Will Zalatoris Ethnicity and Family, Is The Golfer To Have Baby With Girlfriend Caitlyn Sellers?

Will Zalatoris showing off his win at the TPC Colorado Championship 2020 ( Source : Instagram )

Will Zalatoris is an American professional golfer, but his last name makes his fans confused about his ethnicity and ancestry.

Zalatoris is a competent golfer who recently partook in the 2022 Open Championship and is currently trying his best to win the PGA event at the FedEx St. Jude Championship with the lead.

Let us learn more about the golf player, his ethnic background, family history, his parents, his relationship with his girlfriend, and rumors of the couple expecting a child.

Will Zalatoris Ethnicity And Family

Will Zalatoris is an American citizen born in San Francisco, California, and has ties to Irish ethnicity. However, his last name is Zalatoris, a greek word, so people are curious to know the reason behind this.

Well, most of his family members were born and raised in America, so he is not of Greek ethnicity, but the golfer has ancestry in Greek origins.

Will Zalatoris at the 2022 Open Championship ( Source : Instagram )

Will’s ancestors must have been immigrants from Greek who kept their Greek last names, but with the new generations, their ethnic practices and beliefs have changed.

So, the professional golfer may have some ties to Greek ethnic groups based on his past relatives and his last names, but he is of White ethnicity and an American citizen.

Is The Golfer Having A Baby With Girlfriend Caitlyn Sellers?

Will Zalatoris often appears with his girlfriend and fiance, Caitlyn Sellers, on his social media, but fans are eccentric to know if the couple is expecting a baby.

The professional golfer proposed to his girlfriend, Caitlyn, in April 2021. His fiance has not been spotted on his social media for a long time now, so that could be the reason for the rumors around the golfer’s girlfriend being pregnant.

Will Zalatoris and his fiance, Caitlyn Sellers ( Source : Instagram )

Zalatoris and his fiance have not addressed any rumors about expecting a child. It seems the reason for her not appearing on his social media is that he is busy with his games and preparations for his new win.

Also, the golfer is only 25, and his fiance also looks very young at the moment, so it is doubtful that the couple would be planning for a child this early on in life and their relationship.

Sellers and Will just got engaged last year, and with his game and the events tours, the two did not get much time to spend with each other, so they will probably take some time out for each other after the end of this season.

According to PGA Tour Communications, Will has been very busy with various championships and games this season. He became the first person to earn more than any other player without a victory with over $6705082 earnings this season.

Will Zalatoris Parents

Will Zalatoris was born to parents Richard Zalatoris and Catherine Zalatoris on August 16, 1996. The 26-year-old is extremely grateful to his parents for raising him the way they did, molding him into a fine young man.

The golfer mentions his father many times and thanks him for being the one shaping his life as a golfer introducing him to the sport, and letting him learn it at his own pace.

Will Zalatoris as a kid with his father, Richard Zalatoris ( Source : Instagram )

His mother is also from one of the most popular golf destinations in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon. Both his parents supported Will’s choices and trusted him to make the best decisions in his life.

Richard was the one who guided him to the sport introducing him to the coach, David Price, who helped young Zalatoris reach his dreams by acting as a second father to the golfer.


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