Why is Malcolm Prince Leaving Radio 2? Fans Are Heartbroken After His Last Show For The Channel

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English broadcaster and radio producer Malcolm Prince is well known for his work at BBC Radio 2. He works as a producer for BBC radio stations. He focuses on long-form documentaries and musical variety events.

His collaborations with Paul O'Grady, Graham Norton, and Alan Carr are among his most well-known works. He was raised in Solihull, West Midlands, and went to Warwick University.

Prince has worked closely with writer and broadcaster Brian Sibley to produce several episodes for the BBC. He made the first Radio 2 shows for Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant in 2005, and Paul O'Grady and John Barrowman's Network debuts. He was hired by Radio 2 as an executive producer in 2006.

Why is Malcolm Prince Leaving Radio 2?

Through his Twitter account, Malcolm Prince has announced that he is quitting Radio 2. Additionally, he is quitting Radio 2 alongside presenter Paul O'Grady. He has also said that he would not be the same without his partner Paul O'Grady. 

However, Paul O'Grady has admitted he is leaving his BBC Radio 2 program because he "wasn't very thrilled" with the changes made to the schedule that made him share the position with another presenter, Rob Beckett. For over 14 years, the 67-year-old had been hosting the Sunday afternoon show before a shift saw him routinely switching with comedian Rob Beckett. The pair has alternated presenting their shows for 13 weeks at a time.

O'Grady stated his reasons for leaving in a video he posted on Instagram before his final broadcast at the station on Sunday. "I'm going because I wasn't delighted with the 13 weeks on, 13 weeks off thing," he stated, responding to everyone's questions. I, therefore, fulfilled my obligations under my contract, issued my notice, and am now departing.

Malcolm Prince, the show's producer, praised Lewis Carnie, Bob Shennan, Lesley Douglas, and Jim Moir for their encouragement and support of his creative independence. Additionally, he extended his appreciation to everyone who assisted him in producing so many documentaries, specials, and weekly broadcasts. Finally, he sent his sincerest gratitude to his supporters and listeners.

Malcolm Prince Partner and Wife

Malcolm Prince is a married man and happily married to his wife. Sadly, the details about his wife and partner have not yet been revealed on the internet.

Malcolm Prince along with Paul O'Grady ( Source : Mobile )

Prince offered the BBC World Service a concept in the middle of the 1990s that would later become the television series "Ain't No Mickey Mouse Business." It started a fruitful relationship with author and broadcaster Brian Sibley. Prince began working as a staff producer at BBC Radio 2 in 2000, creating a range of weekly shows and documentaries. Moving towards the details of his professional life, he has a successful partnership with Brian Sibley.

What Might Malcolm Prince Do Next? Where Is He going?

Where Malcolm Prince is headed next has not yet been made public. We guess that he may be creating and airing more series. On the other hand, he could work on other projects shortly.

After 22 years, he departed the BBC in August 2022. Paul O'Grady on the Wireless, aka Paul O'Grady, is one of Prince's first producing efforts. He has been producing Paul O'Grady on the Wireless, often known as Paul O'Grady, on Sundays starting at 5 p.m. He may pursue projects in related fields because of his prior professional experience.

The UK's All-Time Eurovision Top 50 with Ken Bruce (Producer) and Songs That Bring You, Joy with Gaby Roslin (Producer). Graham Norton was Prince's producer for the whole ten-year span of the show, from 2010 to 2020. The Telegraph referred to the weekly program as "the greatest talk show on the radio." More Songs That Bring You Joy-with Gaby Roslin typically garnered 4 million listeners, the biggest of any weekly program in Europe (Producer).


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