Best In Dough Chef Ian Winslade Age and Girlfriend Jane, His Restaurants, Pizza Recipe and Career So Far


Ian Winslade, a renowned chef. ( Source : Ajc )

At 58 years of age, chef Ian Winslade is all set to compete to make the best pizza ever.

Best In Dough has returned with another season and the pizza-loving fans are very excited to watch the show. In what Hulu calls TV's "first-ever pizza competition," pizza-obsessed rivals from all walks of life unveil their cooking skills and compete for a $10,000 prize.

On television, the humble pizza pie is experiencing a transformation. Hulu joins the fun with Best in Dough, a competition series, less than two weeks after Netflix's hit series Chef's Table premiered a pizza-focused season. Best in Dough is a relatively simple cooking competition. Each episode starts with an "Out of the Box" challenge focusing on unusual dishes, followed by a "Final Dough Down" to determine the winner.

This season the sets of Best In Dough have been joined by chef Ian Winslade and fans could not be happier. Ian owns multiple restaurants and wants to showcase his skills on the show.

NameIan Winsalde
Birth PlaceWaltham Chase, England

Chef Ian Winslade Is 58 Years Old

Chef Ian Winslade is currently 58 years old. He has been a chef for more than 40 years. He previously beat Bobby Flay on Food Network and proved to the viewers that he still got all the skills that are required.

Ian Winslade during one of his photoshoots.
Ian Winslade during one of his photoshoots. ( Source : atlfoodcast )

Now the chef has taken the stage of Best In Dough and believes that he can take home the prize. Ian is very confident in his skills and wants to prove to people that he still has what it takes for him to win the show.

Chef Ian Winslade perfected his culinary skills at some of the country's most lauded restaurants and has been a fixture on Atlanta's dining scene for over two decades. 

Chef Ian Winslade Wife and How His Affected His Marriage

Chef Ian Winslade admitted to having lost his wife due to how focused he was on his career. 

This might imply that he was previously married and divorced. But for now, there is no information about Ian's significant other and he has kept the details out of the media.

The chef is completely focused on his career and his restaurants. He has been in the culinary industry for over 40 years, and he loves his work. He is always striving to get better day by day.

He has also become a familiar face on television as this is not the only television show he has been a part of. Ian is a chef and a television personality and he loves to display his cooking skills to his fans. 

Ian Winsalde Journey In The Culinary Field

Winslade, who moved to the United States from the United Kingdom when he was 22 years old, began his career at New York's Le Bernardin, widely regarded as one of the world's finest restaurants.

He progressed from the bakery to the kitchen as a sous chef under the legendary Eric Ripert. A former Le Bernardin chef recruited him to open Opus, a French seafood concept in Santa Monica.

One of Red King Crab made by chef Ian Winslade.
One of Red King Crab made by chef Ian Winslade. ( Source : instagram )

While Winslade claims that the first 15 years of his training and career were spent almost entirely in the French style and tradition, he credits his time in California with sparking his immersion in multicultural cuisine and allowing him to experiment with the abundance of fresh regional produce available at local farmers markets.

Winslade moved to the South in 1994 to work for restaurateur Tom Catherall, who was preparing Atlanta's culinary scene for the global spotlight of the 1996 Olympics.

He then worked in the kitchens of some of Atlanta's most well-known and celebrated restaurants, such as Bluepointe, Spice Market, and Market by Jean-Georges Vongerichten. He was most recently the executive chef at Murphy's, a Virginia-Highland bistro, and Paces & Vine in Vinings.

He enjoys fusing his classical training from his early career with the global influences and produce-driven culinary approach he learned on the West Coast.

Ian Loves To Take Risks

Ian is a risk taker. He calls him an "aggressive risk taker". He believes that risks can be both good and bad but he is always excited about the outcome so he does not mind taking risks.

He believes that to live a life fully, it has to include different risks. Sometimes the risks can be more awarding than we anticipate and sometimes it can also be a loss.

Ian Winslade during one of his photoshoots infront of his restaurant.
Ian Winslade during one of his photoshoots infront of his restaurant. ( Source : atlanta )

However, he does not fear loss and he likes to take risks and be spontaneous. Without taking risks, Ian believes that he would not be where he is today.

Winslade is convinced Risk implies the possibility of pain, but the pain is an essential component of growth. Ian got this far in his career after he did not back down from taking risks, and the growth he experienced throughout his career.

With risks also came some valuable lessons after he lost some friends, wives, houses, and many more. However, that did not stop him from reaching his goal and today he could not be prouder of himself.

Chef Ian Winslade And His Buckhead restaurant Mission + Market

Winslade decided to open Mission + Market, a West Coast-style restaurant, in the Three Alliance Center near Phipps Plaza in Buckhead. Mission + Market, named after famous San Francisco streets, will serve lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch.

The restaurant is the result of a collaboration between Winslade and Jonathan Akly of Three Sheets. Ricky Navas, formerly of Storico Fresco, will be the chef de cuisine, and Stephen Schmidt, general manager of Quince in San Francisco, will assist in the establishment of the service and front-of-house processes.

Chef Winslade left Pano's Buckhead Restaurant Group in 1999 to become executive chef of BluePointe Restaurant until 2004 when he joined Great Chef Jean-George Vongerichten's Culinary Concepts. Today he opened his own restaurant.

Some FAQs

How Old Is Ian Winslade?

Chef Ian Winslade is 58 years old. He was born in 1964 in Waltham Chase, England.

Is Ian Winslade Joining The Cast Of Best In Dough?

Ian will be joining the cast of Best In Dough this season.

What Is Ian Winslade Restaurant's Name?

Ian's restaurant is called Mission + Market in Buckhead.

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