Are Meri Brown and Kody Brown From Sister Wives Still Together? New Season Brings Back The Old Family Drama


Fans thought Meri would walk away from the polygamist family ( Source : Dailysoapdish )

Fans of Sister Wives are aware that Kody and Meri Brown's marriage has been in trouble for some time. Many fans wished Meri would leave her marriage after Christine Brown, Kody's third wife, did.

Kody acknowledged that Meri was his "soul match" in the family's memoir, Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage. But with three wives in the mix, their marriage has become little more than a friendship. How did it happen? Let's review the timeline of their relationship to determine whether there were any warning signs.

Quick Facts 

Full NameKody Brown
Date Of BirthJanuary 17, 1969
Age53 years old
Birth PlaceLovell, Wyoming, United States
SpouseRobyn Brown (2014-Present), Christine (1994-2021), Janelle (1993-Present) and Meri Brown (1990-2014)
ParentsWilliam Winn Brown, Genielle Brown
TV showsSister Wives, My 4 Wives
BooksBecoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage
Net Worth$800k

Are Meri Brown and Kody Brown From Sister Wives Still Together? 

Sister Wives star Meri Brown has dropped hints to her followers about her breakup with reality star Kody Brown.

Viewers of Sister Wives have believed for several years that Meri, Kody's first wife, should muster the bravery to break his marriage. The couple's relationship is between their loveless marriage and Kody's selfishness, as Meri Brown's suggestion toward the breakup demonstrates.

Meri is Kody Brown's first of four wives
Meri is Kody Brown's first of four wives ( Source : tvseasonspoilers )

Meri recently posted cryptic messages on social media, teasing that she might not consider continuing the relationship.

After their divorce, Kody and Meri's relationship reached its breaking point despite their wish to "stay spiritually married." In a Sister Wives episode from season 15, the couple discussed things in an emotional therapy session, where Meri declared that their relationship was "over."

Kody Friendzoned Meri Before Marrying Her In 1990

In April 1990, the couple married fewer than six months after Kody's engagement. Meri recalled how she fell in love with Kody right away.

Meri assumed that Kody would feel the same way after spending weeks together. Instead of declaring his love for her as she had anticipated, he friend-zoned her.

According to Kody's portion of the memoir, his "hopeless romantic" disposition and "careless" dating habits caused numerous heartbreaks. Therefore, he slowed down the relationship when he developed feelings for Meri.

Kody Married Janelle In 1993

Before Kody and Janelle Brown "spiritually married" in January 1993, Meri introduced the two. Six children total—two daughters, Madison and Savanah, and four males, Logan, Hunter, Garrison, and Gabriel—were born to Kody and his second wife.

When Kody almost married Janelle Brown on Meri's birthday, it was the first sign of his insensitivity toward his first wife. According to the memoir Becoming Sister Wives, Meri was resentful of having a sister's wife due to Kody and Janelle's suggestion.

Thankfully, Kody's mother proposed that he wed Janelle the day following Meri's birthday rather than the same day. Even though this was better, Meri could still feel the sting. She said that she had grown resentful of Kody and Janelle.

Meri and Janelle started arguing right away after Janella joined the family 

Prior to moving in with the Brown family, Janelle was briefly married to Adam Barber, the brother of Meri. After Janelle's divorce, Kody, Meri, and Janelle grew close. What began as a friendship ultimately developed into a romantic relationship, and in 1993 Janelle became Kody's second wife (three years after Kody married Meri).

It was one thing to be friends with Meri and Kody. But Janelle acknowledged that it was not easy to adjust to life as Kody's wife and Meri's sister-wife right away.

After marrying Kody, Janelle stated in Becoming Sister Wives that she moved into the spare bedroom of Kody and Meri's house in Wyoming. She discovered right on that Meri and her didn't get along very well, and Janelle frequently felt excluded from the family.

Janelle was the first wife to make Kody a father
Janelle was the first wife to make Kody a father ( Source : soapdirt )

Janelle said in Becoming Sister Wives that Kody and Meri initially struggled with adjusting to the change in their relationship. Janelle was unsure what to do after being included in Kody's loving marriage to his first wife. Kody's second wife discovered that her husband would even bring Meri along on his business travels out of state, leaving Janelle at home alone. 

When Meri realised that she was Kody's only wife, she too experienced the pain of their significant differences describing how Janelle's marriage to Kody caused her to have "separation anxiety."

Kody's previous wife acknowledged that she and Janelle frequently disagreed due to their distinct personalities. Janelle was moslty passive hostile, as per Meri. Meri also admitted that she occasionally used "aggressive" language when speaking to other people. 

Kody Was Also Spiritually Married To Christine 

Kody's admission that he wasn't attracted to Christine before the courting stage was one of the relationship's early warning signs. He talked about losing interest in "chubby" Christine because she sat in the backseat of his car as he ate nachos on the way to his family's ranch in Wyoming.

Another warning sign is that Kody often wanted to extend the engagement since he didn't feel ready to wed Christine. Even when their six-week engagement ended, Kody wasn't overjoyed to marry Christine. In her chapter Becoming Sister Wives, she recounted how depressing her wedding day was.

For more than 26 years, Kody and Christine were spiritually married but not legally wed. Later, they had six children: a male named Paedon and five daughters named Aspyn, Mykelti, Gwendlyn, and Truely.

Christine Brown and Kody Brown are no longer together
Christine Brown and Kody Brown are no longer together ( Source : today )

There were numerous indications that Christine was dissatisfied with her poly marriage. Christine intended to go to Utah, contrary to the wishes of Kody and her sister's wives, as seen in the Sister Wives Season 16 teaser. 

Christine and her daughter Truly have been staying in Murray, Utah, after selling their house in Flagstaff, Arizona. She spent $1.1 million on a duplex. 

Meri Went Through Miscarriage 

Mariah, their daughter, was born in July 1995 after Meri and Kody struggled for several years to conceive.

The couple tried for a second child after Mariah was born, but Meri suffered miscarriage at 10 weeks. In a 2012 episode of the TLC reality series, she reflected on the terrible loss.

During the 2019 holidays, Meri shared an emotional Instagram Story in which she reflected on a former miscarriage and offered encouragement to other ladies going through a similar experience. Kody and Meri decided it was "time for us to genuinely test the temperature of our relationship" with the aid of a specialist during a 2020 episode of the unscripted series.

Kody Divorced Meri To Get Married To Robyn  

The Brown family's reality series debuted on TLC in September 2010, stealing the show. Robyn, Kody's fourth wife and the family's first new spouse in more than 15 years, was initially presented in Season 1.

After dating Robyn for four years, Kody legally married her in 2014. Kody and Meri separated in September 2014, which gave him the legal right to wed Robyn and adopted her three children, David, Aurora, and Breanna, from her previous union.

Kody and Meri got divorced in September 2014 to legally marry Robyn
Kody and Meri got divorced in September 2014 to legally marry Robyn ( Source : cheatsheet )

Kody acknowledged that he had been with her the most during the COVID-19 pandemic. This undoubtedly led to jealousy, which resulted in many problems with the other wives. Robyn's three children from her previous marriage were all adopted by Kody, and the two currently have two kids together. Kody told Us Weekly in March 2021 that he's open to having additional kids with Robyn.

Meri's Controversial Online Dating After Her Divorce 

Meri sought an online romance two years after her divorce disrupted the dynamics of her family, but things weren't how they looked. Kody claimed he was "lost" in the circumstance at the moment.

Meri was notoriously embroiled in a catfishing controversy from which her marriage never recovered. In March of that year, Meri met someone on Twitter named "Sam," according to InTouch, and started openly flirting with them.

Meri learned "Sam" was a woman called Jackie Overton. She broke things off when the online relationship developed from social media exchanges to phone calls.

Due to the affair, speculations of Kody and Meri's separation started to spread on social media. But despite the difficulty of their marriage that has been seen on "Sister Wives", Meri reaffirmed in a December 2020 Instagram post that she is staying with her family.

Their Daughter Came Out 

Sister Wives featured Meri and Kody attempting to accept their daughter's orientation when she came out in a January 2017 episode. Kody told the cameras, "I'm still in a state of absorbing this. It felt like a bomb was dropped."

Meri confessed, "This came as a bit of a surprise. During the thirteenth season of Sister Wives, Kody's claims that Meri's ambition of starting her inn was unrealistic sparked a controversy "self-indulgent." 

Meri & Kody Reunion After A Rollercoaster Relationship 

Meri reassured fans that she and Kody were in it for the long haul six years after her divorce and in the midst of a particularly tough period in their relationship. 

Kody said his marriage to Meri began to "dissolve" in 2015 following her catfishing controversy during a March 2021 episode of Sister Wives. It never fully recovered.  A source revealed to the US that Christine's decision to leave Kody in November 2021 had "motivated" Kody's other wives. The native of Wyoming was "thinking of starting fresh" with new ladies, according to a second person who came forward later.

Kody and Meri have been estranged for many years but remain spiritually married
Kody and Meri have been estranged for many years but remain spiritually married ( Source : theashleysrealityroundup )

Kody and Meri were open and honest about their current relationship during the season 16 tell-all reunion, which aired in early 2022. Kody revealed that he doesn't see himself getting physically intimate with Meri again.

Meri appeared to imply that, despite her continued issues with Kody, she was putting herself and her happiness first two months after the stunning season 16 tell-all aired. After her son, Leon, came out in June 2022, Meri openly supported him.


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