Chef Daniele Uditi Wife Jaqueline and Net Worth As A Master Pizzaiolo


Daniele Uditi celebrating his birthday with a Cacio e pepe pizza ( Source : Instagram )

Chef Daniele Uditi is married to his beautiful wife, Jaqueline. Both couples are well known for being professional pizza makers.

Daniele Uditi is the master pizzaiolo and chef at Pizzana, a Neo-Neapolitan pizzeria in Brentwood, and a forthcoming restaurant in West Hollywood from Candace and Charles Nelson and partners Chris and Caroline O'Donnell.

The chef was born in Naples, Italy, and grew up in a culinary family: his mother was a chef, his aunt was a baker, and his grandfather was a pastry chef.

Daniel has fantastic skills in making pizza, as it is one of Italy's favorite foods. Almost all his customers have given him positive feedback for his pizza recipe.

Real NameDaniele Uditi
AgeAround 40s to 50s
Birth PlaceNaples, Italy
Facebook@Daniele Uditi
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourHazel

Who Is Chef Daniele Uditi Wife Jaqueline?

Chef and pizza-maker Daniele Uditi is married to his wife, Jaqueline. She is also involved in the cooking world as a sue-chef.

Daniele Uditi finished shooting his new recipe
Daniele Uditi finished shooting his new recipe ( Source : instagram )

Both are focused on their career, working hard to achieve their dream. In the coming days, both couples plan to open the best pizza restaurant in Italy.

Daniel updates his pizza recipe to his followers via his Instagram account. He is active on his Instagram with the username aka @danieleuditi with 37.7k followers, 2977 followers, and 982 posts. His social media account has already got verified with a blue tick.

Moreover, the chef and his beautiful wife are living an attractive lifestyle. Uditi's wife has not come into the spotlight as she might not want to interact with the media.

Chef Daniele's Uditi Career Debut

Chef Daniele began his career in the industry at 12, cleaning the pizza ovens & baking loaves of bread with his auntie at the family bakery before school each morning.

Daniele Uditi making delicious olive pizza
Daniele Uditi making delicious olive pizza ( Source : instagram )

Daniele honed his culinary skills at the Michelin-starred Le Colonne restaurant in Campania after developing strong expertise working with bread and pizza dough.

He eventually went to work for Chef Rosanna Marziale at the Michelin-starred Le Colonne Marziale restaurant in his native Campania. In 2010, he moved to Los Angeles to work as a consulting chef for various Italian restaurants.

During that time, actor Chris O'Donnell asked Chef Daniele if he could teach him how to make pizza using hand gestures and a language barrier.

A two-year-old reservation Pizzana is one of the most difficult tables to secure, especially after receiving critical acclaim from former LA Times critic and legendary food writer Jonathan Gold. Chef Daniele demonstrated his pizza skills and spoke with students at the Institute of Culinary Education in Los Angeles about his career.

Daniele Uditi Acclaimed Brentwood Pizzeria Expanding TO The Valley

According to Eater Los Angeles, one of the Westside's favorite pizza restaurants from Brentwood will soon cross the Sepulveda Pass into the San Fernando Valley.

Daniele Uditi promoting his recipe book
Daniele Uditi promoting his recipe book ( Source : instagram )

Pizzana, a "neo-Neopolitan" pizza restaurant in Brentwood, is the brainchild of chef Daniele Uditi and has captured the hearts of Westside pizza lovers.

The owners of Pizzana include the creators of Sprinkles and co-founders Candace and Charles Nelson, as well as partners Chris and Caroline O'Donnell.

In 2019, the restaurant ownership group was able to secure a new location in West Hollywood. Pizzana will now be located at 13826 Ventura Boulevard, near Woodman Avenue, in the same building as Petit Trois le Valley, modern Japanese-style restaurant Taisho, and Sushi Note.

How Much Is Daniele Uditi Net Worth As A Master Pizzaiolo?

Daniele Uditi Net Worth is estimated to be around $1 to $ 3 million a master pizzaiolo.

Daniele's primary source of income comes from his profession as a master chef. He is specialized in making delicious pizza.

The chef also generates a massive amount from his social media account. He has an Instagram business account where he earns a good income by uploading his recipes.

Moreover, he is living a beautiful lifestyle with his wife, Jaqueline.

What Are The Keys For Making Neapolitan Pizza As Per Chef Daniele?

A proper Neapolitan pizza requires only a few ingredients, but each of those ingredients should be carefully sourced and chosen.

Daniele Uditi best Neapolitan pizza
Daniele Uditi best Neapolitan pizza ( Source : instagram )

For example, we use San Marzano tomatoes grown in Naples and imported fior di latte cheese instead of mozzarella.

Authentic Neapolitan pizza is made in a wood-burning oven that reaches 750-800 degrees Fahrenheit in 60 seconds to cook the pizza. Instead, he uses his bread-making experience to cook the pizza for a little longer, giving it that crispy texture.

The pizza oven is the main key to everything. You can make the best dough in the world, but it won't matter if you don't have the correct range. Look for heat retention: the ability to reach the required temperature without quickly losing it.

In the case of a wood oven, he recommends that buyers look for good floor performance. Finding an oven with an adequately made stone is challenging, but that's changing, and better wood-burning ranges are becoming available.

Chef Daniele Uditi Age And Family

According to Instagram pictures, Chef Daniele Uditi is in his 40s and 50s. He belongs to a chef family, where everyone was involved in the same profession.

Daniel's mother was also a well-known chef from Italy. She motivated her son to become a cook in the future as he was sent to numerous training classes.

Chef has mentioned that there is a big hand from his dad & mom behind the curtains of his successful career. He had received numerous as one of the head chefs from Italy.

He worked in a family restaurant during his childhood, gaining a lot of basic knowledge. Later, he opened his restaurant with the name Brentwood Pizzeria in Italy. 

As of 2022, Brentwood Pizzeria has become one of the best restaurants for pizza.


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