90 Days Fiancé Mike Youngquist Spent Most Of His Days In His Sequim Farm, Take A Look At His Earnings

Mike Youngquist is known for 90 Day Fiance ( Source : Imdb )

Mike Youngquist has made a net worth of $500k after making a career as a renowned American reality television star known for his role in the TLC blockbuster show 90 Day Fiance.

These two, at first, seemed to have it all together compared to some of the other couples on the show. Unfortunately, as their story started to fall apart more and more, their relationship began to falter.

They decided to persist in attempting to make it work despite the ups and downs. As a result, Mike gained popularity among the audience and was admired for his amiable demeanor. Continue reading to learn more about him and his broken relationship with Natalie. 

Quick Facts

Full NameMike Youngquist
Age34 years old
Birth PlaceSalinas, California
ProfessionBranch Manager and Reality TV Star
WifeNatalie Mordovtseva
Known For90 Day Fiancé
Net Worth$500k

90-Day Fiancé: What Is Mike Youngquist Net Worth? 


According to Screen Rant, Mike Youngquist has a whopping net worth of $500k. The source also claims that W Cap's Mike, the admin role from 90 Day Fiancé, makes an annual salary of roughly $42,000.

This is on top of the $1,000–$1,500 every episode Mike makes on the TLC show, where he chronicles his relationship with Ukrainian Natalie.

What the cast members of 90 Day Fiance do for a living has always been shrouded in a certain amount of mystery. The show explicitly states that Mike has a job, although it is never clear what he does in it.

Mike Youngquist works as a branch manager at a power tool company
Mike Youngquist works as a branch manager at a power tool company ( Source : soapdirt )

According to his Facebook page, he works as a branch manager for W Cap, a manufacturer of power tools. Despite having completed two seasons of 90 Day, Mike doesn't appear interested in making this his permanent career. He has no acting background and hasn't appeared in any other shows.

Mike is a fairly straightforward person who prefers being at home, but he also has an adventurous nature and wants to travel as widely as possible. He loves to travel and has had the good fortune to see many different nations.

Mike Youngquist Job & Career 

Mike Youngquist began his career as a branch manager for W Cap, a manufacturer of power tools. He started working for them in 2013, and he still does. It is a distributor based in Seattle, Washington, and calls itself the biggest in the country. They now span 215 different locations.

According to their website, Mike works at the branch from 6 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Saturdays and Sundays are off. After making an appearance in the TLC unscripted blockbuster series 90 Day Fiance, Mike's career reached a successful zenith.

In the seventh season, he and his girlfriend Natalie Mordovtseva joined the show. 90 Day Fiance covered their whole courtship and breakup.

Along with his mother, Sandy, brother Dustin, and father, Mike Youngquist Sr., Mike was raised in Salinas, California. Mike's mother was a stay-at-home mom, while his father worked at the Co-op Farm and Garden.

Mike has to get up at three in the morning to travel for six hours for his day job, and then he has to take care of his 27-acre tree farm, which he purchased from his family. 

Are Mike Younquist & Natalie Mordovtseva Together? 

After being married and splitting up with Mike just six months later, the former actress Natalie has been living in Florida since 90 Day: The Single Life was filmed.

Natalie has been seeing other guys, but she also doesn't want to divorce Mike, who has revealed a fresh bombshell, while dating other men. But it appears that Mike and Natalie are putting their family first.

Natalie was working on getting her mother from Ukraine to safety in the US, as was shown in the 90-Day Diaries program titled "Ukraine."

Despite coming from opposite sides of the globe, Mike and Natalie connected through friends, a relatively conventional method of meeting people.

Mike Youngquist married Natalie Mordovtseva in 2020
Mike Youngquist married Natalie Mordovtseva in 2020 ( Source : soapoperaspy )

When they were both requested to be the godparents of one of their friend's children, they became acquainted. Online dating brought Mike and Natalie together, and he later traveled to see her in her native Ukraine.

Mike's life before meeting Natalie hasn't received much attention on 90 Day Fiance because of the nature of the program.

Many individuals might not be aware that he was previously married as a result. Sadly, it appears that there is no information available on his ex-wife. Before meeting Mike, Natalie also had already been married once.

Natalie Accused Mike Of Lying About His House 

Although Natalie has received a lot of flak from viewers for her negative attitude, her remarks regarding Mike and his house being 'low class' truly offended many people.

Natalie, however, asserted that Mike's deception regarding his residence was the cause of the remarks.

Natalie allegedly claimed that Mike gave her photos of his house that had been manipulated to give the impression that things were better than they were.

Mike Once Didn't Pay For The Couple Therapy Session To Mend Their Relationship 

In episode 10 of the eighth season of "90 Day Fiance," a rather anxious Natalie asks Mike what he thought of their 45 days together. Natalie asks Mike to schedule an appointment for them with a couple's therapist so they can discuss everything and reveal what has been standing in their way. 

One cannot honestly criticize her for it because the worries are legitimate. She relocated across the world to be with Mike, but he spends most of his waking hours working two jobs, which wears him out to the point where he just wants to eat his meal and go to bed.

Mike gave a short answer to Natalie's query. He claimed that their bond needed improvement. Natalie concurred and suggested they schedule a therapy appointment.

He outright rejected the notion, saying he wouldn't feel comfortable discussing their private matters with a stranger, and claimed he wouldn't spend "a bunch of money" on it. Natalie felt defeated but knew that talking to a professional would help her open up and deal with her problems more effectively.

The viewers had a good point since, first, going to treatment won't set them back much, and second, Mike can pay for it with the type of money he makes.

Mike Shared A Room With His Mother After Splitting From Natalie 

His life has changed significantly since he and his wife, Natalie, split up six months after they got hitched.

Mike currently resides in Sequim, Washington, but due to his employment, he spends most of the week at an apartment in Seattle. However, he broke some great news when he got back to Sequim. He boasts that his mother has moved into his house as "the new roomie."

Mike Youngquist shared the photo with his mother on Instagram on Mother's Day
Mike Youngquist shared the photo with his mother on Instagram on Mother's Day ( Source : instagram )

Mike explained his reasoning for bringing his mother into his home. He claimed she desired to visit and assist him around the farm and with other tasks to assist Mike.

The former 90 Day Fiancé star remarked that despite his mother Trish living in his house, it's still his place, and she has to follow his rules. He also revealed that Trish was "trying to sell our residences and kind of retire." 

Trish is pleased to see her son putting his divorce from Natalie behind him.

Mike's Mother Called Natalie A "Hooker"

Mike and Natalie are still at loggerheads. Fans find it increasingly heartbreaking to see the couple's relationship fall apart, even though they already know they are no longer together.

Even Natalie realizes she cannot restore her relationship with Mike despite her best attempts. However, she chooses to confront her mother-in-law Trish about the supposed "hooker" remark she made before permanently ending their relationship.

Naturally, this results in a brand-new round of explosions, with Mike practically shouting in Natalie's face. Thank God, this relationship is now beyond its difficult period and apart from each other. 

Fans Appreciate Mike's Decision To Divorce Natalie

Natalie failed to win any new followers throughout her stint on 90 Day: The Single Life. Most of her fans rolled their eyes at the 34-year-exaggerated old's reactions throughout her dates.

Natalie, who starred in 90 Day: The Single Life, went on dates with two different men while she was on the program. Because Natalie believed the man was overly tactile, the first one went horribly wrong.

Josh was the second guy, and she liked him, but she didn't like the fact that he had two children from two different women. But in the final episode of the season, viewers watched as Josh urged Natalie to come to see him in California. It is unknown if that trip took place.

Mike Youngquist has filed divorce to Natalie Modovtseva
Mike Youngquist has filed divorce to Natalie Modovtseva ( Source : eonline )

Natalie appeared to be alone herself on the set of the 90 Day: The Single Life documentary in the promo. Her ex, Mike, does, however, get a video call with her from the producers.

The most dramatic moment in the tell-all appears to be when Mike confesses his divorce to Natalie. Natalie yells, "You can't do this to me," before running backstage, screaming hysterically.

Who Is Mike Youngquist's New Girlfriend Marcia Alves?

Marcia Brazil Alves, a Las Vegas resident, is Mike's supposed girlfriend. As suggested by her middle name, Brazil is her native country. Following his breakup with Natalie, the 90 Day Fiance star was photographed with the marathon runner and mother of one son in September 2021.

Marcia shared Mike's images on her Instagram, but those images were subsequently kept private. Marcia, 37, and Natalie's estranged husband initially fueled romance speculations when Marcia uploaded a selfie of the two of them at the Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa.

During the Tell-All interview, Mike said he wasn't dating anyone, but his castmates insisted he was lying. After Natalie acknowledged she was dating someone, they brought up the pictures he was seen in with Marcia.

Soon after, Marcia published more images of Mike. They were posing in a pool, and Marcia's son was also in the photo. As a result, Natalie didn't like Mike enjoying some pool time with Marcia. She voiced her disapproval of it on Instagram stories.

Mike Youngquista and Marca Alves were rumored to be dating each other
Mike Youngquista and Marca Alves were rumored to be dating each other ( Source : instagram )

Before Rock of Love ended, Marcia acted in Bret Michaels' VH1 reality dating series. In 2014, she then launched VanZant Shoes, her footwear brand. She got married in 2019, according to Ranker.

Marcia also appeared with Ricki Lake in Charm School and later in I Love Money. At the moment, it's unclear how the two reality stars are connected. But based on appearances, they undoubtedly appeared to enjoy each other's company.

Due to her Brazil's prior experience in reality television, some 90 Day Fiance viewers accuse her of pursuing Mike for power and using him as a stepping stone to return to the spotlight.

Marcia Criticized Natalie On Instagram 

Marcia severely criticized Natalie of 90-Day Fiancé: Will They Live Happily Ever After? While Mike threatened to sever his relationship with Natalie after learning about her potential lover, she responded oddly when she knew that her estranged spouse had found a new catch.

In her Instagram post, VH1 star Marcia uploaded a selfie with a skeleton prop. Marcia's picture looks to have been shot around the same time she and Mike were at the Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa.

In the meantime, Natalie has been receiving marriage proposals from her followers on social media, but she has so far declined each one. Although Natalie uploaded several nostalgic, romantic photos with her ex-husband, Mike, she also recently indicated that she was over and done with marriage.

On 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, Mike was charged with manipulating and gaslighting Natalie. Despite their ups and downs, she still hasn't moved on, showing that she may have loved him after all.


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