Why Does Rebecca Crews Hands Shake? An Update On Terry Crews Wife Illness & Health


Rebecca King Crews With Her Husband Terry Crews ( Source : Imagesvc )

Rebecca Crews, wife of actor Terry Crews, suffers from a chronic hand tremor condition; as a result, her hands usually shake performing any activity. 

Terry Crews is an American actor, television personality, and former football player recognized for his role as lieutenant Terry Jeffords in the popular American comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Terry has appeared in many movies and tv series alongside hosting several TV programs and reality shows, including American Got Tallent.

In recent years, fans have noticed his spouse's unusual hand tremor while performing any activity and are eager to know more about it. Besides the confusion about this hand tremor condition, fans are also concerned about her health.

Why Does Rebecca Crews Hand Shake? Terry Crews Wife Illness Update

Fans witnessed Rebecca's unusual hand movement during the July 2020 episodes of Celebrity Game Face. She suffered from regular hand tremors, and admirers quickly noticed her unusual movements. This incident soon circulated on the internet, and fans wondered about her situation and talked about it.

Rebecca Crews And Terry Crews In An Event ( Source : Pagesix )

Soon after, fans started speculating that her hand tremor might have been an effect of nerve damage during her double mastectomy. Rebecca's breast cancer is well-known among her fans, who surgically removed the tumor.

Her struggle with illness began around twelve years ago when she had a tiny precancerous mass surgically removed from her right breast. She mentioned that she has always ordered a mammogram and an ultrasound during her annual physical checkup.

What Happened to Rebecca Crews? Health Update

Actress and singer-songwriter Rebecca was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer in 2020, according to health.com. She mentioned that she felt something was wrong and went to the doctor for an ultrasound which revealed a growth in her mammary gland that needed to be removed.

After knowing that she had breast cancer, she decided to get both breasts surgically removed to reduce the possibility of cancer becoming fatal. The recovery after the surgery was smooth, and her husband helped her through the hard times.


At age 54, Rebecca underwent a double mastectomy after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2020. 

Rebecca said she felt thankful that her cancer was detected early and could be treated early. She also reported that her cancer diagnosis taught her how important it is to stay up-to-date on recommended cancer screening.

Currently, she is doing well living and free from any major illness. However, she does suffer from a hand tremor condition, which might be because of nerve damage during her cancer removal surgery.

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