Who Was Josette Reichmann and How Did She Die? Jean Luc Reichmann Announces Death Of His Mother

Jean Luc Reichman's mother, Josette Reichmann passes away at age 87 ( Source : Instagram )

French TV and radio host Jean Luc Reichmann's mother, Josette Reichmann, passed away on August 7, 2022, after their documentary, Jean Luc Reichmann: An Extraordinary Destiny broadcast in July.

The TV personality shared his genuine grievances on his social media with pictures of him and his mother expressing his love for his mother.

Who Was Josette Reichmann And How Did She Die?

Josette Reichmann was the beloved mother of the famous French TV host and presenter, Jean Luc Reichmann. She recently passed away in early August this year after suffering from kidney disease during the last years of her life.

Jean Luc Reichmanm's late parents, Peter and Josette Reichmann ( Source : Instagram )

Josette always talked about her son in a positive light calling him a clown who makes everyone's day bright. She expressed how her son had insecurity about his birthmark but was the light of Josette and her husband's life.

Reichman's mom was proud of what her son had become and how far he had come from his old days despite all the struggles and mockery he had gone through.

Jean Luc Reichmann’s Mother Age: What Happened To Josette Reichmann?

Jean Luc Reichmann's mother was 87 years of age when she passed away from an illness related to her kidney in early August. The TV host announced the passing of his mother on his Instagram, writing,

"Today, I cry. My heart no longer shines; yours is extinguished. You left on the 1st Sunday in August."

Posting pictures of him with his mother, he further expressed his love for his mother, saying,

"I love you very much, Mom, and I know that from where you are, you see us and watch over us. Wherever you are, wherever I am, you will always be very close to me."

Reichmann shared his last moments with his mother, writing, "Just before you left; I said to you "Don't forget that I love you," you heard me, and you answered me with your eyes so bright "Me too."

Jean Luc Reichmann Accident

Jean Luc Reichmann suffered after a terrible accident in 1984, which left him in a coma. The documentary of the French television host, Jean Luc Reichmann: An Extraordinary Destiny, featured his accident almost forty years ago.

Reichmann became the victim of a horrifying motorcycle accident that left him hospitalized for over a year, undergoing multiple surgeries occurring from the accident.

Jean Luc Reichman had a motorcycle accident in the 80s ( Source : File1 )

During the 1980s, the host was a motorcycle enthusiast and was driving his motorcycle at 90 Km/hr when another car hit him with a frontal impact of 200km/hr.

The accident left him with a severed arm, and the bike tank went into his stomach as his spleen exploded. Luc got ejected 40 meters further from the scene, with people thinking that the French host was dead at the location.

His relatives at the scene took him to the hospital, where the staff suspected him to be dead and unrecognizable. It was a miracle that the presenter was alive, which was why the documentary was named extraordinary destiny.

Jean was in a coma for months, and his relatives did not have much hope for his survival, but the man went through this terrifying experience to tell the tale.

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