Edgardo Canales, Adria Arjona Husband Age & Net Worth - Meet Andor's Bix Caleen's Real Life Partner


Adria Arjona and husband Edgardo Canales attend the Vanity Fair Oscar Party ( Source : Famousfix )

Adria Arjona Husband Edgardo Canales is an American resident native to San Juan, Puerto Rico. His real name is Edgardo Rafael Canales Guastella. 

On December 5, 1987, Edgardo was born to his mother, Suncy Guastella, and his father, Mr. Canales. His parents worked as professionals in their respective fields of specialization. He is well known for his career and for being the husband of American actress Adria Arjona.

Quick Facts About Edgardo Canales

Popular ForHusband of Adria Arjona
Estimated Net Worth$1 Million as of 2022
Birth DateDecember 5, 1987
Age35 Years Old in 2022
Birth PlaceSan Juan, Puerto Rico
MotherSuncy Guastella

How Old Is Adria Arjona Husband Edgardo Canales?

Adria Arjona Husband Edgardo Canales is 34 years old as he was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on December 5, 1987. 

The 1940 Nationality Act made Puerto Rico eligible for U.S. citizenship. Anyone born in Puerto Rico after January 13, 1941, is a naturalized American citizen.

The 34-years-old Canales is best known for being the husband of Puerto Rico native actress Adria Arjona. His wife has appeared in several high-ranking movies, including the 2022 banger, Morbius.

Early Life

Edgardo was born to his mother, Suncy Guastella, and his father, Mr. Canales, on December 5, 1987. Both of his parents were professional employees in their respective areas of expertise. His mother, Suncy, worked as a marketing manager at Bodies, carrying the role of Assistant Marketing Manager before she retired from the company. She was a former Exhibition and Level Two Executive Consultant at Rodan + Fields, a cosmetic and makeup firm specializing in dermatologist-inspired skincare products.

According to various reports on the internet, the husband of the American actress Adria Arjona got his love of the magistrate from his father. His father was a practitioner lawyer, and Edgardo decided to follow his career path in the world of attorneyship. Mr. Canales, Edgardo's father, motivated and helped his son through his early career. 

Education and Career

Edgardo has been an excellent scholar and lawyer, and currently, he is pursuing his career in acting like his wife, Adrian Arjona. He has gathered a comprehensive understanding of corporate law and business matters. During his career as a lawyer, he specialized in industry law and worked for law firms in America.

Before his newfound career in the entertainment business, he was a professional lawyer. He is a private university graduate who attended Boston College Wallace E. Carroll Graduate School of Management and earned his business studies degree. He also participated at the Southwestern University of Law following his LLM in Entertainment and Media Law. The American scholar also holds two other degrees apart from his degree in business, including a Juris Doctor from the University of Puerto Rico.

Along the same lines as his wife, Adria, Edgardo began his career in the entertainment industry. Edgardo was a well-known attorney in the industry. He worked as a manager at STX Entertainment, where he was responsible for International Production and Business and Legal Affairs.

Adria posted a throwback picture with her husband on the occasion of Valentines Day
Adria posted a throwback picture with her husband on the occasion of Valentines Day ( Source : instagram )

Before joining STX, Edgardo worked at William Morris Endeavor for a short while as an assistant to Philip Button. Additionally, he had a difficult time in commercial and legal affairs while working at Movie Package Company in California and Canales Law Offices in Puerto Rico.

Edgardo worked at Canales Law Officer for nearly a full year as an attorney, beginning his tenure there in September 2012 and ending it the following year.

The well-known celebrity's spouse has worked for STX Entertainment for the past five years. STX Entertainment is an entirely integrated, worldwide media company established to liberate industry value and distribute talent-driven content across several platforms, including television, cinema, and digital media.

Edgardo has been the international production, business, and legal difficulties and the same role in global production and management since April 2018. He also has the same job in worldwide production and management.

Relationship Timeline: When Did Edgardo Canales And Adria Arjona Started Dating?

The actual date and place where Adria Arjona and her life partner Edgardo Canales meet are under the radar, and it seems the couple like to keep the information to themselves. However, the American attorney made his first appearance on Adria's Instagram profile on Valentine's Day, 2016. 

Adria took to Instagram, uploading a snap of Adria's beau Canales giving her a back hug while burying his face in her hair. She captioned the post, "Him, Wishing everyone a happy Valentines's Day."


On August 19, 2018, Arjona announced the happy news that they had gotten engaged via an Instagram post. The actress posts pictures of her and her husband looking happy and celebrating their romantic achievements on social media. The first picture in the center had the actress displaying her engagement ring to the camera. Additionally, she said in the caption, "A thousand times yes!"

Edgardo Canales's fiancée Showing off Her Engagement Ring
Edgardo Canales's fiancée Showing off Her Engagement Ring ( Source : instagram )

Since Canales has a career away from the spotlight, it was much simpler for the pair to maintain their silence about their relationship because her partner has work that takes place out of the public eye. On the other hand, both pair members were spotted walking the red carpet together at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party at the Wallis Annenberg Center for Performing Arts in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, in 2020.

Wedding In A Private Ceremony

Edgardo Canales married his love of life, Adria Arjona, who is no stranger to Hollywood fame. His wife grew up as the daughter of the well-known Guatemalan singer-songwriter Ricardo Arjona. According to News Amomama, the 30-years-old Edgardo's wife aspires to have the same work ethic as her father and looks to him for inspiration. She also notes that the great songwriter is her number one supporter.

After several years devoted together as a pair, the couple finally tied the knot during the summer of 2019 in La Antigua, Guatemala, at the Hotel Casa Santo Domingo. According to the source Next Biography, Adria chose that place for their wedding because she felt a solid connection to Guatemala, deeming that she was born in Puerto Rico and that her family's history is in Guatemala.

Edgardo Canales And His Wife Adria Arjona attends Coachella together
Edgardo Canales And His Wife Adria Arjona attends Coachella together ( Source : hola )

The marriage was a private ceremony, and the couple only invited a handful of guests. The newlyweds did not put in a request for any presents. However, the couple requested their guest to either donate to the Caras de Puerto Rico Foundation or bring books and gifts to donate to underprivileged children in the El Barrio, La Barrita neighborhood of Guatemala.

Edgardo Canales's Net Worth

According to the source Popular Net Worth, Edgardo's net worth as of 2022 is estimated to be more than $1 Million. At the time, it was believed that the average annual salary for an entertainment lawyer was approximately $153,000.

He has been earning a handsome salary for holding an important post, which has contributed to his net worth. The substantial compensation that Edgardo receives for his distinguished position has contributed to a growth in his net worth.

Edgardo Canales Children And Family

Edgardo Canales received his love of law from his lawyer father. His mother was The Exhibition and a "Level II Executive Consultant" at Rodan + Fields, a company specializing in elegance and cosmetics. His mother, Sunny Guastella, worked at Bodies for many years before retiring as Assistant Marketing Manager.

Adria in her recent HBO hit Father of the Bride
Adria in her recent HBO hit Father of the Bride ( Source : sknewshub )

Anna Vaillant, the daughter of his friend Annie Vaillant, is Edgardo's niece. 

In 2021, the couple appeared to be more in love than they had ever been, but they had no intention of having a child at the time. On Adria's Instagram account, she frequently posted images of her partner, Edgardo, doing various activities, such as lounging on a beach in Puerto Rico, exploring the desert, or traveling to Santorini Island in Greece.

Adria Arjona's Character Bix Caleen's Boyfriend Timm In Andor

Andor is the newest Star Wars story to hit Disnery+, and it tells the story of Diego Luna's Cassian Andor, who fans were able to love and adore in the movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which grossed one billion dollars at the box office. Andor tells the story of Cassian Andor's life before he appeared in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Bix Caleen lives on the planet Ferrix and works as a mechanic. He seems to get along well with Cassian because he goes to her when needed help with something he has bought. But because she was close to Cassian, she got caught in trouble with Pre-Mor.

Cassian mentioned to Caleen that he had an untraceable NS-9 Starpath unit that he thought the buyer would be interested in. He wanted to sell the item and needed Bix's help. Bix contacted the buyer while keeping Timm, her boyfriend, in the dark about the NS-9 Starpath.  

Adria Arjona's Character Bix Caleen's  Boyfriend in Star Wars Is Timm from Andor
Adria Arjona's Character Bix Caleen's Boyfriend in Star Wars Is Timm from Andor ( Source : newstdy )

Bix Caleen's boyfriend, Timm suspected something between the two because they were so close. He resolved to keep an eye on his girlfriend and Cassian in case he could learn what she was hiding. 

Adria Arjona's character in Andor, Bix, was apprehended forcefully by the Pre-Mor forces as they suspected she could be hiding something. Her partner, Timm, was concerned about what Pre-Mor troops were doing to her and tried to help her. However, this resulted in him being shot by one of the Pre-Mor guards, who appeared willing to pull the trigger enough times to kill him.


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