Bella Vista Actress Rachelle Lefevre Has Three Children With Husband Chris Crary


Rachelle Lefevre has starred in the TV series Big Wolf on Campus ( Source : Instagram )

Actress Rachelle Lefevre, born in Canada, has a long list of credits in cinema and television, ranging from major studio theatrical releases to popular indie films and television shows.

She is best known to the general public for playing Victoria Sutherland in the first two Twilight movies. Her part in the television series Under The Dome has also made her well-known.

Working in the industry since 1999, Rachelle has to put in a lot of effort to gain this kind of notoriety in the acting community. Being a well-known figure in the field wasn't easy for her. Her story is both motivating and fascinating.

Let's explore more about her personal life, including the details on her children and husband, Chris Crary. 

Full NameRachelle Marie Lefèvre
Birth DateFebruary 1, 1979
Age43 years old
Birth PlaceMontreal, Quebec, Canada
Years Active1999–present
Known ForVictoria in Twilight Saga
Siblings3 (sisters)
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandChris Crary


What is Rachelle Lefevre doing now?

With her celebrity chef husband Chris Crary, their kids, and rescue dog, she currently resides in Los Angeles.

Does Rachelle Lefevre speak French?

Rachelle is fluent in French and she speaks english as well.

Who is Rachelle Lefevre married to?

Rachelle is happily married to her long- term boyfriend Chris Crary

Does Rachelle Lefevre have a French accent?

Although she is not French, she has an accent because she was born and raised in Montreal, Canada.

Rachelle Lefevre Has Three Children With her Husband Chris Crary

Rachelle Lefevre has three children with her husband Chris, one of whom is a daughter who was adopted.  

Sheprefers to keep her private life private. She was unequivocal that she wanted a low-key wedding when she and her longtime partner, Chris Crary, got engaged in 2014.

The adorable couple started dating back in 2012. After nearly three years of relationship, the couple married on September 10, 2015, in a private local ceremony.

The wedding ceremony was held in Leland, where the entire Proven Innocent cast and crew and their relatives and friends were present.

Rachelle Lefevre and Chris Crary are parents to three children
Rachelle Lefevre and Chris Crary are parents to three children ( Source : instagram )

They appear to have three children together, one of whom they adopted, and the couple has been married for several years. Their daughter's adoption at the beginning of 2019 encouraged other families to adopt youngsters in need.

Although details about them are kept under wraps, it is clear that they have been training their kids to be better people. The couple makes time for their children despite having a busy job schedule.

More About Her Husband Chris Crary 

Chris works as the executive chef in Los Angeles, Hyde Sunset, and Cooley. Chris, who was up in a tiny town in Ohio, decided to move to a bigger city to pursue his passion for food.

He attended Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island, and Norfolk, Virginia, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts. After that, he went to California to train under his chef instructor Tony DiSalvo, a former Executive Chef at NYC's Jean Georges.

According to Bravo, Chris uses Spanish, Asian, and Italian flavors in his cooking, but he never forgets about the diner's gastronomic trip. He emphasizes providing the most memorable dining experience possible while incorporating flavor, texture, and playfulness.

You can find Chris on Instagram by searching for the user @chriscrary. He is very engaged on the platform and constantly posts pictures so his family.

His official account has amassed more than 5,000 followers over the years. His wife, Rachelle, has 158k followers right now. 

Meet Rachelle Lefevre Parents 

Lefevre was born in Montreal, Quebec, and was reared there by a psychologist mother and an English teacher father. Her maternal grandparents were Jews, and her father's family is French and Northern Irish in heritage. Rabbi is her stepfather.

Lefevre, who considers herself Jewish, was raised in a non-denominational home. Although she grew up speaking primarily English, she has three sisters and is bilingual in English and French.

Lefevre studied creative arts at Dawson College after graduating from the private high school Centennial Academy. She started an education and literature degree at McGill University after spending two summers studying drama at the Walnut Hill School in Natick, Massachusetts.

Rachelle Lefevre explored several careers before settling on acting. She was a television producer and a waitress. She then decided to go for a comedy audition.

She only had a few detailed images for a portfolio. The attractive Canadian was not chosen for this casting, but she was shortly asked to play a mysterious character in the movie "Big Wolf on Campus."

She Was A Waiter Before Becoming An Actress 

A regular patron, a Canadian television producer, overheard Lefevre mentioning to the hostess that she wanted to be an actor while working as a waiter at a sushi restaurant in Westmount.

Although she didn't receive the part, the producer assisted her in getting her first audition, ultimately leading to her having a role in the TV show Big Wolf on Campus. She sent a Polaroid photo because she didn't yet have a headshot.

Despite not getting the job, the casting director called her back, and in 1999 she was cast as Stacey Hanson in the Canadian television series Big Wolf on Campus. Lefevre continued his studies at McGill in between shots, but she never completed a degree.

Rachelle Lefevre appeared as Lily Ashton on the Fox sitcom Life on a Stick
Rachelle Lefevre appeared as Lily Ashton on the Fox sitcom Life on a Stick ( Source : instagram )

As the new millennium progressed, Rachelle continued to appear in both modest and significant motion pictures. She gained notoriety from her appearance on the Seen Jane Date television program. She then read Hatley High and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind as a follow-up.

Rachelle relocated to Western Hollywood in California in 2004. She appeared in numerous films while still in this country, including The River King, Head in the Clouds, and Noel.

She has additionally made appearances in several television series, such as Undressed, Love's a Witch, and Charmed.

Lefevre was chosen to play Annie Cartwright, the female lead, in David E. Kelley's version of the original British TV series Life on Mars for ABC. She recorded the first episode, but Gretchen Mol took her spot when the show was changed.

What Is Rachelle Lefevre Net Worth? 

Net Worth: $1.5 million 

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Rachelle Lefevre has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

Lefevre has been in more than a dozen television programs and many television movies and miniseries. She also found time to pursue her passion for independent films while her television projects were on pause.

Paul Giamatti, Channing Tatum, Kevin Spacey, Joel Kinnaman, James Franco, Ryan Phillipe, and Matt Dillon are just a handful of the notable male stars she has been beside. She got the honor of working with the renowned Christopher Plummer even in her first leading part in an animated movie.

Rachelle Lefevre has appeared in the ABC drama series The Deep End
Rachelle Lefevre has appeared in the ABC drama series The Deep End ( Source : instagram )

Fluent in French, Lefevre had the privilege of co-starring in Omerta, a gritty, raw look at organized crime, with two of Canada's top French stars, Patrick Huard and Michel Côté. She played the only female member of an undercover team aiming to bring down the mafia.

Lefevre appeared in "Electric Dreams," an Amazon anthology series from Ronald D. Moore, Michael Dinner, Bryan Cranston, and Sony Pictures TV, in addition to joining the cast of "Mary Kills People" for a particular guest star arc in season two. 

Charity Works 

Lefevre, a fervent advocate for animal rights, has served as a national spokesperson for Best Friends Animal Society since 2009. It is the biggest no-kill sanctuary in the country for pets and is developing efficient initiatives to lower the number of animals entering shelters.

For every 10,000 people who followed her on Twitter in 2009, Lefevre gave $100 to the breast cancer organization Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

In August 2009, she also started an eBay fundraiser for the Southern California non-profit organization School On Wheels, which offers to tutor homeless children. T-shirts and other items were provided by Lefevre, who also sold Twilight cast members' autographed items. I

Since 2010, she has served on the board of the Environmental Media Association, where she promotes awareness of and response to climate change.

Additionally, she actively serves on the board of AdoptTogether, the largest non-profit crowd-funding platform that offers families the financial assistance they require to finish the adoption process. 

Rachelle Lefevre's Role In Twilight 

Lefevre rose to fame as Victoria, the evil character, in the first two Twilight Saga films, Twilight and New Moon. For her role, she received a Teen Choice Award for Best Villain in 2010. 

Lefevre watched lion attacks on YouTube to distinguish her character's movements from those of other people after reading that the writer used the word "feline" to define her character's agility.

She also took trapeze classes to prepare for the wire work in the movie. After reading Bram Stoker's Dracula at 14, Lefevre spent hours creating the outfits for her character, describing herself as "obsessed" with vampires.

Rachelle Lefevre played the role of Victoria in Twilight
Rachelle Lefevre played the role of Victoria in Twilight ( Source : cinemablend )

The attention Lefevre received due to her connection with Twilight overwhelmed her. She took part in a promotional tour in November 2008, visiting Hot Topic stores across the country to meet and greet Twilight fans.

At a Wal-Mart in Salt Lake City, when Lefevre appeared to promote the DVD release of the movie, more than 2,500 fans turned out to see her. Lefevre expressed overall happiness with the supporters' attention and enthusiasm, nevertheless.

She finished filming in Vancouver in May 2009 for the New Moon sequel based on Meyer's second book.

She Didn't Continue In Twilight Due To A Clashing Schedule 

Lefevre's departure from the vampire genre wasn't at all anticipated, given that her character is present throughout The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. However, the actress was abruptly fired due to a rumored scheduling issue between Twilight and Lefevre's other movie, Barney's Version.

Despite this, Lefevre claimed she had never imagined leaving the franchise and was "stunned by Summit Entertainment's choice to recast." In her stead, Bryce Dallas Howard took over.

In a statement to Access Hollywood, she added that she never imagined she would "lose the role over a 10-day overlap." Her involvement in the other movie only required ten days of filming.

Rachelle was replaced to Bryce Dallas Howard in Twilight Saga
Rachelle was replaced to Bryce Dallas Howard in Twilight Saga ( Source : instagram )

The studio issued a counter-statement in response, claiming that The Twilight Saga: Eclipse was an ensemble production that had to work around the schedules of many performers while adhering to the director's predetermined creative vision and, most crucially, the plot.

Ecstatic series fans created online petitions calling for Lefevre's return in response to the news of her replacement. On July 29, 2009, the phrase "Bring Back Rachelle" topped Twitter's trending topics.

Lefevre told Extra she was "totally blown away" by the outpouring of love from her supporters, who also created a YouTube homage for her.

Post-Twilight Career 

In addition to Barney's Version, Lefevre co-starred with Kevin Spacey, Jon Lovitz, and the late Kelly Preston in the 2010 criminal comedy Casino Jack. Soon later, the Canadian-born actress made her television debut in Shonda Rhimes' Off the Map as Dr. Ryan Clark.

In 2009, Lefevre finished the Kevin Spacey-starring movie Casino Jack and appeared in the Ontario-shot CBC Television drama The Summit. She portrays Emily J. Miller in the film Casino Jack, a former press secretary for former congressman Tom DeLay who assisted Kevin Spacey's lobbyist Jack Abramoff in a political scandal involving Native American tribes.

Rachelle Lefevre as Tess in her movie
Rachelle Lefevre as Tess in her movie "The secrets of the Bella vista" ( Source : instagram )

Lefevre joined the CBS TV drama A Gifted Man ensemble in 2011 and took on the role of a doctor. She had the lead role in the summer 2013 CBS thriller Under the Dome, adapted from Stephen King's best-selling book from 2009.

Lefevre became a part of a large cast. The three-season television series, filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina, concluded in September 2015.

Lefevre joined the cast of Mary Kills People, a critically praised original TV series from Global, in 2017. Season 2 premiered in January 2018. Caroline Dhavernas plays Mary in the television show. Lefevre plays Olivia, the sister of a Season 1 victim who tries to extort Mary.

She portrayed Madeline Scott, the main character, in the Fox courtroom drama Proven Innocent in 2019. The first season of the program was canceled.


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