Who Was Joe Haener From Shannon and The Clams? Shannon Shaw Losses Husband In 2022

The Gris Gris band including Joe Haener ( Source : En )

According to online reports, Joe Haener, a Shannon and the Clams musician, apparently passed away. We honor the late musician with this obituary.

The Gris Gris member Joe Haener is most recognized for being a part of that band. In addition, the Gris Gris was an American psychedelic rock band made up of four members from Oakland, California. Former members of the band's Battleship, The Rocknroll Adventure Kids, and Blanche Devereaux include Joe Haener. Additionally, Joe Haener was a member of The Dodos' 2008 tour lineup.

On the other side, Joe was recognized as the American singer Shannon Shaw's spouse. In fact, Shannon Shaw is a part of the musical group Shannon and the Clams. Shannon and the Clams, an independent band, are renowned for their distinctive musical approach and stunning music videos. Joe Haener, a band's creative team member, is no longer with us.

Who Was Joe Haener From Shannon and The Clams?

The Gris Gris, a band from Oakland, had Joe Haener as their drummer and percussionist. The psychedelic rock group was founded in Oakland, California, in 2003. Greg Ashley, Joe Haener, Oscar Michel, and Lars Kullberg were the group's original members. Six years after the group's founding, in 2009, it was no longer active.

Additionally, the group has released three albums so far. In 2004, they published their first album under their own name. For The Season, the rock group's second album was released in 2005. In 2009, they issued their third and last album.

Joe along with his beloved wife Shannon ( Source : Theknot )

In addition, Haener rose to stardom after allegedly playing a Shannon and the Clams concert. These two bands were both from Oakland, and they frequently crossed paths. Furthermore, Haener provided the Case Studies, a band including Jesse Lortz, with drums. As a percussionist, he contributed to the band's most well-known album; This is Another Life.

The Oakland, California-based indie garage punk band Shannon and the Clams is well recognized for its retro sound, which combines elements of doo-wop, vintage R&B, garage psych, and surf.

Shannon Shaw's Husband Joe Haener's Death Cause

Joe Haener has allegedly passed away, as his followers on social media have speculated. However, there has been no official confirmation of Joe Haener's demise. However, several social media posts say the musician has passed away. On Twitter and Facebook, The Gris Girs followers are expressing their sympathies.

In addition, the reason for his death is still unknown. The percussionist had no serious medical conditions that we were aware of. I hope he has serenity in the next life.

Joe Haener's Obituary And Condolences

Joe Haener, drummer, and musician, was honored by his followers through obituaries and condolences. Moreover, his well-wishers and fans also sent tributes to him and condolences to his family members at the time of his uncertain demise.

Furthermore, even though he is no longer with us, his rhythms that would lull our spirits to solitude will live on in our memories. Additionally, we send our sincere sympathies to the deceased's family and friends. Let's provide the family with the solitude they require in the wake of such a catastrophe. They are in our prayers and thoughts. Through our page, we would like to pray for his departed soul to rest in peace in heaven.


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