Who Was Michael Hudson? Former Ice Hockey Player Death Cause And Obituary Details

Mike Hudson was a lifeguard training officer at Sea Bright Ocean Rescue ( Source : Facebook )

Michael Hudson, a former Ice Hockey player, is rumored to have died. But, it turns out to be a hoax.

However, there was a reported death of a man named Mike Hudson, also an alias of the hockey player. The similar names had created confusion among netizens and caused rumors of the player's demise. 

Former Ice Hockey Player Michael Hudson Death Cause

Rumors about Michael Hudson, a former Canadian ice hockey player, are circulating online. He played for seven NHL teams during his career.

He left the country to play for the Adler Mannheim in the Deutsche Eishockey Liga when he was 30. He stayed there for two years before retiring in 1999.

He scored 49 goals and 87 assists for 136 career points in 416 NHL games. He and the New York Rangers won the Stanley Cup in 1994. He currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

And he has not died yet. So the words circulating online are false. He is active on Twitter, and based on his online activity, he is living a happy life with his family. 

However, another man who shares the same name has died. Michael is also called Mike Hudson. 

Thus, it is Mike who has passed away. He was a nationally registered paramedic with more than 25 years of experience.

The cause of his death is not mentioned in the tributes paid for him. Nonetheless, the community is saddened to hear about his demise. 

Michael Hudson Obituary Circulates In The Internet

Michael Hudson, aka Mike, formerly worked as U.S.Navy Corpsman and a paramedic. Additionally, he was employed in central New Jersey as a street-level MICP and EMS educator.

He also worked as a winter dive safety supervisor for NatGeo and the Discovery Channel. In addition, he oversaw two municipal USLA-certified lifeguard programs for several coastal municipalities around the Jersey Shore during the summer.

Mike Hudson featured in Shark Week In Discovery ( Source : Facebook )

He also held the position of commanding ocean rescue specialist for SRT 43-88. It is a well-known fire department/lifeguard water rescue team based in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

Some sources on the internet published an obituary notice of Mike Hudson. But, they falsely explained his bio as that of an ice hockey player, which caused the misunderstanding and fake news about the former athlete's death. 

What Happened To Michael Hudson?

The ice hockey player Michael Hudson is alive and kicking. However, a man with the same name as his alias has passed away. 

His friends and family are devastated and mourn his loss on social media. Moreover, many loved him, were inspired by him, and wanted him to be their mentor. He will be greatly missed.


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