Comedian Tony Hinchcliffe Find A Wife In Racer's Daughter Charlotte Jane?

Tony Hinchcliffe is an American comedian who has been on the writing staff of the Comedy Central Roast series ( Source : Usatoday )

The crowd like Tony Hinchcliffe's style of presenting, and he has excellent comic timing. His performances are well-liked and draw sizable crowds. He's also known as "The Golden Pony."

In addition to serving as a roaster on the All Def Digital Roast of Snoop Dogg, which was broadcast on Fusion in 2016, he served as a member of the Comedy Central Roasts writing staff in 2008. Kill Tony, a live weekly comedy podcast, is hosted by Hinchcliffe.

He is renowned for his sardonic humor and sharp punches. He is most known for his kind of roast comedy. He has the talent to make the audience laugh and feel awkward. He will be regarded as one of the top roasters forever.

Quick Facts 

Full NameTony Hinchcliffe
Birth DateJune 8, 1984
Age38 years old
Birth PlaceYoungstown, Ohio
Years Active2007-Present
Net Worth$3 million
PseudonymThe Golden Pony
GenresComedy roasts, insult comedy, observational comedy, crowd-work
Known ForComedy Central Roast, Kill Tony, One Shot
Mediumcomedy, TV, webcast
Height5 feet 7 inches
Eye ColourGrey-green eyes
Hair ColourLight Brown
 Who Is Charlotte Jane? Meet Tony Hinchcliffe Wife

Charlotte has become well-known due to her marriage to legendary comedian Tony Hinchcliffe. She is also well known for being the daughter of renowned Australian racer Bob Jane. She is one of Bob and Laree Jane's three children.

Charlotte has two siblings, Rodney Jane and Karen Jane, and two half-siblings, Robert Jane and Courtney Jane. Laree, Charlotte's mother, is also Bob's third wife.

She tragically lost her father on September 28, 2019. Prostate cancer, identified 21 years earlier, claimed Bob's life at 88. On Instagram, Bob's daughter posted several heartfelt messages and inspirational photos of herself and her father.

Charlotte must have found it tough to lose her father to such a horrible illness. 

Charlotte Is A Social Media Influencer 

Charlotte Jane is a businesswoman. She has a profile on Depop. People can purchase and sell items using the Depop app. Charlotte sells carefully chosen goods on Depop. Slippers, jeans, tops, and other items are just a few things she has exchanged on the app.

Charlotte, the wife of Tony, appears to be a model and an Instagram influencer. She was one of the models for the Maxim magazine cover girl.

Charlotte Jane is a model and social media influencer
Charlotte Jane is a model and social media influencer ( Source : instagram )

We can see by looking through her Instagram that she has shared numerous images of herself. She frequently posts photos of her family on Instagram, particularly ones honoring her late father. As of this writing, she has amassed more than 28k followers.

BabyJaneCo is the name of another Instagram page Charlotte created. She also has a 4twen meme account, where she has posted several memes.

Tony Hinchcliffe & Charlotte Jane Wedding Photos - Are They Still Together? 

Tony first said he was married in 2015, but his audience did not take him seriously then. He announced his engagement to Charlotte Jane in 2017 and shared an Instagram snapshot of the two of them holding an engagement ring.

They both stopped sharing photos of one another on social media, which created a lot of questions about the condition of their relationship at the moment.

The couple has kept their marriage relationship private and has not shared many personal details online. Since Tony did not speak much about his marriage publicly, there has always been a misunderstanding.

Both Tony and Charlotte have been photographed without rings since late 2018 and up until this point. However, the absence of the wedding band is not usually indicative of divorce.

Tony announced his marriage to Charlotte by uploading a photo on Instagram
Tony announced his marriage to Charlotte by uploading a photo on Instagram ( Source : instagram )

On the other hand, there are claims that Tony's wife permanently left him after he allegedly cheated on her. According to different sources, he reportedly cheated on his wife with a person in Toronto or Philadelphia.

In May 2021, Tony Hinchliffe's wife, Charlotte Jane, published a video of a man named Dylan Leduff, raising questions about their marital status. She wrote in the post's caption that he was the one with whom she fell in love.

She also shared another image of the two of them. However, all the pictures with him are no more on her Instagram as she deleted them.

Tony Hinchcliffe Rumored Relationship With Joanna Jedrzejczyk  

Tony's relationship with the UFC fighter Joanna is one of the most talked-about relationships he has been connected to. Joanna Jdrzejczyk debuted in the UFC and at strawweight during Lawler vs. Brown vs. Juliana Lana at UFC on Fox. Joanna prevailed after a unanimous vote.

Daniel Cormier, among others, has referred to her as the best female strawweight mixed martial artist of all time. Jdrzejczyk, the first Polish champion and the first female European champion, own numerous records in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), where she was formerly the women's strawweight champion.

The comedian has been claiming that Joanna is attractive for several years. Tony had no idea that their friendly banter would develop into a romantic relationship in real life.

Joanna and Tony were only rumored to be dating
Joanna and Tony were only rumored to be dating ( Source : instagram )

Fans immediately started to ship Joanna and Tony when she posted a photo of them together in 2016 along with the caption, "Look who finally Had the Courage to talk to me😁 It was very nice to meet you."

She was engaged to Przemysaw Buta, a former Polish football star. She confirmed that she is no longer engaged to Buta in an interview in 2019, where she blamed some issues in her personal life for nearly two years.

Difficult Childhood: Tony Hinchcliffe Was Raised By A Single Mother 

The 38-year-old comedian and his brother were brought up by their single mother in a Youngstown area on the north. In 2002, he earned his diploma from Ursuline High School.

He had a talent for insulting people since he was young, so he even punched people in school. In fact, he learned how to deal with bullies and harassment by the use of his words.

He went through some difficult times as a child because he was raised in Ohio. Ohio is one of the cities in America with minor development, as we all know.

He resided in a bad neighborhood with a high crime rate, drug addiction, and poverty rate. It is admirable that he overcame such obstacles to become a successful comedian. 

Although Tony has previously revealed that his father is a restaurant owner, little is known about him. Because of his slightly feminine voice, Hinchcliffe is frequently teased and accused of being homo. But when questioned about it, he dismissed such assertions.

Tony Hinchcliffe Net Worth 

Net Worth: $3 million

Tony's net worth is estimated to be around $3 million, according to SideMex. His career reached high heights in a short period.

He has emerged as an inspiration for those residing in his underdeveloped regions. He undoubtedly showed that talent and effort know no bounds, despite coming from an area with poverty and other problems.

To pursue a career in comedy, Hinchcliffe relocated to Los Angeles in 2007. At open mic nights at The Comedy Store in West Hollywood, California, he first began doing stand-up.

Tony Hinchcliffe while performing the Standup comedy in San Antonio
Tony Hinchcliffe while performing the Standup comedy in San Antonio ( Source : instagram )

He was employed to man the phones and the cover booth and subsequently started getting paid to frequent the establishment. On tour, he began performing as the opener for comedians Joe Rogan and Jeff Ross.

On their programs, The Burn with Jeff Ross and The Joe Rogan Experience, he frequently appeared as a guest. Even Jeff Ross, whom Tony idolized, was taken aback by Tony's abilities.

Ross paved the path for Tony's writing endeavors at Comedy Central. As Tony's career advanced, this chance proved to be a terrific one. He also began receiving new projects.

He performed gigs worldwide and teamed up with well-known comedians like Dave Chappelle. He is regarded as one of the greatest in the industry and has developed a distinctive character for himself.

Roast Shows & Podcast 

Hinchcliffe had a reputation at The Comedy Store for belittling other comics and spectators while performing. He is renowned for bringing up awkward and delicate subjects during his stand-up performances.

Hinchcliffe has produced many shows for Comedy Central. He has written some great reviews on roasts. During their roast performances, he slung some harsh jabs at Bieber and Rowe.

He also worked on Roast Battle's inaugural season. Later, Martha Stewart and Ann Coulter referenced his mocking of Rowe and Bieber.

In 2013, Tony and Brian Redban introduced their weekly podcast, "Kill Tony," at The Comedy Store in Hollywood. He invited famous people to speak about amateur comedians' performances in this. Bill Burr and Cort McCown were among the podcast's celebrity guests.

Tony Hinchcliffe is the host of the podcast Kill Tony
Tony Hinchcliffe is the host of the podcast Kill Tony ( Source : instagram )

Throughout the show, random names from a bucket containing the candidates' names are drawn. Each chosen contestant gets to perform a one-minute comedy set, followed by the judges' panel's discussion and evaluation. 

The Pony Hour, which took its name from his nickname, The Golden Pony, was the second podcast he started in 2016. Compared to his initial attempt, the format was different this time. Thanks to Tony, the show features visitors like Tait Fletcher, Frank Castillo, and Diaz.

He Did A Comedy Special Titled One Shot Which Is Available On Netflix 

In 2016, Netflix broadcast the comedy special "One Shot" starring Tony Hinchcliffe. It was an uncut, one-take show, as the name would imply.

Tony received much praise for his technical expertise, talent, and skill on the show. Even the detractors gave it accolades. His fame played a significant role in the increase in his net worth.

In 2017, Tony completed 26 cities on the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour. He paved the way for musicians as famous people.

He participated in the "Super Bowl Greatest Commercials" TV specials in 2018 and 2019. Tony also made his production debut with "Lip Sync to the Rescue" in 2019.

Hinchcliffe declared in September 2020 that he would be moving to Austin, Texas, to live with Joe Rogan and Brian Redban.

Tony's Racist Remark in a Comedy Set Led a Huge Controversy

Tony, unfortunately, received a lot of bad press for his remarks against Pen Dang in May 2021. Dang is a Chinese-American comedian of Asian descent. The cancellation of Tony's broadcasts was caused by the internet craze around his derogatory video of Pen Dang.

After the video was eventually posted on Twitter, he received criticism for his stereotyped remarks. Due to the incident, Hinchcliffe reportedly lost his contract with his management company WME and was canceled from two scheduled appearances with Joe Rogan in Austin.

Tony received heavy backlash after his racial remark on  Peng Dang
Tony received heavy backlash after his racial remark on Peng Dang ( Source : wral )

Hinchcliffe said that Chinese people came to Austin because of the bats during his performance, and he scolded aggrieved audience members for "thinking he was serious" in an interview with Dang for Vulture. Dang claimed that Hinchcliffe did not apologize to him for the incident.

Moreover, Tony discussed his previous relationships during his stand-up performance at the All Def Comedy Stage at the Chinese Theatre in California. He admitted to having hookups with many colluded women.


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