BBC's Crossfire Hotel San Blas Hotel Tenerife Location Revealed, Which Hotel In Tenerife Was Crossfire Filmed?


BBC thriller drama Crossfire featuring The Bodyguard star Keeley Hawes as Jo, It was filmed in San Blas Hotel in Tinerife ( Source : Walesonline )

BBC's crossfire was filmed in Hotel San Blas, which lies on an island of Spain in Tenerife, in the Atlantic Ocean, opposite the northwestern coast of Africa. Previously, Fast and Furious and Wonder Woman 1974, were filmed at the hotel.

Nail-biting BBC drama Crossfire hit the BBC One screen on September 20, starring Bodyguard and Line of Duty star Keeley Hawes as the lead character. The thriller series was supposed to be released one day earlier, but it was delayed one day further due to Queen Elizabeth II's passing.

BBC thriller starts with a story of a middle-aged woman on her dream holiday with her family and friends but is faced with armed shooters that storm the entire hotel with gunshots. The mid-age woman, Jo (Keeley Hawes)'s life is turned upside down in a matter of minutes when the slice of paradise is turned into a tense and heartbreaking situation.

The crime author, Lousie Doughty, wrote and created the limited series Crossfire. The filming of the BBC series took place in the luxury complex in Tenerife, and the series was filmed mainly in San Blas Hotel based in the south of Tenerife, which is part of the Canary Islands. The producers Chris Carey and Lawrence Bowen said to Variety that not many people were aware of the filming of the BBC thriller Crossfire in the hotel. For Lousie Doughty, Crossfire was the first original television show she wrote the script for.

Crossfire Was Filmed In San Blas Hotel in Tenerife

Hotel San Blas is on an island of Spain in Tenerife, in the Atlantic Ocean, opposite the northwestern coast of Africa. While the hotel lies on a big island in Tenerife, the show implied that the area was actually on a smaller island. Numerous hotels surround the Barcelo Tenerife, but film editors took it out of proportion to make it look more isolated.

Barcelo Tinerife Hotel in Canary Islands Spain where BBC's Crossfire was filmed
Barcelo Tinerife Hotel in Canary Islands Spain where BBC's Crossfire was filmed ( Source : firstchoice )

Tenerife is one of the largest and most popular Canary Islands, where several other shows were filmed. The location has also been used to film Wonder Woman 1984, Jason Bourne, and Fast and Furious 6. The hotel is located on the beautiful seafront and provides exclusive services and facilities for visitors.

The hotel offers an outdoor pool, both for adults and children. Over 268 rooms accompany all the guests with marble floors along with a magnificent view of the seaside from the window. In addition, its exclusive facilities comprise a wide choice of international dishes, Royal level service, a poolside bar, Spa, health club, and more.

Jo (Keeley Hawes) finds herself sunbathing on her hotel balcony as she suddenly hears gunshots across the resort and feels the need to do something to save herself and close around her. Interestingly, her actual room and the one in the series at the Sun Blas Hotel were the same. And she wouldn't recommend others to do the same.

The previous night when Jo was having dinner with her loved ones suggested the holiday to the largest island of Spain; the Canary Islands. All the characters face their own individual nightmare and the situation seems messy, complicated, and real. The show really is about the survival and courage to fight the fear.

Is BBC Crossfire based on a true story?

The entire cast was staying at the hotel while shooting the tense thriller. Apple Tree Yard author explains how the idea came about in making the drama Crossfire. While sunbathing in a beautiful villa in Tenerife with her family, Doughty thought to herself, what would happen if armed shooters broke into the hotel? What would I do, and would I try to save someone, or would I try to hide under the sunbed?

How an average person would react to such an intense situation got Doughty really excited to write the entire series about its possible condition.

No, Crossfire is not based on a true story. However, there have been many occasions that such a crime has happened in real life. The author's family vacation inspired her to write this thriller.

When the author Lousie Doughty visited the resort with her family, she had this weird idea flocking to her mind about what she would do if any terrorist group attacked the villa at gunpoint. So, the story is entirely her imagination of 'how ordinary people would react to such circumstances. 

This type of unusual scenario has happened before. Like in 2015, a mass shooting at Port El Kantaoui, based in Tunisia, killed around 40 people. The Crossfire story is about survival and resilience and is jam-packed with emotion and stressful situations.

Keeley Hawes who plays Jo in the three-part series is seen cheating on her husband Jason. Just before the gunshots, Jo is seen in her hotel room clicking dirty pictures and sending them to the 'mystery' man with whom she seems to have an affair. However, after the gunshot rings, her holiday turns into a horrific situation.

The sprawling resort suddenly turns into a deserted spot where guests are hiding under tables or somewhere safe. Despite all that, Jo Cross who happens to be an ex-police officer comes to the rescue of her family, friends, and people stuck in the resort. 

Petty Revenge That Turned Paradise Into Hell

Gerardo was fired from the luxury complex for theft and threatened to shoot one of his colleagues. He manipulated his younger brother Flavio to be his accomplice. The siblings killed one of the main cast of the show, Chinar, while in the basement, where he helped his kid to escape.

In the series, two gunmen attacked the hotel where Jo, with her family and friends, was enjoying their vacation. It was only a matter of time before her supposedly 'happy time' would turn into one of the most horrifying experiences of her life.

Flavio and Gerardo, two gunmen, had no strong motive but just petty revenge. All the bloodshed came out of revenge and made the incident senseless.

Keeley Hawes playing her character Jo in BBC thriller Crossfire, She is a former cop in the show
Keeley Hawes playing her character Jo in BBC thriller Crossfire, She is a former cop in the show ( Source : computernetworktopology )

The younger gunman, Flavio, had several opportunities to surrender himself to the police force but didn't make that switch, only to find himself shot at by Keeley Hawes, playing Jo.

A few minutes after, the other attacker, Flavio's brother, Gerardo, is shot after Kate distracted him long enough so that the armed unit would target the gunman.

Everyone seems to be breathing loudly while they try to keep their voice low and not panic. Then there is a 'national hero to be' Jo who seems to be prowling the corridors as to catch sinister gunmen.

After the incident, Jo becomes a national hero, while in her mind, she's constantly replaying the image of when she pulled the trigger to shoot Flavio. Having quit her cop career, Jo puts on her police uniform at the end as she seems to have regained her confidence and faced her fears. Her behavior suggests that she might return to her previous job as a cop.

Main Cast Of BBC's Crossfire

The Bodyguard star Keeley Hawes stars in BBC One's Crossfire as Jo, a former police officer living her best life on the largest Tenerife island in Spain. She's with her husband, kids, and friends, and her life turns upside down as two gunmen break into the hotel, San Blas, and start shooting. Keeley is 46 years old English actress and model from Marylebone, London. Her performance in the television shows Spooks, Line of Duty, and Bodyguard is a few of the most notable ones.

Keeley Hawes stars as a lead role Jo in the BBC One three part series Drama Crossfire
Keeley Hawes stars as a lead role Jo in the BBC One three part series Drama Crossfire ( Source : bt )

She won Best Leading Actress for the crime thriller Line of Duty in 2012, and the Best Actress Guild Award for three TV shows The Durrells, The Missing, and Line of Duty in 2017.

Lee Ingleby (The Serpent Queen) plays Jo Cross's husband, Jason. Other main characters are Jason's school best friend Chinar (Vikash Bhai), his wife Abhi (Anneika Rose - Deadwater Fell, Line of Duty), and his other friends Ben (Daniel Ryan) and his spouse Miriam (Josette Simon - Small Axe, Rivieria).

The thriller series, Crossfire is available to watch on BBC iPlayer and BBC One Channel. It aired its first episode on September 20, while the remaining two were released on a consecutive day from Septem 21 to September 22. The show is getting mixed reviews from critics. The author at Guardian stated 'it's an OK watch' giving two out of 5-star ratings while some on Twitter really loved the show and applaud the acting performance of great Keeley, Josette, and Anneika.


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