American Actor Joe Piscopo Entered Wife Swap With His Assistant and Girlfriend Jessica Nasoff


Joe Piscopo was a cast member on SNL from 1980 to 1984, ( Source : Nj )

Comedian Joe Piscopo's appearance on Swap Wife in 2014 with his assistant and love Jessica Nasoof sparked heated controversy.

The work of American actor and comedian Joe Piscopo on Saturday Night Live, where he performed several recurrent characters, is what made him most famous.

He made the most of his appearances on "Saturday Night Live," and his epic relationship with the Rat Pack during the "good old days" of Vegas dominated the show. More than 30 movies and television shows have included him, such as "Johnny Dangerously" (1984), "Wise Guys" (1986), and "Dead Heat" (1988).

Joe is the host of the "Joe Piscopo Morning Show" on AM 970 in New York City. He performed as Vince Fontaine in the 1994 Broadway revival of "Grease." Piscopo was named to the New Jersey Hall of Fame in 2013.

Quick Facts

Full NameJoseph Charles John Piscopo
NicknameJersey Joe
ProfessionActor, comedian and radio host
Birth DateJune 17, 1951
Age71 years old
Birth PlacePassaic, New Jersey, U.S.
SpouseNancy Jones ​(m. 1973⁠–⁠1988)​ Kimberly Driscoll ​ ​(m. 1997⁠–⁠2006)
Political partyDemocratic (before 2014)
EducationJones College (BA)
Years Active1975-present

Joe Piscopo Assistant Turned Girlfriend Jessica Nasoff Punched Him On Wife Swap 

In a 2014 Wife Swap episode, Joe switched his assistant Jessica Nasoff—his previous on-and-off girlfriend for more than seven years—with Barry Williams' Branson, Missouri, resident assistant.

Based on the British program of the same name, Wife Swap is an American reality TV series that debuted on ABC in 2004.

For two weeks, two families—typically from different social groups and lifestyles—swap wives, moms, and occasionally husbands. As part of the network's transition to movies, Paramount Network canceled the series in 2020.

When Jessica returned from Branson, the "Wife Swap" team filmed Piscopo and Jessica's reunion, but the producer wasn't happy. While filming ABC's "Celebrity Wife Swap," an irate Nasoff struck the entertainer in the face. 

Who Was Joe Piscopo Assistant Jessica Nasoff?

According to Daily Entertainment News, Jessica obtained a Public Relations degree at Brookdale Community College from 2005 to 2008 and is currently working for a paralegal degree.

She worked for EJP 10 Corp. as an executive assistant in 2007 and Avellino Productions as an administrative assistant in 2008.

Joe Piscopo and Jessica Nasoff appeared in one of the episode of Wife Swap
Joe Piscopo and Jessica Nasoff appeared in one of the episode of Wife Swap ( Source : dailyentertainmentnews )

Jessica, 34 years his junior, controlled Joe's household and was also in charge of food shopping, cooking, answering the phone, and planning Joe's schedule.

Before Jessica, Joe had a relationship with Kimberly Driscoll, who was a nanny.

The "SNL" legend separated from his wife Nancy Jones before dating Kimberly, who was caring for their son and was 18 years old. Their ten-year marriage resulted in three children. He then turned his attention to Jessica, his assistant.

Joe Piscopo Children 

Before divorcing in 1988, Joe and Nance had a child together named Joey Piscopo. Before divorcing Kimberly in 2006, he had three children: Alexandra Piscopo, Olivia Piscopo, and Michael Piscopo.

With Jessica, he has a daughter named Charley-Rae. Piscopo currently resides in Lebanon Township, New Jersey, and was previously a resident of Tewksbury Township.

Joe often posts pictures of his kids on his Instagram. You can find him under the handle @jrzyjoe. He has accumulated more than 9k followers there as of this writing. 

Joe Piscopo spent the weekend with his kids as hinted by his Instagram post
Joe Piscopo spent the weekend with his kids as hinted by his Instagram post ( Source : instagram )

Although Joe has achieved many notable things in his stellar career and public service, he claims that being named Father of the Year twice by the National Father's Day Council and the New Jersey Council on Children's Rights is his finest accomplishment.

Joe always ensures adequate time in his New Jersey home, regardless of how busy he may be.

Early Life & Family 

Joe Piscopo was born in Passaic, New Jersey, on June 17, 1951, as Joseph Charles John Piscopo. He attended West Essex High School and was a part of the drama club called The Masquers.

Joe grew up in North Caldwell with his siblings Carol and Richard. Joe got a Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Management from Jones College in Jacksonville, Florida, after graduating in 1969.

His father was a lawyer who enjoyed baseball. He made his acting debut at a grade school event that first baseman for the New York Yankees at the time, Moose Skowron, had been invited to.

The teenage Piscopo was a talented baseball player who played first base and pitcher in junior high before discovering acting in high school.

Joe Piscopo grew up in North Caldwell
Joe Piscopo grew up in North Caldwell ( Source : dailyrecord )

He excelled sufficiently to take first place in a student actor competition run by Lincoln Center. To see Lee J. Cobb as King Lear, the winner received a free ride over the Hudson to New York City.

He quickly began working for three radio stations in the Jacksonville region and went on air. He read the news and sports in their entirety while spinning Mantovani records for dental businesses.

When he accidentally played a classical music cassette backward one morning and didn't notice it until the station management called an hour later, he knew radio wasn't for him.

What Is Joe Piscopo Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Joe Piscopo has a staggering net worth of $3 million. 

Piscopo played an uncredited role in the 1976 movie "King Kong," then made an appearance in "American Tickler" in 1977, and finally made an uncredited guest appearance on "The Doctors" in 1979.

Joe joined the group in 1980 when "Saturday Night Live" had a massive upheaval that saw all of the cast members, writers, and significant producers leave the program. Piscopo relocated to the affluent borough of Alpine, New Jersey, as a result of the success of SNL.

Piscopo was well-known for impersonating famous people, including Frank Sinatra. Sammy Cahn, a lyricist for Frank Sinatra, assisted Piscopo in rewriting the lyrics for a Sinatra parody. Joe expanded the scope of his already fruitful career by playing the disc jockey Vince Fontaine in Grease on Broadway.

Joe Piscopo is known for his role as Danny Vermin in Johnny Dangerously (1984)
Joe Piscopo is known for his role as Danny Vermin in Johnny Dangerously (1984) ( Source : thehill )

Joe insisted on performing on opening night despite the challenging circumstances brought on by one of the biggest blizzards to hit NYC. Indeed, history was made that night, as Grease! was the only Broadway production to debut.

Joe received praise for his dramatic cameo appearances on the NBC show Law and Order. He frequently appears on political talk shows like Tucker Carson, co-hosts the Columbus Day Parade in New York City every year with Maria Bartolomeo, and performs for the Tunnel to Towers Foundation.

The Joe Piscopo Show, which Joe hosts now on 970 AM The Answer, has earned the distinction of being the most-listened-to radio program in the greater New York City area.

Political Career 

Based in part on Donald Trump's electoral success, for whom he had campaigned in 2016, Piscopo thought about running as an independent for governor of New Jersey in 2017.

According to Piscopo, a lifetime Blue Dog Democrat, the event made him aware of the struggle of regular Americans who are maligned for their love of God and country.

Several politicians, including former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, encouraged him. He also discussed how Trump backers have a terrible reputation and claimed that Americans don't want to be preached to regarding what political principles they ought to uphold.

He did, however, decide not to run in May 2017. At a political rally organized by businessman Mike Lindell in May 2021, Piscopo performed stand-up comedy and music and was an active member of a band.

His Love For Live Performances 

Joe's career has always placed a high value on live performances. He has long been one of the most well-liked comedians and performers in America, packing stadiums and casino showrooms across the country and Canada.

Joe is famously notorious to have previously performed at the esteemed Montreal Jazz Festival. He currently serves his multi-media comedy show and his original Frank Sinatra Big Band tribute on the road.

Joe Piscopo hosts the Piscopo in the Morning radio show since 2014
Joe Piscopo hosts the Piscopo in the Morning radio show since 2014 ( Source : pagesix )

Joe created some of the most cutting-edge television commercials during his career. Beginning with his legendary Miller Lite campaign, he later promoted GNC, Bally's, and even Ragu.

Piscopo's sports commentary on the Weekend Update segment of the show (formerly known as "SNL Newsbreak") was introduced by a string of rhymed or thematically related phrases rather than a sentence before his first item, was one of his more popular sketches on Saturday Night Live.

One such instance had Eddie Murphy portraying Muhammad Ali during one of his final fights in the 1980s.

Joe's Interest In Body Building Led Him To Controversy 

Piscopo became interested in bodybuilding in the middle to end of the 1980s. When performing Bruce Springsteen impressions on Saturday Night Live, he first became acquainted with the sport. In April 1988 and June 1990, he was featured on the cover of Muscle & Fitness magazine.

He came under fire in the early 1990s when fitness magazine covers featuring his freshly honed physique raised suspicions that he was abusing performance-enhancing drugs.

Piscopo maintains that he started a campaign to better himself after battling thyroid cancer from 1981 to 1982 and has constantly refuted the accusations.

He has additionally appeared in PSAs against claims. In his HBO special, Piscopo parodied the scandal and pretended to take a drug test while performing.

Charity Works 

Piscopo is highly renowned for helping the community through appearances and humanitarian endeavors. His groundbreaking series mixes entertainment and education to reinforce good behavior and lifestyles among at-risk youth from urban and suburban backgrounds.

Piscopo has supported numerous charities and founded his charity foundation, The Positive Impact Foundation, which is devoted to "creating positive media for at-risk youth."

Joe Piscopo at the Boys And Girls Clubs NJ in Asbury Park
Joe Piscopo at the Boys And Girls Clubs NJ in Asbury Park ( Source : instagram )

Joe has recently merged his charity with the Boy's and Girl's Clubs of New Jersey and is now proudly their statewide spokesperson. This all happened only this year.

He had the privilege of receiving the Commendation Medal, the highest civilian accolade from the state of New Jersey, for supporting US military forces.

By winning the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, Joe perpetuated the history of his ancestors by honoring his parents and grandparents who immigrated to this country.

Joe Was Robbed By His Employee's Wife 

Jennifer LaRocca, a resident of New Jersey, admitted stealing money from Joe in 2016. She said that her husband had been recruited to pay Piscopo's bills and that she used the money to make cheques for her purposes. LaRocca was sentenced to pay Joe roughly $171,000 after entering a guilty plea to stealing.

Larocca admitted to the judge under questioning by defense attorney Brent Bramnick that he was in charge of managing part of J.P.'s funds and that between February 16, 2010, and March 13, 2014, he misappropriated $170,805 for his use.

Larocca did not disclose how the funds were used, and his counsel later declined to comment. He claimed that while working for J.P., he stole from his properties in the townships of Chester and Randolph. Since then, he and his wife, Jennifer, have moved to Hackettstown.

An assistant prosecutor for Morris County, Francine Ehrenberg, proposed that Larocca receive a sentence of three years in state prison on May 13. However, Bramnick contended that Larocca, who had consented to repay the money with his wife jointly, ought to get a punishment that doesn't require incarceration.


Is Joe Piscopo married now?

Joe is currently not married. However, he has been married twice before, both ending in divorce.

What did Joe Piscopo do for a living?

Before he started stand-up comedy, Piscopo worked as a disc jockey and dinner theater performer.

Where is Joe Piscopo now?

Piscopo is the host of the Joe Piscopo Morning Show which airs on AM970 The Answer weekdays from 6 to 10 a.m.

What is Joe Piscopo net worth in 2022?

Joe Piscopo net worth is $3 million in 2022.

Who Is Joe Piscopo current girlfriend?

Jessica Nasoff is Joe Piscopo's current girlfriend.

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