Chiara Passari Parents: 10 Facts To Know About Nick Kyrgios's Ex Girlfriend's Family


Chiara Passari Parents Were From Italy, She is a model and has two siblings ( Source : Instagram )

Chiara Passari is an Australian model and social media influencer mainly known for being a partner to Aussie pro tennis player Nick Kyrgios. Chiara grew up in Brisbane with her two siblings and her Italian parents raised her. Now 23, Chiara works as a model and is a social media influencer.

NameChiara Passari
ParentsBella and George Passari
SiblingsAnna and Angelo Passari
EthnicityGreek and Italian
Height5' 6"

Chiara Passari in her home town in Brisbane
Chiara Passari in her home town in Brisbane( Source : Instagram )

1. Her Parent Hails From Italy

Chiara was born in 1999 in Brisbane, Australia, to her parents, who were not in Australia. Mr. and Ms. Passari were from Italy; the couple moved to Australia and gave birth to Chiara, who is now 23. Her mother's name is Bella Passari, and her father is George Passari.

2. Chiara Passari Grew Up With Two Siblings

She grew up with two siblings, her sister Anna Passari and a brother Angelo Passari. She attended St. Mary Mackillop College in Canberra. After college, she began her modeling career.

Passeri loves to go out, especially with her friends. She has made numerous trips with her girlfriends, as seen on her Instagram feed. Her handle currently has 52.8k followers with 162 posts.

3. She Is Of European Decent

Since her parents were from Italy, as her surname suggests, Passari is the most common surname found in Italy. Although she was born in Brisbane, Australia, Italian blood runs in her vein. Therefore, we could say she belongs to the Italian and Greek ethnicity. 

4. She Has A Keen Interest In Art

Furthermore, Chiara is into the arts. She loves to scribble, which has developed her hand and finger control. She has a different Instagram profile, @ColdWorldArt, where she publishes her scribble works. Scribbling helps her release her emotions.

She resides in Sydney with her brunette girlfriend, Sophie Malouf, with whom she shares multiple pictures on social media.

5. Her Ex-boyfriend Allegedly Assaulted Her

The former started dating during the lockdown period in 2020; however, they broke up in 2021.

Nick Krygios Ex Girlfriend Chiara Passari, Nick is facing assault charges as he is summoned to Canberra court
Nick Krygios Ex Girlfriend Chiara Passari, Nick is facing assault charges as he is summoned to Canberra court ( Source : telecomasia )

In 2020, Nick Kyrgios won Australian Open and gained widespread media attention. It was during that time that the Aussie tennis star started dating Chiara. However, she filed a complaint against her ex-boyfriend Nick Kyrgios who allegedly assaulted her in December last year, eventually leading to their separation.

Most recently, Nick Kyrgois was summoned to Canberra court to face the charges laid upon him by her ex-girlfriend Chiara. Nick is facing a court battle with Chiara and charges for the alleged incident. The assault came to the light of the media while Nick was playing Wimbledon quarter-final. 


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