Who Was Streamer Mini Ladd - What Happened To Him? Know Why The Streamer Was Banned


Craig Mini Ladd is a gamer ( Source : Dexerto )

Mini Ladd was accused of exploiting minors in 2020. Some girls said he allegedly sent them unacceptable messages. 

He is back on Youtube after a hiatus of almost a year. But, viewers are not satisfied with it and are calling out the platforms to ban him. 

What Happened To Mini Ladd?

Mini Ladd, a popular Youtuber, had previously been in controversy. He allegedly asked minors to have an indecent conversation with them. 

When they were 16 and 17, two ladies, Halley and Ash, claimed that Mini Ladd had sent them sexual messages in June 2020. Mini Ladd apparently forced the two to engage in sexual talks and sent them unwanted clothes pictures of himself.

Halley explained in a thread that Mini Ladd had manipulated her into engaging in sexual interactions with him by abusing his image as an internet star. She had expressed her regrets that she once helped him when Ash was trying to expose him because he said he did not know Ash was a minor. 

Netizens express dissatisfaction over Mini Ladd's return on Youtube ( Source : Twitter )

The fans were furious when the accusations came to light. They were asking social media platforms like Twitch and Youtube to ban him.

However, Mini Ladd appeared to go into great detail regarding the accusations in the apologetic video he aired on December 28th. But, it could not satisfy the users on the internet as they thought it was too shallow. 

What Did Mini Ladd Do?

Mini Ladd was accused of grooming and predator. He was banned from Youtube and Twitch, but recently he has started uploading videos. 

A few months ago, he returned to Youtube and uploaded his content. People on the internet are enraged that Youtuber like him is granted access once again. 

Although he had made an apology, viewers claim that it did not even feel real that he was guilty of his mistake. They added that he makes excuses for going to a therapist and seeking help and blames his actions for this poor mental health. 

Similarly, another influencer named Hyojin was recently caught up in some controversy and made an apology statement. She also said that she was in the treatment process and was sorry for what she had done before. 

Thus, people compared her statement with that of Craig, aka Mini Ladd, and accused that it is how these internet celebrities make an apology every time, which seemed insincere to some people. 

Mini Ladd Drama Explained 

Mini Ladd was in a scandal two years ago. In June 2020, Halley detailed the incidents that happened between her and the influencer. 

She explained how he sent her the image of his body without any clothes when she was a minor. She also said another girl named Ash went through something terrible when having a conversation with him. 

This caused a big drama on the internet, and the content creator was banned from Twitch and Youtube. 

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