Are Meagan Good and Peyton Alex Smith Dating?


Meagn Good is apparently not single anymore. ( Source : Essence )

Meagan Good is already linked up with other men, given that she recently divorced her husband. Reports suggest that the American actress is secretly dating a younger actor, Peyton Alex Smith. 

On the one hand, Peyton is relatively new in showbiz; Meagan can be called a veteran. With the age gap quite a lot, netizens are confused, trying to figure out what might be the truth. 

Meagan Good for a Magazine
Meagan Good for a Magazine( Source : Eewmagazineonline )

As far as Meagan is concerned, prior to obtaining the part of Nina in the Nickelodeon sitcom Cousin Skeeter, she initially attracted critical acclaim for her work in the film Eve's Bayou. After appearing in the movies Deliver Us from Eva, Roll Bounce, and Stomp the Yard, Good gained more notoriety.

Peter Alex Smith is a rapper and an actor.
Peter Alex Smith is a rapper and an actor.( Source : Tvline )

Are Meagan Good and Peyton Alex Smith Dating?

Meagan is allegedly dating Peyton Alex Smith, an actor best known for his roles in the critically acclaimed series BMF (where he portrays Boom) and the recently launched All American Homecoming on the CW.

The actress recently wrapped up filming her most recent feature film in Atlanta, where she also stars in the critically acclaimed Shazam! Rumor has it that the two of them initially met in Georgia and clicked right away.

Apart from the talks, how they actually initiated is a matter of concern now. It all started with Reddit, where people were actively discussing this. Further, fans had different theories regarding this as well. Alas! nobody could come up with any conclusion. 

A widely read site speculates that at this point, the couple may even have moved in together. Again, an Instagram account was put on the post, almost confirming the news. We can see that they are both using the same background in Gossip of the City's Instagram post. Their caption said, "@meagangood and actor Peyton Alex Smith dating."

The parties have not acknowledged or refuted the rumors of a relationship. However, they will certainly be going official once they are sure about their rapport. In a completely different scene, their admirers are coming up in huge numbers. The comment section has gone crazy shipping the two of them.

One of them writes, "As she should be dating… she’s divorced! I see nothing wrong here… again, it’s just dating." Another one writes, "Good for her because she changed so much for that marriage only for it to not work." 

Who Is Meagan Good's New Boyfriend? 

Actress Meagan Good made the decision to divorce Christian motivational speaker Devon Franklin last year. Meagan now has a new boyfriend in her life, and he is a battle rapper. This is a piece of news covered by almost all the mushroom tabloids growing nowadays. 

While many of us think the new man in her life is Peyton Alex Smith, nothing can be confirmed as of now. The alleged couple has stayed away from addressing the rumors. 

The most well-known roles of American actor Alex Smith include Damon Sims in the television series All American: Homecoming, Rafael Waithe in the CW drama Legacies, and Cedric Hobbs in the drama The Quad.

The most recent projects for Smith include the Julie Plec-written trilogy "The Originals," "The Vampire Diaries," and "Legacies" on The CW. Alongside Anika Noni Rose, he also starred in the acclaimed written series "The Quad." Other projects he has worked on include "Tales," "Mad Money," "Carter High," and "Luke Cage."

Additionally, he appeared in Kathryn Bigelow's highly regarded motion picture "Detroit."

After announcing her split from her ex-husband DeVon Franklin, Good said that she was choosing to see the bright side.

This year, she participated in a Twitter Spaces discussion moderated by xoNecole with her fellow cast members from Harlem. Good emphasized the significance of "knowing your worth" when the group was asked for their opinions on "letting go" of toxic relationships, something she conceded was "specific" to her current circumstance.

While collaborating on the 2011 movie Jumping the Broom, Good met Franklin. She proposed to the 43-year-old film producer in May 2012, and they were married in Malibu, California, in June.

News portals first reported Good, and Franklin's nine-year marriage was ending earlier this year. The former couple disclosed that their choice was the result of extensive prayer and thought.

Meagan Good's Net Worth And Career Details

Meagan Good is an American actress with a $5 million fortune. She started acting in shows when she was a little child, and she has since done a lot of work as an adult.

Her work as the star of the NBC drama series Deception may be what makes her most well-known. She has also made appearances in a number of notable films.

Meagan Good began her career as an extra before moving on to the main stage. Before gaining her big break with her first film part on Friday, she made appearances as a background performer in programs like Doogie Houser, M.D., and Amen. 

The American actress capitalized on her early success and went on to star in Eve's Bayou in 1997, garnering numerous nominations for her much-acclaimed performance.

Further, she transitioned from playing children to playing adults pretty effortlessly, in part because she had been portraying people who were several years younger than she actually was.

The rumored couple Peyton and Meagan.
The rumored couple Peyton and Meagan. ( Source : instagram )

Meagan Good's Sources Of Income

As an actor, Meagan Good earns the most money. She started young, and her career has never slowed down. She has been in numerous movies and TV shows.
Her monthly income of about $250,000 comes from her ownership of a production company. She is also a model who has earned a lot of money through numerous brand endorsements.

Meagan Good currently dwells in a Beverly Hills mansion that she owns. She even asked for armed protection after the frequency of home invasions increased so she could defend herself against any upcoming assaults. About any of her properties, not much is known.

Along with a number of other actors, she co-founded the production company Freedom Bridge Entertainment. Hence, her projected annual income is $1 million. 

She also might have gotten her alimony after the split from her ex-husband; however, nothing is clear.

Meagan good recently got divorced with her husband.
Meagan good recently got divorced with her husband. ( Source : instagram )


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