Who Was Joe E Tata? Actor's Cause Of Death & Family Revealed


Actor Joe E Tata passes away at the age of 85 ( Source : instagram )

American actor Joe E Tata best known for his role on Beverly Hills 90210, passed away on August 25, 2022, at the age of 85 after struggling with his health for a few years.

Joe was a phenomenal actor and a household name with his regular role in the series as Nat Bussichio. The actor started his career in acting in 1960, finally retiring in 2014 due to his failing health.

Let us learn more about the late actor Tata, the cause of his death, his family- wife and children and his net worth from his career.

Joe E Tata Death Cause - What Happened To Him?

The talented actor Joe E Tata passed away on August 25 following health complications at 85. According to Wikipedia, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2014 and had been battling the disease since.

One of his co-stars, Ian Ziering, paid tribute to the actor, along with many others from their show, Beverly Hills, 90210, who recently passed away, sharing his disbelief and sadness over the loss of his co-star.

Ian wrote," I'm very sad to say Joe E Tata has passed away. Joey was truly an OG, I remember seeing him on the Rockford files with James Garner years before we worked together on 90210. He was often one of the background villains in the original Batman series."

Joe's friend shared memories of the actor, saying," One of the happiest people I've ever worked with, he was as generous with his wisdom as he was with his kindness. Though the peach pit was a 90210 set, It often felt like the backdrop to the Joe E Tata show."

Joe E Tata in Beverly Hills, 90210 as Nat Bussichio
Joe E Tata in Beverly Hills, 90210 as Nat Bussichio ( Source : instagram )

Lastly, he shares his sincere condolences to the deceased actor's friends and family, writing,

"My smile dims today but basking in fond memories moves him from my eyes to my heart where he will always be.My sincere condolences go out to his family and friends, and everyone else he was dear too. Rest In peace Joey."

According to his daughter, after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's, Tata's daughter took care of him as his caregiver, but later, he entered a conservatorship under duress.

Family Details: Wife And Children Of The Late Actor

The Beverly Hills actor, Joe E Tata, was married to his wife, Susan Levy, who maintained her marital life with the actor behind the camera and did not appear in the media.

Joe married Susan on October 20, 1976, but the two got divorced later after spending more than a decade together married.

Susan and Joe had a daughter named Kelly KatherineTata, who expressed concern for her father during his early stages of Alzheimer's disease.

Late Actor, Joe E Tata with his daughter, Kelly Tata
Late Actor, Joe E Tata with his daughter, Kelly Tata ( Source : nsemwokrom )

She even started a GoFundMe page for her father because his treatments are draining his finances. Kelly claimed that her father's health deteriorated after being diagnosed with the disease, and she was his caretaker for the longest time.

However, she had her health issues and got hospitalized, during which time Joe entered a conservatorship under pressure.

Tata's last appearance on a TV show was as the character Principal Frost in the 2014 show Mystery Girls. After that, he retired from his acting career, trying to better care for his health.

Joe E Tata's Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Joe E Tata's net worth before passing amounted to approximately $3 million. He had been a considerable part of the acting industry from the 1960s till his retirement in 2014.

Apart from his hit role in Beverly Hills, 90210, he starred in many other hit shows like The Rockford Files, Batman, Time Tunnel, Police Story, and many more.


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