Does Arin Smethurst From Casualty Have A Partner? Meet The Actor Playing Sah On The Show


Arin Smethurst is an English non-binary actor. ( Source : Twitter )

Arin Smethurst is an actor who recently joined the set of Casualty to play the role of Sah. Smethurst is playing a non-binary character for the first time after coming out and believes that this could be a major break for the actor.

The actor growing up felt like they were never presented properly by the media. However, fast forward to today, they will be playing a non-binary character and can be themselves on stage. Being able to also represent the non-binary community through their character, Arin could not be happier than this.

The BBC show Casualty has a good lineup of the cast with other talented actors. Considering Arin will be working beside them, they could not be more stoked at the opportunity. Smethurst wants to play more non-binary characters in the future and in their upcoming projects. 

NameArin Smethurst
ProfessionActor and Musician
Birth PlaceLondon, United Kingdom

Does Arin Smethurst From Casualty Have A Partner?

The Casualty actor appears to be single at the moment. There is no information about the actor's romantic partner and they have been pretty honest about their personal life.

Arin is currently focused on their career. Smethurst is a British-born actor and musician. Arin is a non-binary person who prefers the pronouns They/Them. They are well-known for their roles in several stage plays as well as their selection for the BBC's TV show Casualty.

Arin Smethurst on the sets of Casualty.
Arin Smethurst on the sets of Casualty. ( Source : dailyadvent )

In Casualty, Arin will play the role of Sah Brockner. Brockner is the newest member of the Holby City paramedic team. Arin's character in the show also identifies as non-binary. 

Growing up different always made Arin feel like they were not represented well by the media and entertainment industry. However, in recent years things have changed for the better.

Being able to represent the non-binary community soon after coming out helped them in the industry. They were very comfortable to be themselves on screen and they really enjoyed working in Casualty and playing their character.

How Old Is Arin Smethurst?

According to Arin's Instagram bio, the actor is 27 years old. They were born in 1995. They graduated from college the year before. They were born in the United Kingdom and hold British citizenship.

Arin received their diploma from Rose Bruford College. During their college years, they studied acting and music. While in college, Arin also appeared in two plays, one of which was Into the Woods. In that play, they played the role of Little Red Riding Hood.

Arin Smethurst in one of the scenes from Casualty.
Arin Smethurst in one of the scenes from Casualty. ( Source : metro )

Smethurst has been interested in music since they were children, in addition to acting. They are an accomplished singer and violinist. 

They began their acting career as theater performers. They gained popularity on the internet following the announcement of their appearance on the BBC TV series Casualty.

Casualty airs once a week on BBC One in the United Kingdom. Jeremy Bro and Paul Unwin created it. The first episode aired on BBC One on September 6, 1986. Geraint Morris created the series in the beginning. The TV show holds the record for being the longest-running medical drama.

What Is Arin Smethurst Character On Casualty Like?

Sah Brockner works as a paramedic for the Holby Ambulance Service. They will begin serving in October 2021. Sah identifies as a non-binary individual.

Sah was born on May 14, 1998. Prior to coming out as non-binary, they were female at birth and used their birth name of Sarah. Kevin, Sah's father, had a stroke at some point and spent several months in rehab.

Arin Smethurst on the set of Casualty playing the role of Sah.
Arin Smethurst on the set of Casualty playing the role of Sah. ( Source : pinknews )

Kevin returned home with a 15-year-old Sah as his caregiver after making significant progress and regaining his ability to speak. Sah quickly became close to Bill Phillipsen, a man who met and assisted Kevin in rehab, and his wife Jean. Jean genuinely cared about Sah. She would frequently give Sah car lifts and, recognizing that Sah was not eating properly, would frequently provide them with extra food.

In October 2021, Sah joined the Holby Ambulance Service. On their first shift, Sah treated Ren, a free runner who had been injured while fleeing a gang of youths she had provoked. After Ren refused treatment in the emergency department at Holby City Hospital and collapsed outside the ambulance station, Sah persuaded Ren to reveal her real name, which allowed the ED staff to learn about her diabetes.

Bill Phillipsen requested an ambulance in February 2022 after having chest pains. Against Sah's advice, Bill chose to stay at home and wait for his wife Jean instead of being taken to the hospital. Bill later changed his mind and decided to drive to the hospital for treatment, but on the way, he was hit by another car.

Bill was rescued from the wreckage by Sah and fellow paramedic Teddy Gowan, but it soon became clear that his earlier chest pain was the consequence of a heart attack, Jean had passed away, and Bill had originally been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

Some FAQs

What Role Is Arin Smethurst Playing In Casualty?

Arin Smethurst is playing the role of Sah in Casualty.

How Old Is Arin Smethurst?

Arin Smethurst is currently 27 years old and was born in 1995.

What Is Arin Smethurst Profession?

Arin Smethurst is an actor and musician.

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