Why Did Teddy Landau and Michelle Branch Get A Divorce? Recent Arrest and Cheating Allegations Result In Concern

American singer, Michelle Branch and her ex-husband and former bassist, Teddy Landau ( Source : Dailymail )

American singer-songwriter Michelle Branch recently got arrested for domestic assault after announcing her divorce from husband, Patrick Carney, for allegedly slapping him across the face.

The singer was once married to bassist Teddy Landau but the couple divorced after 11 years of their marriage, and with the recent news, people are curious to know why the two divorced.

Why Did Teddy Landau and Michelle Branch Get A Divorce?

Unlike the singer’s current divorce lawsuit, Michelle Branch and Teddy Landau’s divorce was much more discrete and involved fewer media and drama.

The two cited irreconcilable differences for their divorce after 11 years together. Not much information on their private life came out to the media as they separated in 2015.

Michelle was 21 years old, and her husband, Teddy, was 40 when the two got married in 2004 and had a daughter named Owen Isabelle Landau.

Michelle Branch and former husband, Teddy Landau in 2006 ( Source : Dailymail )

It may have been their age difference and difference in lifestyle, but the couple separated in 2015 with an agreement to share custody of their ten-year-old daughter.

Their divorce did not involve a lawyer and was not messy as her current divorce, where she accused her husband, Patrick, of infidelity. Landau and Branch settled on Branch keeping all the rights to her music and Teddy getting some property and a Mustang. The singers neatly wrapped up their divorce, and Branch was soon involved with another rock band bassist in no time.

Teddy Landau’s Net Worth

Teddy Landau’s estimated net worth is around $1 million from his former career as a bassist for his former wife, Michelle Branch while Michelle has a net worth of $15 million as a musician.

The couple married in 2004 and went on to perform some great hits after Branch gained popularity from her songs Goodbye to You and Everywhere.

Also, Landau may not have won the rights to the music they made together, but he got a car and some property as a divorce settlement which also adds up to his net worth.

Where Is Teddy Landau Today?

Teddy Landau has put aside his career as a bassist after his divorce from his former musician wife, Michelle Branch. It seems the musician is following his newfound passion for racing.

His social media consists of pictures of race cars and bikes; he has even participated in and won some races in Nevada.

Teddy Landau winning third place at the Spirit Mountain Racing Competition ( Source : Instagram )

Landau still shows off his guitars, and his love for music is still the same, but he finds racing much more exciting and has decided to take charge of his passion from his younger days. Teddy has been participating and winning in the Spring Mountain Motor Sports races and seems to love all the thrill and the cars.

Apart from his passion for racing, his social media features pictures of his little daughter, Owen Isabelle Landau. Teddy adores his daughter and tries his best to give his daughter all the time he can.


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