Alicia Crowder Age and Career As She Stars As Diana on Tell Me Lies On Hulu

Alicia Crowder is such a gorgeous actress of Tell Me Lies. ( Source : Juilliard )

American actress Alice Crowder gained notoriety for her role in Tell Me Lies, the most recent drama on Hulu.

The most recent drama on Hulu, Tell Me Lies, depicts the toxic, perverse coming-of-age of Stephen DeMarco and Lucy Albright (Grace Van Patten) (Jackson White).

The series, produced by Meaghan Oppenheimer with Emma Roberts serving as executive producer, is based on Carola Lovering's best-selling book of the same name from 2018.

After meeting in college, Lucy and Stephen go on an exciting journey that is full of drama and, you guessed it, lies. Over the course of eight years, the series follows their relationship while sporadically focusing on friends and family.

Some Quick Facts:

NameAlicia Crowder
BirthplaceLos Angeles, United States
HometownLos Angeles, California, United States
In LimelightTell Me Lies

In the current, widely watched TV show Tell Me Lies, Alicia Crowder also appears.
In the current, widely watched TV show Tell Me Lies, Alicia Crowder also appears.( Source : Forbes )

Who Is Alicia Crowder As Diana on Tell Me Lies?

Starting today, Wednesday, September 7 at 12 a.m. on Hulu, a new television program called Tell Me Lies, based on the bestselling book by Carola Lovering, will be available.

The new television show focuses on the long-lasting relationship between Stephen DeMarco (Jackson White) and Lucy Albright (Grace Van Patten), who first meet as college students. The first three episodes of the series have premiered on Hulu.

Diana has been played in the series by Alicia Crowder. Many of her followers adore and admire her appearance. According to IMDb, the series tells the tale of a young woman's obsession with a charming man.

Alicia Crowder is quite popular for her appearance in Tell Me Lies.
Alicia Crowder is quite popular for her appearance in Tell Me Lies. ( Source : dallasnews )

Peter Brook produced and directed the 1968 British drama film Tell Me Lies. It features Mark Jones, Pauline Munro, Eric Allan, and Robert Langdon Lloyd and is based on the Denis Cannan play US.

In the summer of 1967, the movie was filmed in London, and it starred actors who were under contract with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

This is the setting in which Lucy and Stephen's relationship begins, and Tell Me Lies depicts a young woman who lacks the maturity or awareness to recognize the unfairness of the deck and a young man who is skilled at playing it.

Like all games, it can appear to be quite enjoyable. Even Stephen's crudest jabs at his ex, Diana (Alicia Crowder), can be turned into a sharp form of foreplay and frequently do so.

Tell Me Lies fulfills the fantasy of conventionally attractive hardbodies flinging themselves at each other in meticulously choreographed dances of flattering semi-nudity, as promised by its marketing as an amazingly drama.

5 facts You Don't Know About The Actress Alicia Crowder

  1. American actress Alicia Crowder has made numerous on- and off-Broadway, in local theater, as well as film and television appearances.
  2. In 2019, Alicia made her television debut as Erika in "The Society," and she is currently playing Diana in "Tell Me Lies."
  3. She doesn't really use any social media platforms.
  4. Her primary source of income is acting, where she has amassed a successful career totaling about $90,000 USD.
  5. She has appeared in a number of films to this point, including Bleecker, Instinct, and The Society (2019).


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