Actor Max Montesi Age and Career As He Appears With Anna Heche On Lifetime's Girl In Room 13


Max Montesi Appears With Anna Heche On Lifetime's Girl In Room 13 ( Source : Imdb )

Max Montesi is a Canadian filmmaker and actor, from a young age, grew up in a film industry family focused on making character-driven narrative work.

He is best known for his roles in various genres in film and television series, including his portrayal of the character Richie in the television movie Girl in Room 13.

In Lifetime's 2022 TV movie Girl in Room 13, the Canadian actor plays the role of a drug dealer with whom Grace (portrayed by Anne Hache) had a relationship. The movie is inspired by actual events, exploring the dark underworld of the human trafficking industry in the USA and was Anne Heche's final performance where she played the mother of Grace.

The Vancouver-native actor has gathered seventy-three work credits in different sectors of the show biz industry, including as an actor, cinematographer, editor, director, producer, writer, camera and even in the electrical department, per his IMDb profile.

He Grew Up In Film Industry Family

From a young age of 8, Max Montesi spent his childhood time asking questions to his guardians about the world of filmmaking and cinematography.

The Vancouver native actor spends most of his early age engaging in memorable family dinners talking about show business. Max carried a passion for visual story narration since a young age.

The Canadian Actor Max Montesi plays the role of Lee in upcoming HBO series The Last Of Us
The Canadian Actor Max Montesi plays the role of Lee in upcoming HBO series The Last Of Us ( Source : twitter )

The versatile actor carries vast knowledge about storytelling and has a unique perspective from front of and behind the lens. Montesi has directed music videos and promotional materials for local businesses, brand content, personalized content for independent artists, and award-winning narrative work throughout his career. 

Max Montesi Has 10 Years of Boxing Experience

Besides being an actor and filmmaker, Mark is also a professional boxing trainer with more than ten years of boxing experience. According to Contenders, the Canadian actor is one of the most long-standing members who has always encouraged the members at the boxing gym to keep an open mind about learning new skills. 

Max Montesi (second from left) with his community from Contenders Boxing Studio
Max Montesi (second from left) with his community from Contenders Boxing Studio ( Source : facebook )

Born and bred in Vancouver, Canada, Max grew up under the guardianship of his parents, who encouraged him to pursue his interest. During his childhood, he used to exchange a fist duel whenever he got an opportunity. He might have joined the Vancouver Boxing Studios at a young age.

However, like most other actors and actresses, the young Canadian actor Max has kept his personal information tight under the hood. Until he reveals his date of birth, we can assume that he is approaching his 30s, considering his debut screen appearance as a peasant boy in the 2013 television series, Once Upon a Time's episode The Evil Queen.

Max Montesi Is Focused On Making Character Driven Narrative Work

The Canadian actor has maintained a personal website, Max Montesi, where his about section cites that he is focused on making character-driven narration on the projects that he works on. He has directed movies of various genres and enjoys running horror-thriller the most. His short horror film Necro gained him huge recognization for his exceptional cinematography work,

His professionalism allows Max to adapt to various movie genres. His marvellous narration of character in front of the camera has earned the Canadian actor recognization from directors like George Erschbamer.

During the production work of George Erschbamer's 2018 Television series Muse, the director appreciated that his talent comes to light at the right moment and offers the possibility of capturing incredible footage in just a few shots.

He Plays The Antagonist Richie Along With Actress Anne Heche On Lifetime's Girl In Room 13

Max Montesi recently made an appearance along with the American actress Anna Heche. The latter recently lost her life on August 11, 2022, because of a sequence of three motor vehicle collisions, in Lifetime's movie Girl in Room 13. In the movie, the Canadian actor plays the role of an antagonist drug dealer named Richie, who has a relationship with the character Grace, who plays Larissa Dias.

Girl in Room 13: Grace was kidnapped by Richie (right) played by Max Montesi
Girl in Room 13: Grace was kidnapped by Richie (right) played by Max Montesi ( Source : hiddenremote )

The movie revolves around the character Grace (portrayed by Larissa Dias), who is the daughter of Janie (Anne Heche). Grace, who became addicted to opioids as a treatment for a sports injury, has just returned home after multiple stints in rehab. The story takes on from there to showcase the American underbelly of human trafficking.

His Cinematography Career

Max Montesi has an extensive career in the film industry ranging from actor and director to cameraman. We can say that he is an all-rounder expert when it comes to the matter of filmmaking and cinematography. He has a total of fourteen credits for cinematography.

According to his IMDb profile, his debut responsibility as a cinematographer was for the music video Saturn's Cross: The Meeting Place in 2018. Apart from his career as a director of photography, the Canadian superstar has worked as an editor, director, and even producer for many titles.

The Canadian actor plays the role of Lee in the upcoming American post-apocalyptic drama television series set to air on HBO. His most recent project, The Last of Us, is currently in post-production and will premier its first episode in 2023. The television series is based on the 2013 video game of the same name and is the most significant film or television production ever made in Canada.

Max Montesi's Net Worth And Earnings

The Canadian actor has made quite a fortune out of his diversified filmography career. According to Net Worth Post, Max's net worth as of 2022 is estimated to be around USD 1 million. 

Most of his earnings come from his career as an actor. He also charges a reasonable amount for his work and asks for the right price for his work. Apart from his job in filmography, the Canadian actor is also a boxing trainer at Contenders Boxing Studio. A boxing trainer in Canada earns around $56,988 annually, so we can assume that Max also makes an amount close to that.


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