Dave and Jenny Marrs Share Beautiful Wedding Photos On Fixer To Fabulous


Fixer And Fabulous Couple Dave And Jenny Mars Shares Picture Of Their Family With Five Children ( Source : Facebook )

In an interview with HGTV, Jenny Mars shares her and Fixer to Fabulous co-stars David's love story offering a glimpse into the beautiful life of the duo from Fixer to Fabulous have built together.

The HGTV's popular TV series Fixer to Fabulous wrapped its third season in March 2022. The series followed husband-and-wife Jenny and Dave Marrs from Bentonville, Arkansas. The couple uses their resources to transform houses into masterpieces for potential buyers who want a slower-paced lifestyle in a small town, all while raising five children.

Jenny And Dave Marrs Shares Throwback Photos From Their Wedding Day

Fixer to Fabulous season two premiered by displaying the beautiful life Jenny and Dave Mars have built together as parents/guardians to their five children. The Fixer to Fabulous couple have been married since 2005 and are blessed with five adorable children: twin Nathan and Ben, Sylvie, Charlotte, and Luke.

During the interview, Dave's wife was kind enough to share how she and Dave met. In addition, she shared their wedding details and throwback photos from the nuptial day. Jenny wrote an e-mail to HGTV mentioning she did not have any digital pictures from the wedding and attached a few scanned images from Marr's actual wedding album.

Wedding Photos Of Fixer To Fabulous Couple Dave And Jenny Marrs
Wedding Photos Of Fixer To Fabulous Couple Dave And Jenny Marrs ( Source : hgtv )

Long-Distance Friendship Turned Into Love

The home-renovator couple met after college in 2002 while working for the same organization. Unfortunately, Jenny and Dave lived in different states. Nevertheless, the duo became good friends and engaged in long-distance conversations.

After building a solid foundation of friendships for several years, the couple started seeing each other as a romantic partners. Jenny and Dave engaged in Paris after dating for about a year.

Engagement Under The Lights Of The Eiffel Tower

Dave and Jenny shared a walk down the Eiffel tower on their third night in Paris. Dave took to his knees, facing Jenny under the glow of the lights against the clear, dark sky, and proposed to Jenny.

Jenny cites remembering the event that can only be described as an out-of-body experience. -Dave fell to one knee and held up a jewelry box with an engagement ring. As he asked, "marry me?" she screamed with excitement and said yes.

The Wedding At The Mission Inn

On April 2, 2005, Dave and Jenny exchanged their wedding vows and tied the know at the Mission Inn in Howey-in-the-Hills, Florida. Jenny shared some of the pictures from her wedding day on ndtv.com.

In 2017, Jenny took to Instagram on their 12th marriage anniversary, acknowledging her husband, Mr. Marrs, for being her main squeeze forever and ever. The HDTV celebrity couple recently celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary on April 2, 2022.

Jenny and Dave Marrs Weren’t Always Home Renovators

Jenny and Dave Marrs won the hearts of millions of HGTV viewers with their incredible design expertise and an adorable family of seven. After their hit series, Fixer to Fabulous premiered, the Marrs family came to mass recognition.

On October 2019, HDTV premiered Fixer to Fabulous, where Jenny and Dave present the viewers with the restoration of historic homes in their neighborhood of Arkansas.

Dave Started His Own Construction Company

The couple moved in together in Arkansas in 2004. After settling down, Dace started his own construction company, Marrs Developing. On the other hand, Jenny was pursuing a marketing and sales career.

Snap Of Jenny Helping Her Husband Dave In His Home Renovation Works
Snap Of Jenny Helping Her Husband Dave In His Home Renovation Works ( Source : tvovermind )

The mother of five pitched in as much as possible to help her husband on the design end of his home renovation work. Dave was starting at that time, and they were broke financially, with Jenny only having a real job. 

Jenny Joined Dave Full-Time At The Company

During the beginning of the Marrs Developing, Jenny was working as a marketing and sales personnel. Even though the sales executive did not have an academic career in design, she always loved designing and getting in touch with her creative side.

Later in 2012, after eight years of starting Marrs Developing, Jenny left her job as a marketing and sales person and joined her husband full-time at the company.

HGTV Approached Them With The Prospect Of A Show

During season one of the HGTV reality series Fixer to Fabulous, Jenny mentioned that HGTV approached them via email. Jenny, during one episode, cited that she thought the mail was a joke and immediately deleted the message, thinking it was spam.

HGTV Hit Show Fixer And Fabulous Stars Jenny And David Marrs
HGTV Hit Show Fixer And Fabulous Stars Jenny And David Marrs ( Source : amazon )

HGTV approached them via email after the word got out about a couple's old home renovating business. Jenny and Dave were happy to share their passion for reviving historic homes and signed a contract with the television.

The Marrs Family Lives In An Old Farm House

Wife of the home renovator mentioned in a blog post titled These Walls that her husband, Dave, took her and their two kids for a walkthrough of an old farmhouse that he had to demolish as part of the contract. The house was not very pleasing, yet the pair knew they had to save it.

The old farmhouse was going to be replaced by a parking lot. Hence, the couple had to relocate the run-down farmhouse somewhere else physically. Fortunately, David had an empty plot of land in the neighborhood that he bought with no vision.

That plot of land became the beginning point for the pair's first major restoration projects and where they would raise their budding family of seven.

The Couple Have Five Kids

The HGTV celebrity stars have five children together. They were blessed with twins Nathan and Ben as the couple's firstborn. As of now, the twin is nine years old. The other four children are seven-year-old Sylvie, five-year-old Charlotte, and one-year-old Luke.

Jenny And Dave Shares A Family Photo In Front Of Their Farmhouse
Jenny And Dave Shares A Family Photo In Front Of Their Farmhouse ( Source : marrsdeveloping )

The couple adopted their daughter Sylvie from the Democratic Republic of Congo in Central Africa. Dave and Jenny started the adaptation process after seeing Sylvie's adoption profile online. Because of the significant roadblock, the couple had to wait 602 days to meet their adopted daughter Sylvie.

They Are In Love With Parenthood

Family is the center of the universe for the couple, from Fixer to Fabulous. The duo is proud parents of five adorable children. Jenny constantly shares pictures of her sweet children and their latest milestone with their fans on social media.

In August 2022, Jenny uploaded a photo from Luke's first school day on her Instagram. She captioned she had done this four times before and never gets tired of the feeling of attachment she feels while her kids learn to spread their wings and find footing in their little world.


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