Why Does Chris Eubank Wear A Sheriff Badge? Is He Really A Sheriff?


Chris Eubanks Sr.: The Former British Boxing Champion ( Source : instagram )

When Chris Eubank attended his son's fights and sparring sessions, he frequently wore a police sheriff's badge because he promised to defend and assist the fighters in the ring.

Chris Eubank, 56, is a certified law enforcement marshall and got his sheriff badge working with the members of law enforcement in Opelousas, Louisiana. Chris was never a sheriff; however, he did serve as a United States marshall in Lousiana.

Christopher Livingstone Eubank is a former British professional boxer born on August 8, 1996. He competed as a sportsperson from 1985 to 1998. BoxRec ranks Chris as the third-best British super-middleweight boxer of all time.

He held the WBO middleweight and super-middleweight titles between 1990 and 1995. 

Chris Eubank Shares On Why He Wears A Sheriff's Badge

The former professional boxer posted a clip on his social media with the caption, "Sergeant Eubank proudly on duty in Louisiana. All warriors protect and serve, whether one wears a badge or not."

The former middleweight champion posted a video on his Twitter account at the scene of a car crash while wearing a multi-colored bow tie with his sheriff badge and uniform.

Chris Eubank Sr. Wears A Sheriff Badge As He Parks His Rolls Royce In A Loading BAy
Chris Eubank Sr. Wears A Sheriff Badge As He Parks His Rolls Royce In A Loading BAy ( Source : i )

Chris Eubank would wear a police sheriff badge when he accompanied his son's fight and training sessions as he pledged to serve and protect the boxers in the ring. 

The British former boxing champion almost always wears his sheriff badge as his prized possession. He was made a certified law enforcement marshall and worked with law enforcement members in Louisiana.

Chris Eubank Appears On Gogglebox Wearing A Sheriff Badge

The former boxer, Chris Eubank Sr., appeared on a Gogglebox with his son Chris Jr. to discuss their professional boxing career. Fans of Gogglebox around the United Kingdom were thrilled to know that Eubanks would return to the show along with a massive list of famous people.

The former boxing champion appeared on Gogglebox wearing blue shorts and a blue bowtie, rocking his sheriff badge on his left chest. His son Chris Jr was dressed in all black with pants and a hood.

Chris Eubanks With His Son Chris Jr. On Celebrity Gogglebox
Chris Eubanks With His Son Chris Jr. On Celebrity Gogglebox ( Source : pbs )

After the program recording was over, the Eubank family was struck with terrible news about his son, Sebastian Eubank, who died just before his 30th birthday. The late professional boxer was found dead on a beach in Dubai.

Neither Sebestian's father nor brother could refer to his death on Celebrity Gogglebox because of its recording date. However, the boxing legend did pay tribute to his brother on July 10, 2021.

Chris Eubank's Car Accident: Reasons Behind The Trend

According to sources, the former British boxing champion Chris Eubank Sr. was fined 2 pounds on August 17, 1992, for driving carelessly and causing an accident that killed laborer Kevin Lawlor, 33. Chris refuted the accusation; however, he was fined £1,450 in expenses and endorsed his license with six points.

Chris Eubank appeared on Twitter in front of a car accident, working as a police officer in America back in December 2018. The video mentions a car crash that did not look too bad and had no injuries. 

The former sportsman wore a multicolored bow tie with his badge and uniform at the car crash scene in Lousiana. At the car accident scene, he lectured on how to defuse difficult situations peacefully.

Apart from the fatal car accident that occurred in London along Brighton road, there are no news or accident reports regarding Chris Eubanks. The news story about the car accident is rather old. Apart from his recent appearance in a car accident where he posed as a police officer, there is no information regarding Chris Eubank's car accident.


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