing one day.

Due to the loss of his dog at a young age, the Youtuber has had a dog for as long as he remembers. His mascot on Youtube also has his dog, based on Kopi.

It wasn't until a few years ago that his parents told him that they had given the dog away to another family. 

Watkins talked a lot about his life on a Draw My Life he did on his channel. In the video, he talked about his love for computers as a child and his horrible asthma.

How Much Is Thinknoodles' Net Worth?

The game Youtuber Thinknoodles has a net worth estimated to be $6.05 million as of 2022.

Thinknoodles has amassed 8.51 subscribers on his main Youtube channel, 277.3K followers on Twitter, 310K on Instagram, and 86.2K on Tiktok.

Besides his main channel, Thinknoodles has three other channels, of which two are still active. 

The defunct channel was also called Thinknoodles. This channel was active from January 19, 2011, to September 16, 2013, and only had one video.

A Youtooz featuring Thinknoodles' avatar
A Youtooz featuring Thinknoodles' avatar ( Source : the-youtooz )

The other two channels are ThinknoodlesToo and Thinknoodles Live. The former is a gaming channel with 92K subscribers and 152 videos.

The latter channel, though also a gaming channel, is more concerned with reuploads. It has 21K subscribers and 29 videos.

Thinknoodles' primary source of income is through his videos. His videos are very successful, and his most popular video has reached 16 million views and 126K likes.

More than a hundred videos on his channel have reached or surpassed a million views. Thinknoodles is a hard worker and has over five thousand videos on his channel. 

The man has worked for his success. 


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