Chuck Seitsinger Street Outlaws Net Worth 2022


Chuck Seitsinger is known for appearance on the Discovery Channel Street Outlaws ( Source : Instagram )

Chuck Setsinger on Street Outlaws has an estimated net worth of $650,000 in 2022.

His racing journey to the present has included participation in several fiercely competitive sports, including dirt track motorcycle racing, soccer, and numerous other forms of drag racing.

Chuck began street racing as soon as he was old enough to drive legally, like many other people on the show. Chuck is one of the group's experienced racers. He enjoys racing, whether on track or the open road.

He is full of grit, which has motivated him to be at the top of his game, to cut a long story short. In addition, he is a highly skilled track racer even though he once had one of the fastest small-tire street cars.

Let's explore more about him here. 

Full NameChuck Seitsinger
ProfessionStreet Car Racer and Car Technician
Birth DateFebruary 18, 1970
Age52 years old
Zodiac SignAquarius
Birth PlaceOklahoma
Marital statusDivorced
Current girlfriendElisa Noella
Children3 (Chelsea, Maddie, and Miranda)
Years Active2013-Present

Some FAQs

What does Chuck do for a living from Street Outlaws?

He owns Advanced Motorsports, a successful repair business.

What did Chuck from Street Outlaws do?

Chuck was found guilty on two charges, including threatening violence.

How old is Chuck Seitsinger?

Chuck is 52 years old and was born on February 18th, 1970.

What Chuck Seitsinger Net Worth?

Chuck Seitsinger net worth is $650,000

Chuck Seitsinger From Street Outlaws Net Worth 2022

According to Tv Star Bio, Chuck Seitsinger has an estimated net worth of $650,000.

Chuck's big break came when he was asked to join the cast of Street Outlaw. His wages would increase as a result of this. He had at least achieved something along the long, twisting route to success. Many racers would have liked to be on the well-liked program.

His fortunes have greatly improved due to the show, and he now makes more consistently than before. His reputation and business have grown thanks to the program in the racing community.

Chuck has unquestionably loved racing since he was a little youngster. It was only a matter of time until he got in a car and drove fast. But he was determined to grasp every component of the car's anatomy and function so that he would be better prepared to drive in competitions in the future.

Chuck Seitsinger was only 16 years old when he began working on cars
Chuck Seitsinger was only 16 years old when he began working on cars ( Source : instagram )

The gifted drag racer is also the proud owner of a championship trophy from the 2004 NDRA National Championship. Sources claim that Chuck also won the top rookie drag racer in 2004.

After a few years, specifically in 2006, Chuck once more won the championship trophy with the aid of his cherished Ford Mustang.

Chuck's Net Worth in comparison to the other Street Outlaws Cast Members

We all are familiar that the cast members of Street Outlaws are paid a considerable sum. There are many other members who are paid higher or lower than Chuck. Let's see the amounts paid to some of the well-known members of the Street Outlaws. 

According to Fidlar, Justin Shearer, also known as Big Chief, has a peak net worth of $2 million. He receives a payment of roughly $20,000 for each episode of reality television, where he competes as a street racer from the Discovery and Pilgrim Studios.

According to Car TV Shows, David Comstock has a net worth of $900,000. He began with his father's car, but now he drives a 1963 Chevy Nova with a street racing-specific chassis.

As per Net Worth Planet, Farmtruck from Street Outlaws has a net worth of almost $3 million when considering all of his triumphs and his work in television. According to sources, he receives $20,000 for each television show. 

According to TV Star Bio, Chris Dave, who owns a straightforward El Camino that he created from scratch in his garage, has a net worth of $200,000. According to sources, he likely receives one of the highest Street Outlaws cast salaries of roughly $30,000 every episode.

Chuck Seitsinger Sources Of Income 

From Street Outlaws

Chuck became a permanent cast member of the reality series Street Outlaws in 2013, joining the cast for the first season. 

Street Outlaws is an American reality television program aired on June 10, 2013, on Discovery Channel. The program was given a thirteenth season renewal, which debuted on April 1, 2019.

They compete against other drivers in the top ten list and against other states to see whose cars are the fastest. Street Outlaws looks at illegal street racing, competitive driving skills, and Oklahoma's fastest street racing automobiles.

 Chuck Seitsinger became popular from Street Outlaw,
Chuck Seitsinger became popular from Street Outlaw, ( Source : instagram )

Chuck ranks among the best drivers the program has ever had. His fortunes have greatly improved due to the show's constantly rising popularity over the years. Additionally, the show is currently in the midst of its 14th season. 

It is one of America's most popular shows, so Chuck must make a respectable living from it. The amount of money Chuck receives as remuneration after each episode is unknown, though.

Nevertheless, the sum is in the tens of thousands of dollars. In addition, he prefers to keep his financial details hidden. 

Chuck is an experienced driver who has repeatedly demonstrated that his Ford Mustang, which completes one lap in 8.21 seconds at 184 mph, is possibly the quickest vehicle on the show.

Chuck Also Makes Money From Merch & Brand Collaborations

Chuck sells a variety of goods on his website, including t-shirts and accessories related to racing. Since most of the items on his website have already been sold out, his merchandise must have a huge demand. 

The cost of the item ranges from $29 to $34. T-shirts and hoodies are captivating because they feature prints of 1989 Mustang cars, which look fantastic.

As you may already be aware, Chuck frequently competes in The "Death" Trap street races on the popular Discovery Channel series Street Outlaws. 1989 Ford Fox Body Mustang with a twin-turbo Chevy SBC is known as The "Death" Trap.

Car Collections 

With his 1989 Ford Fox Body Mustang, "Death" Trap, Chuck has repeatedly demonstrated that he is the 405's quickest small tire driver. He also used to drive a '94 Ford Lightning. 

Chuck invested much time, money, and effort into the "Death" Trap to make it what it was. The nitrous combo was sufficient to keep up with the mid-pack group on the 405's "Top 10 list," but Chuck wanted to go faster and faster like every racer.

Chuck and every other member on the list had to improve their programs as the show's popularity grew to progress their positions. Chuck then contacted an old NMRA friend to assist in producing more power.

Chuck Seitsinger is known for driving his 89’ Ford Fox Body Mustang
Chuck Seitsinger is known for driving his 89’ Ford Fox Body Mustang ( Source : instagram )

According to Dragzine, Chuck received assistance from John Urist, the proprietor of Hellion Turbo Systems in New Mexico, with the switch from nitrous to twin turbochargers. This was a significant step because many of the top candidates on the list already used a system like this.

It immediately became clear that the car had more power than the little tires and most roads could manage when Chuck took the car out with the new combination. Though most of what you saw on TV was tire smoke and failed races, Chuck worked relentlessly to master the car's enormous power.

Chuck quickly decided to remove the car from the list so he could make the necessary modifications.

Chuck Is Also A Businessman 

Chuck owns Advanced Motorsports, a prosperous repair business. It was started in August of 2000. He knew Oklahoma City required a performance shop to repair imports because he had previously worked at the Honda dealership in the early 1990s.

Chuck claims that his repair facility features an eight-bay shop, a chassis dyno, an alignment machine, and other tools. They offer a broad range of services.

Chuck continued to work as a service writer at a nearby Honda dealership even though the business had been open to the city of OKC's auto lovers and had been in operation.

He eventually left his work there, though, to concentrate on the car and the show since he is determined to go up the list soon.

He is also reported to have dabbled in several other commercial endeavors, including importing and reselling goods. The reality star had little success with that as well. The racer's career has undoubtedly experienced its share of highs and lows.

Early Life

Chuck has always been around cars since childhood. Chuck spent his entire life around fast vehicles and drag racing because his father was a mechanic and competitor. He entered the automotive industry as soon as he was old enough to obtain a job.

Like any young child, Chuck began by running parts and cleaning the shop. Once he was given a chance to work on anything automotive-related, he started doing tiny chores.

Chuck was given a chance to work as a technician at the Honda dealership in 1990 and never looked back. He would advance through the ranks until he was a certified service advisor, having mastered the vehicle's technical understanding.

Chuck Seitsinger with his grandparents
Chuck Seitsinger with his grandparents ( Source : instagram )

Chuck has been competing in races since he was old enough to ride a bike. When he was younger, he rode motorbikes and competed in races with his friends and other riders on the same trails.

Chuck, 16 then, was given a chance to compete by a neighbor who once witnessed his riding. He spent about an hour getting accustomed to the bike in a field before participating in his first race.

Just for the experience, he enrolled in two different classes, placing third and fourth that day. Chuck became enthralled and ultimately spent several years competing in dirt track motorcycle racing, earning a reputation for himself locally and nationally.

Chuck Seitsinger Was A Married Man 

Chuck Seitsinger had been married to his wife for a very long time before Street Outlaws. There isn't a lot of information about his wife. Together, they had three lovely daughters.

Chelsea Swanksinger, the eldest child, is reportedly a veterinary student at the University of Oklahoma. Maddie, his second daughter, seems to be very special to Chuck. He often shares pictures of her on social media. 

Chuck Seitsinger with his three daughters
Chuck Seitsinger with his three daughters ( Source : instagram )

It seems like Maddie is following in her father's footsteps as Chuck shared the photo of her on Instagram with the caption, "The next Seitsinger Racer "Maddie Seitsinger" get ready for more women in Motorsports."

On the surface, Chuck appears to be a devoted family man. Miranda is his youngest daughter. Despite having been married for a long time, Chuck and his ex-wife chose to end their marriage for unspecified reasons.

Who Is Chuck From Street Outlaws' New Girlfriend Elisa Noella?

The media reported that when Chuck divorced his ex-wife, he started dating a woman by the name of Elisa Noella. He verified the good news on social media. Chuck claims that since July 2018, he has been dating Elisa Noelle.

Elisa shares Chuck's love of cars, racers, and the Mustang. The two appear to have fallen in love because of their shared enthusiasm for automobiles.

 Chuck Seitsinger along with his girlfriend, Elisa Noella
Chuck Seitsinger along with his girlfriend, Elisa Noella ( Source : cartvshows )

Elisa is believed to have had practical experience working as a designer in the aftermarket performance segment of the automotive industry. She is passionate about writing, media, and design.

She runs Urban Heart, a design studio in Monroe, Louisiana. She was previously married but called it quits in 2015 after being in an abusive marriage for more than 12 years. She has two beautiful daughters from a previous union.

Chuck Seitsinger Was Apprehended While Protecting His Children 

According to Capital Sports Report, Chuck was found guilty on two charges, including threatening violence. Making a harassing and threatening phone call was the second count. The dates for both offenses are July 25, 2020.

Chuck disclosed that he had been detained and had spent 60 days in jail in a YouTube video titled "Chuck's out of Jail Judges and Grudges," uploaded to his channel on May 2, 2022.

Then, at the beginning of April, he announced on Facebook that he was finally out of jail and ready to race again. He served his prison sentence in the Oklahoma County Jail, and Judge Hudson also ordered him to do a year under OPS surveillance.

He didn't have to serve additional time because the term was concurrent. According to Reality Tidbit, he also had to pay court costs and finish a 13-week anger management program.


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