Are Gemma and Matt MAFS Still Together? Their Job and Family, Where Are They From?


Gemma Rose and Matt fro 'Married At First Sight' ( Source : Instagram )

based on their social media, looks like Gemma and Matt from MAFS UK are infact still together.

On the E4 program last week, Gemma, and Matt, exchanged vows. The couple seemed to be off to a terrific start. This was not only televised but also celebrated by the duo on their social media handles.

The inaugural episode of the American reality television program Married at First Sight aired on FYI on July 8, 2014.

The program is based on the Danish television program Gift Ved Frste Blik, which debuted on DR3 on September 4, 2013. Broadcasters from all around the world have purchased the original Danish television series format.

Gemma and Matt got married on MAFS.
Gemma and Matt got married on MAFS.( Source : Instagram )

This show is about a group of singles who consent to wed spouses selected by a team of relationship professionals. On their wedding day, they finally meet their partners, hoping for a great match.

Following a heated argument on the September 19 episode of "Married At First Sight," the British groom told his wife that he was "ready to walk away." In the 2022 series, barber Matt and hair salon owner Gemma were presented as latecomers. At first, they seemed like the ideal couple, but their honeymoon rapidly turned sour.

Following their arrival in Lisbon, the two got into a furious argument that resulted in Matt storming out of a restaurant. The newlyweds split up after Gemma made an inappropriate comment while they were drinking beverages; she had previously done the same at the wedding reception.

Are Gemma and Matt MAFS Still Together?

Yes, as of this writing, Gemma and Matt from MAFS UK are still together. However, things might not be smooth sailing for long.

On Friday night's episode, when they were on their honeymoon, things became even more awkward when Gemma persisted in having too unsuited conversations with Matt despite his requests for her to stop.

In the middle of a fancy meal with her husband, she said inappropriate things. "I must complete this marriage." Matt was incensed by Gemma's remarks and lashed out, saying, "This pushes me away; it makes me dig in on myself."I don't know what it is, but the more it's said, the more it takes it away from me, he continued. It's just my sense of humor, she continued.

The scene then cuts to the next day, where a tearful Gemma explains why Matt stormed out of dinner. To the cameras, she said: "Even now, I have no idea how that occurred. We ultimately got into a huge disagreement."

Matt shared while: "I was forced to leave. I was no longer able to handle the circumstance. Everyone is capable of making crude jokes and chitchat. Gemma raises the bar significantly."

When Gemma asked Matt if he wanted to stay married, he replied: "I was ready to walk away last night." Gemma then said that she wanted to learn from it and go forward.

MAFS poster
MAFS poster ( Source : bestinau )

This has started off the conversation if the couple is still together or not in 2022. Although we don't know if Gemma and Matt are still together, they had a nice beginning. Gemma was paired with Matt, a 32-year-old Huddersfield resident and proprietor of a barbershop. They both identify as brave and extroverts, and they both enjoy getting tattoos.

After trying to locate The One on dating apps, Gemma claimed she decided to join the show. She is looking for a humorous person who will get along well with her two kids, Cash, 4, and Ozzy, 11. Her kids are all extremely happy for her. In the end, all they want is for her to be happy and fall in love.

On the other hand, Matt appears to have returned to running a prosperous York barbershop. He previously stated that having in-depth, meaningful conversations with clients while imparting happiness and life advice to them is the most fulfilling aspect of his profession. In addition, Matt said he'd like to meet a woman who is adventurous and shares his zest for life.

Gemma aka Gemma Rose is a hair stylist.
Gemma aka Gemma Rose is a hair stylist. ( Source : instagram )

Who Is Gemma on MAFS UK?

Gemma prides herself on being a fiercely independent, fearless, and slightly wild woman. She is quite outspoken and has a lot of love to share, but she hasn't yet met a man who can give her life more meaning.

She lives life to the fullest and believes she has it all, with the exception of one thing, and that is true connection. She is a proud mother of two and the proprietor of prosperous hair business. She claims that she has come close to having a fairytale romance a few times, but she feels that her luck is running out, and she is desperate to find a man who can both woo her and put up with her shenanigans in bed!

Who Is Matt on MAFS UK?

32-year-old barbershop owner Matt is looking for his next journey. He describes himself as an outgoing person with a lot of love to give. He adores his two dogs, and when he's not hiking with them, you can find him in the gym, where he might be practicing anything from calisthenics to weightlifting.

Matt hopes to find a woman who is as adventurous and passionate about life as he is, as well as someone who has a natural beauty and is laid-back and easygoing.

Matt from MAFS is a barber.
Matt from MAFS is a barber. ( Source : instagram )

It appears like Gemma is promising to reveal the information when she can. In previous seasons, brides and grooms were unable to reveal whether they remained together until their break-up episode aired or when the season had ended.

Another bride Zoe indicated there would be drama before the series began by telling her supporters she "didn't like" gazing at the other contestants' faces.

Where Are Gemma And Matt From? Meet Their Family

Gemma, aka Gemma Rose, is available on Instagram as @reallifeofgemrose. She is from Newton Abbot, England, and is continuing her business in the same area, which has flourished over the years. 

Her little ones are often featured on her socials. Her elder son Ozzy Barnes is also available on the platform under the handle @reallifeofozzy. This one is handled by his mother, and she makes sure that every small to the big moment of the child gets stored in it to revisit when he gets older. 

The younger one is not on any social media, but he can be found on both his mother's and brothers. 

Gemma and Matt had a bumpy honeymoon.
Gemma and Matt had a bumpy honeymoon. ( Source : walesonline )

Matt is originally from Huddersfield. After two of the original couples left during Wednesday's tumultuous program, two new couples were married yesterday. Manchester-lass Sophie, The new show's stars, 32-year-old carpenter Johnathan, Gemma, and severely tattooed Matt, were unveiled.

Gemma and Matt met while seated next to one another at the head table of the festivities shortly after getting married. She jumped a little when the northern hottie unbuttoned his shirt.


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