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Armando Bacot

Armando Bacot is a college basketball power forward/center for the North Carolina Tar Heels of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) who was recently cast in Outer Banks, an American action-adventure mystery teen drama Netflix series. Armando Bacot is one of those fine collegiate athletes who have yet to break into the professional ranks, but he has undoubtedly blossomed as a result of his learning experience.

Bacot played for the United States under-18 basketball team at the 2018 FIBA Under-18 Americas Championship. He averaged 7.8 points and 5.0 rebounds per game to lead his team to a gold medal.

He is currently playing for a team affiliated with the Atlantic Coast Conference. There are many more facts and details about him to be revealed. Keep an eye on this article and read it until you’re done. Also, please leave a comment in the box below if any facts are missing or incorrect.

Where was Armando Bacot born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

To begin with, Armando Bacot was born on March 6, 2000, in Richmond, Virginia, to Armando Bacot Sr. and Christie Lomax. He is not the only child in the family; Azhane Bacot is his younger brother. Armando is of African descent and American nationality. On the internet, not much is known about his childhood, family, or early life.

But, yes, Armando’s father has always been there for him since his birth. He pushed him harder against all those boundaries because he wanted to see him succeed. He was Armando’s biggest fan. His mother is a real estate agent.

Add, Armando went on to Trinity Episcopal School, where he finished three years of high school. Following that, he attended IMG Academy and finished his senior year for the achievement.

A Career in High School

Armando played three varsity seasons for Trinity. He had career highs of 47 points and 22 rebounds in a single game. Initially, he appeared in 64 games, scoring 1,510 points, grabbing 759 rebounds, dishing out 145 assists, and blocking 215 shots. He also appeared in 29 games as a junior.

Is Armando Bacot Single? Relationship

Those who have seen Armando in action must have a few questions about him. Is he dating or has a special someone? So, despite surveying the best possible internet sites, we are unable to conclude. That is, there is no exact answer to this.

Perhaps Armando does not want to discuss his relationship in public or look at the other war going on around him. He’s only twenty-one years old. Apart from this, Bacot has a lot more going on in his life. He must be working hard to become a standout athlete and make his parents proud one day.

In addition, for obvious reasons, athleticism must be at the top of his priority list. Armando, on the other hand, keeps himself busy. He frequently goes clubbing and partying with his friends, but he prioritizes his practice and gym sessions.

How did Armando Bacot start his Professional Career?

After graduating from high school, Armando received numerous scholarship offers from Duke, Kansas, Oklahoma State, and Villanova. Despite this, he chose the University of North Carolina over the others. On August 6, 2018, he made his college commitment.

In terms of overall recruiting rankings, Armando has been rated a five-star recruit by Rivals, a four-star by 247 Sports, and a five-star by ESPN.Bacot on his decision to attend the University of North Carolina

Armando, his father, and his mother were asked a few questions during a table talk with THI, Tar Heels Illustrated. Based on their responses, we attempted to summarize their points of view and opinions.

From here, the plot began. Roy Williams, the legendary coach of the North Carolina Tar Heels, visited Trinity six or seven times to meet with Armando. Also, whenever Armando and his parents were not on an official visit to UNC, Roy tried to make time for them.

Not only that, but the sole and complete reason for being sold to UNC was coach Roy. He texted Armando whenever he could and was willing to put him under his supervision. Roy’s faith in him was the deciding factor in Armando’s decision to attend UNC.

Roy was also a fantastic coach and a wonderful father, according to his mother. He kept his gaze fixed on his watch while speaking with her because his wife had prepared fried fish for him and he needed to get home on time. Armando’s father wadelighteded to send his son to UNC because he knew the schoohadas a great track record with bigs four and five. They raise great men and citizens.

When asked in an interview who he would like to bring to Chapel Hill in 2019, he gave three names: “Cole Anthony and my two IMG Academy teammates, Josh Green and Jeremiah Robinson-Earl.”

Armando Bacot | Academic Career

Armando had 22 points and 14 rebounds in the men’s basketball team’s 75-61 victory over the Elon Phoenix. He also led the Oregan Ducks men’s basketball team with a season-high six blocks, in addition to 23 points and 12 rebounds. Armando was on track to have a successful college career until he suffered a left ankle injury in a game against Ohio State on November 29, 2019.

As a result, he lost some time. He returned for the next game against the Virginia Cavaliers men’s basketball team, but his team lost. Similarly, Armando was benched for North Carolina’s home win over Wake Forest on March 3, 2020.

He averaged 9.6 points and 8.3 rebounds per game as a freshman and had 11 double-doubles. He was the second freshman from the Tar Heels to do so.

Roy’s thoughts on Armando Bacot

Roy sees Armando as a well-trained athlete. Furthermore, Yoy was astounded to see Bacot’s body change dramatically in a year and a half. Bacot will be the guy who can score around the rim a little better and defend a little better. He also has incredible speed, but he must be confident and precise in his aim.

Armando Bacot’s Career on the National Team

Bacot represented the United States under-18 basketball team at the 2018 FIBA Under-18 Americas Championship. He had 7.8 points and 5.0 rebounds to help his team win the gold medal. And, on Father’s Day, Armando presented his gold medal to his father. His father was overjoyed with his son’s accomplishments.

Not to mention, he was named to the 2018 USA Basketball Men’s Junior National Select Team, which competed in the NCAA Next Generation Sunday at the 2018 NCAA Men’s Final Four.

Armando suffered a left ankle injury in the first half of the Tar Heels game against Ohio State in 2019. He injured his knee and filled his ankle during the game.

In addition, two teammates had to assist him in getting off the floor. Then he was led to the locker room. Roy Williams, the coach of the University of North Carolina, stated that his ankle was swollen.

Recent Disagreement

Armando Bacot, along with his teammate Day’Ron Sharpe, recently became embroiled in controversy in February 2021. They were celebrating North Carolina’s victory over Duke. However, in an 11-second Snapchat video, Bacot and Sharpe were seen celebrating without their masks. Some were wearing masks while celebrating, while others were not.

Overall, UNC Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz stated that those who violate the COVID-19 protocols would face the consequences.

Highlights and Achievements

  • Armando was titled to the 2018- All-Metro first team and 2018 all-state first team.
  • He was named the ‘2018 VISAA League-Co Player of The Year and an all-league first team.
  • He also won the 2018 Richmond Times-Dispatch Player of the Year.
  • Armando was titled USA Today All-Virginia first team and 2018 Max Preps All-America first team.

How tall is Armando Bacot? Weight, Hair Color

Armando, who was born on March 6, 2000, is twenty-one years old. However, calculating the age of a child born in 2000 is simple. Armando is 6 feet 10 inches tall and weighs approximately 109 kg. He is a tall and lanky man with a body type that is ideal for a basketball player.

His height is a divine gift, and his jovial personality is a divine charm. Overall, he possesses talent and skill, making him a potential prospect. To summarize, Armando has a dreadlock hairstyle that he rocks. You can see in the photo that he has posed with an uncompromising swaggy attitude.

Armando was born under the sign of Pisces. And he is, indeed, a true Piscina. His nature, personality, and ideology are all Piscina-like. He is a sensitive individual with a kind heart who values hard work. He is inventive, intuitive, and truthful all at the same time.

Social Media Details

He can be found on Instagram and Twitter. He appears to be fairly active there, but he is not on Facebook. Armando, on the other hand, took to social media and tweeted about the importance of voter turnout. He also marched on Franklin Street with hundreds of others this summer in a Black Lives Matter peaceful protest for social justice.

You can certainly follow him on social media and keep an eye on his activities. Scroll down and click on the link provided.

Instagram– @armando with 138k followers

Twitter– @igets buckets35 with 54.4k followers.


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