Who Was Singer Jason Bradley and How Did He Die? What Happened To The SA Musician?

South Africa's country singer, Jason Bradley ( Source : Facebook )

South Africa's country singer Jason Bradley passed away on August 16, 2022, after a long battle with his illness concerning his liver, as the singer had a weak immune system from the beginning.

Bradley's friends and colleagues took to social media to express their sincere condolences to the family of their deceased friend and paid tribute to the musician by saying kind words about him

Who Was Singer Jason Bradley?

Jason Bradley was a musician originating from South Africa who loved to sing and write songs in the country music genre. You may have heard one of his viral songs on social media titled Dirt Road.

He was born and raised in Ficksburg, South Africa, and was currently living with his family in Kempton Park, Gauteng. Jason had canceled most of his concerts in the past few years due to his health concerns.

After graduating from Ficksburg Comprehensive Secondary, he followed his passion for country music and worked as a Brand Ambassador at Fender Guitars. He worked with some other great musicians like Bruce Wallace, who paid tribute to the singer's writing,

Jason Bradley and his friend, songwriter Bruce Wallace ( Source : Facebook )

"It's been my honor to share so many stages with you, record so many songs, and just laugh together so often. But most of all, just who you were, such a talent, such a humble heart, such a VOICE, and such a pleasure to work with."

The two were great friends, and he talked about how grateful he is to have met Bradley and how he did not lose his warm and kind personality in his last days.

How Did The Country Singer Die? Death Cause

Jason Bradley had a weak immune system and recently had a liver transplant, and the degradation of his infection caused the country singer's death.

The singer had been hospitalized for his health problems for quite some time, as mentioned on his social media. His health issues tracked way back to his life, and with his weak immune system, he had to cancel many tours to rest up and take care of himself.

Despite his bad health, he tried his best to attend concerts and make more music, and he was a lively soul making everyone's life brighter.

Family Of The Deceased Singer Explored

Country singer Jason Bradley left his loving family behind as he crossed the rainbow bridge after much suffering and a long battle. He married his wife, Tina Botha, and fathered three kids with his loving wife.

His kids, Jasmin, Keagan, and Owen, were all close to their father, who was like a hero to his little kids. The singer's family is deeply devastated by the passing of Bradley, but they were all there for him during his death.

Jason Bradley with his wife and kids ( Source : Facebook )

Jason's family, especially his wife, stayed with him throughout his illness journey, supporting and caring for him. She has appeared numerous times on his Facebook, updating fans about his health status.

Recently on August 2, she updated his fans and followers, saying that his condition is getting better but has water retention that needs draining with a pipe. She seemed to be positive and hopeful for her husband's full and speedy recovery.

Sadly her dreams were shattered after Jason's infection worsened, and the suffering took away the life of a talented singer and a loving husband and father.

What Happened To Jason Bradley?

Jason Bradley had a history of weak immunity, a weak liver, and low iron to the point of being hospitalized in 2020 due to internal bleeding.

His internal bleeding was one of the first times his health issues were public and widely known as Jason's wife explained that he had a stomach ulcer from constant financial stress and stress from the pandemic.

Country singer Jason Bradley during his last days in the hospital fighting an infection ( Source : Facebook )

She also clarified that her husband would not be attending many events due to his health concerns, and later Bradley needed a liver transplant due to his liver problems.

The liver transplant was a success, but an infection followed, which was the main reason for the suffering and passing of Jason Bradley.


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