Who Was TinfoilChef - What Happened To Him? Death Cause & Controversy Details

Fans are shocked and heartborken after Tinfoilchef death ( Source : Sweetest-Honeybee )

Tinfoilchef has suddenly died. His sister informed his fans on social media, but his cause of death is yet to be disclosed. 

Two weeks ago, he had shared about the growing pain in his right shoulder and how he needed to use his broken left arm to help him with things. After that day, he remained offline, and only the news of his passing came by all of a sudden, breaking many hearts. 

What Happened To TinfoilChef? More About His Death Cause

Tinfoilchef has passed away. His sister announced the news through her Twitter handle.

However, the cause of his death is unknown. In his vlog Weird Arm, he said he had been living with a disfigured left arm since a car accident in 1999.

Later, he underwent infection-related surgery to amputate a portion of his right leg in March 2020. After that, he relocated from his previous residence close to Batesville, Arkansas, to his sister's house in Oklahoma.

Two weeks ago, he posted a video discussing pain ventures. He said he had been experiencing severe pain in his right shoulder. A little weight on his right shoulder would hurt him like crazy. 

He also added that getting in and on in the wheelchair was difficult. In addition, he needed to use his arms to lift himself from the chair, adding to the pain. Thus, he could only rely on his left arm, which is also broken. 

But because his left arm had to handle more weight, it had also started to hurt to the level he wanted to scream. So he said he had been taking pain killers like candy but made sure the dose he was taking every day was safe to consume. 

Many people prayed for his pain to go away soon at that time. But, the internet is currently mourning his loss. Despite his pains, he was positive and would smile on camera, which warmed many hearts. Many people admired him because of it. 

TinfoiChef Controversy Explained 

Tinfoichef uploaded an apology video over a year ago on his Youtube channel. He explained how a blog he wrote over a decade ago was harmful and offensive to some people. 

He said that he wrote some things about religion and homosexuality. He said it was a project he had started but died later. However, he did not take the page down, and some people who went through it were enraged at what he had written. 

Fans art of Tinfoilchef ( Source : Twitter )

Thus, it caused controversy last year as people criticized him for his opinions. But, he apologized for what he had done. He said although it was something he had done over a decade ago, it had hurt some people, and he felt terrible for it. 

He sincerely expressed apologies and said he had taken down the page and it would never surface online again. He also added that he is not the same person with the same opinion as in the past and had no intention to hurt anyone. 

Tinfoichef Age Revealed

Tinfoiched was the oldest active hermit who was born on 29 June 1959. He was 63 years old at the time of his passing.

He was a Hermitcraft member and a YouTuber. He also had a secondary channel that simply goes by TinFoilChef. He mainly uploads webcam vlogs where he talks about whatever is on his mind.


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