Alistair Appleton Net Worth As BBC's Escape To The Country Host


Alistair Appleton had a lovely week's filming in Dorset for BBC1's Escape to the Country. ( Source : Facebook )

Alistair Appleton is a British broadcaster who may have a fortune net worth from his profession. 

Appleton is a television presenter, psychotherapist, and mediation teacher. The broadcaster used to sing in his childhood. He joined St John's College in Portsmouth and received ten o-levels and three A-levels. 

In 1988, he joined Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, and completed his studies in English Literature with an upper second degree. After graduation, he left the UK and moved to Poland, where he chose his career as a poetry writer. 

Besides this, Appleton used to assist children's anthology as an editor, and even the broadcaster was a teacher at the top 10 universities in Poland at the University of Gdansk. The host had worked in different felid during his young age and reached this platform. 

Appleton was the prester at BBC1's Escape to the Country, House Doctor, Garden Invaders, Stately Suppers, and Cash in the Attic. He was involved in acting on shows, including Footballers Wives and Doctor Who. The host had even worked from the Albert for the BBC Proms. 

Birthday12 February 1970
Birth PlaceRoyal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England
FatherPeter Appleton
MotherSally Appleton
OccupationBroadcaster, psychotherapist, meditation teacher
EducationGonville and Caius College
Residenceport of Newhaven, East Sussex
Net Worth$2 Million
Zodiac SignAquarius


What is Alistair Appleton net worth?

Alistair Appleton estimated net worth is $2 million.

Where did Alistair Appleton grow up?

Alistair Appleton grew up in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Who are Alistair Appleton's Parents?

Peter and Sally Appleton are the proud parents of Alistair Appleton.

Who Is Alistair Appleton Husband?

Alistair Appleton is happily married to his husband, Daniel Martin

Alistair Appleton's Net Worth As BBC's Escape To The Country Host 

According to some sources, Appleton estimated net worth is around $2 million. The successful television presenter has been involved in different fields to obtain massive money. He did some acting and presented as the television presenter of Escape to The Country. 

YearEstimated Net Worth
2022$ 2 million

In 2007, Appleton joined the show as host. He emerged in nine episodes, including Ceredigion, Wiltshire, Shropshire, North Devon, Northamptonshire, Hampshire/Surrey Borders, East Sussex, North Cornwall, and Cornwall. 

The reality television show is the property show which supports the buyer's perspective to find their dream house. Besides Appleton, Jules Hudson, Melissa Poter, Nick Page, Nicki Chapman, and Catherine Gee are the prester of the show. 

Alistair Appleton filming in Lovely Caswell Bay in Gower for BBC1's Escape to the Country
Alistair Appleton filming in Lovely Caswell Bay in Gower for BBC1's Escape to the Country ( Source : facebook )

From 2000, Appleton made his impression as a presenter. He was the prester of the television series House Doctor and the television documentary A Week in the West End. He arose as the presenter of the television series BBC Young Musician. 

In 2004, Appleton arrived in seven episodes, including The Final, What Does It Take?, Woodwind, Brass, Strings, and more. In 2005, the broadcaster was present in The Weakest Link in Presenter Edition. 

In 2006, Appleton made his guise in the television movie Making Your Mind Up as South-East Regional Presenter. The same year, he arose in the Stately Suppers in Losely Park, Eastnor Castle, Kentwell Hall, Belvoir Castle, Tissington Hall, and more. 

Real estate specialist Jonnie Irwin was the prester of Escape to the Country. Besides this, he hosted A Place in the Sun. 

Alistair Appleton Source Of Income

Appleton may obtain husky money from his different jobs. His source of income came from distinct mediums, including Broadcasters, psychotherapists, Meditation Teachers, translators, writers, and actors.  

For the first time author of The Escape to the Country, Jules Hudson and host Appleton are onscreen together. They bumped with each other while filming in Herefordshire.

 Jules Hudson and Alistair Appleton in Herefordshire for The Escape to the Country
Jules Hudson and Alistair Appleton in Herefordshire for The Escape to the Country ( Source : facebook )

The broadcaster was back on the show in May in the beautiful Quantocks in Somerset. They had fantastic house buyers. The show featured the Sisters in Somerset show later in the year.

The host visited several places while shooting the series. Also, He has been to Caswell Bay in Gower, Dorset, and more. Even Alistair spent his June week off to Scotland for two weeks' delicious retreat with 30 Mindspringers. 


According to Uk.indeed, the average income for a Broadcaster is £34202 per year in the United Kingdom. Appleton may acquire more than the average salary of the broadcaster. In Poland, he worked as a journalist for Greman public, state-owned international television, Deutsche Welle. 

Appleton made his name on the television platform and became the frontman in the Youth's current affairs shoe Heat. After returning to the UK in 1999, he assured the position on Sky's Hot Tv. He joined the television program on Channel 5 House Doctor in 2000. 

Alistair Appleton loved The Alistair Mug gifted by his husband, Daniel
Alistair Appleton loved The Alistair Mug gifted by his husband, Daniel ( Source : facebook )

However, Appleton served for only three years in the show where they used to help UK homeowners sell their houses. In 2000, he served as the broadcaster of the British free-to-air television network BBC Two Rhona. 

In 2001, Appleton was a member of the American pay television Travel Channel, Travel On. The same year, he was the announcer of Garden Invaders on BBC One. In 2002, the broadcaster worked on the British television program Cash in the Attic and was a presenter for three years. 

In 2005, Appleton became the presenter of the program of a former international commercial television channel concentrating on food, BBC Food Stately Suppers. The commentator had hosted various other television specials. He was part of Proms, Henry Wood Promenade Concerts Presented by the BBC. 


According to sources, qualified NHS psychotherapists typically achieved £38,890 to £44,503. Appleton may acquire more than these mentioned amounts as an experienced psychotherapist. He retreats and takes classes across his nation. 

Appleton took his class on the Holy Island in western Scotland. He lived in Brighton and had his therapy practice over his place. Also, the host is a member of the professional association United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy. He worked as a therapy governing body. 

Meditation Teacher

The average income for a Coach and Meditation Teacher is £29463 annually in the United Kingdom. Appleton may earn a handsome amount as a meditation professor. In 2000, he generated a keen interest in meditation and started pursuing his passion. The same year, he converted to Buddhism. 

The broadcaster had trained in the Buddhist tradition. After four years, in 2004, Appleton drew his inspiration outside the Buddhist background. In Brazil, he worked at the Spirit Vine Ayahuasca Retreat Center with ayahuasca. 

Appleton is presently acquiring his studies with the contemporary Esoteric Buddhism teacher, Reggie ray. In 2014, the broadcaster received an Advanced psychotherapy MA degree at the Minster Centre in London. Currently, he is a psychotherapist in his residence in Brighton. 

Alistair Appleton found himself in an unusual historic cultural setting while filming Escape for the Country
Alistair Appleton found himself in an unusual historic cultural setting while filming Escape for the Country ( Source : facebook )


Appleton was the actor who gained three-four credits in different shows. He made his first debut in the television series Rhona in 2000. In 2001, he played the part of Greg Prewitt in the television movie De Achte Todsunde: Gespensterjagd. 

Moreover, Appleton occurred in the television series Footballer's Wives as Ricky in the sequence All Credit to the Lads in 2002. After four years, the actor emerged in the television series Doctor Who as Alistair Appleton in the sequel Army of Ghosts. 

Even though Appleton didn't appear on BBC America, he materialized in the promotions of the fourth sequence of Cash in the Attica on early January 2007. He completed the short documentary The Man Who Drank the Universe on the entheogen ayahuasca. The documentary is related to the ancient plant featured in Amazon. 

Alistair Appleton Salary Details 

Appleton acquired salary from a different medium. The broadcaster is involved in various occupations, including acting, professor, journalist, psychotherapist, and more. 

Appleton had more than 22-year experience in all his working aspects. From 2008 to 2009, Appleton presented the television series Cash in the Celebrity Attic with Neil Fox, Toyah Willcox, and Donal MacIntyre. Also, he hosted the television series I Escaped to the Country. 

Alistair Appleton is back on Escape for the Country and had a beautiful journey of Quantocks in Somerset in May
Alistair Appleton is back on Escape for the Country and had a beautiful journey of Quantocks in Somerset in May ( Source : facebook )

In 2012, Appleton was part of The Full House as a competitor in the reality show Celebrity Egheads. After three years, he emerged in Escape to the Continent in Alicante in 2015.

In January 2016, he appeared as a contender in the 9th episode of BBC One's Celebrity Mastermind. The contestant came joint second with the specialist subject of 20th-century European classical music with 21 points. 

Previously, Appleton was the host of the late-night concert of the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment at London's South Bank in the series The Night Shift in 2006 at Queen Elizabeth Hall. 

Alistair Appleton Career Details 

Appleton started his career as a teacher after his graduation. He completed his bachelor's studies in English at the University of Cambridge. Later he joined Middlesex University and completed his master's degrees in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy. 

Appleton earned Counselling Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapy at the Minster Centre in London. Afterward, he served as an English teacher in eastern Germany. He was the translator and journalist for Deutsche Welle television. 

In May 2003, Appleton worked as an advocate at Age Concern England. He had been involved in social services for more than 20 years. Later he served as a volunteer in Samaritans from May 2006 to now. 

Alistair Appleton bumped into Jules Hudson while filming Escape for the Country
Alistair Appleton bumped into Jules Hudson while filming Escape for the Country ( Source : facebook )

In 2008, Appleton had assigned as a presenter at the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment. The host operated there for three years. He worked as a presenter in Boundless Productions in 2004, and after nearly 19 years, he is still the par of the production company. 

In addition, Appleton worked in several seasons of "Escape to the Country" and "Escape to the Continent." In April 2004, the host joined as director at Alistair Appleton Productions Limited. All his television work had handled by AA Productions, including development and worldwide contracts.

Appleton is the founder of Mindspring. He set the foundation in May 2004 to explore the uses and benefits of meditation in the modern world. 

According to his LinkedIn account, Appleton is skilled in Yoga, Video production, broadcast, healing, journalism, blogging, documentaries, public speaking, social media, coaching, editing, teaching, copywriting, stress management, personal development, counseling psychology, and more. 

Host of first person plural Daniel Goleman is the influencer of the Appleton. 

Is Alistair Appleton From Wealthy Background

Appleton may be from a wealthy family background. He was born in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England, on February 12, 1970. Also, the broadcaster is currently 52 years old. He is the son of Peter and Sally Appleton. His mother's full name is Sally Cooper Appleton. 

Appleton was the youngest member of the family. He had olny one sibiling. The broadcaster flourished in the seaside district Lee-on-the-Solent in Hampshire, England. In his childhood, he used to perform at St Faith's in the church Choir. 

After months of work, Alistair Appleton's friend @thepilgrimpotter has finally opened his brand-new shop
After months of work, Alistair Appleton's friend @thepilgrimpotter has finally opened his brand-new shop ( Source : facebook )

Appleton was a brilliant student from his child age. He had lived in other European countries after his graduation. He worked in Poland and Germany and is fluent in English, French, and German. 

Appleton resides with his loving husband Daniel in the port of Newhaven, East Sussex, in a 1930s French sea captain's cottage.


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