Who Was Jaimie Branch? Death Cause & Obituary Details Of The Music Composer


Jaimie Branch dies at 39 ( Source : instagram )

Jaimie Branch's cause of death is yet to be officially announced. However, her obituary has been released online. 

Many of her friends, family, and fans have been paying tribute to him through social media. Nonetheless, the news shocked and devastated many people as she suddenly died in her home on Monday. 

What Is Jaimie Branch Death Cause?- Her Obituary Circulates Online

Jaimie Branch started playing Trumpet when she was nine years old. But unfortunately, she had to relocate to the Chicago neighborhood of Wilmette when she was 14 because she was kicked out of her home after accidentally burning down her house.

In Chicago, she met a mentor, John McNeil, who encouraged her to learn music at the New England Conservatory. She returned to Chicago after receiving her degree and started working as a musician, promoter, and sound engineer in the local music scene.

Her interest and passion for music, especially Trumpet, made her successful and a well-known artist. She started a Pionic Records record label and even pursued a master's degree in jazz performance in 2012.

She dropped her master's program in 2014 due to financial difficulties and later sought treatment for seven-year heroin addiction. Since 2015, she has been living in Brooklyn.

Today, as the news of her passing away on August 22 in her Brooklyn, New York, home circulates on the internet, her fans have been mourning her death. People who had met her shared their favorite memories with her.

According to The Guardian, International Anthem, the progressive Chicago label that released her music, released an obituary but did not mention her cause of death. 

The news came as a shock to many. People who had met her recently expressed that they could not believe that she was no more in the world. They said they had seen her a few weeks ago, and she was happy, laughing and smiling. 

Thus, her sudden demise is unbelievable to many. 

Did Jaimie Branch Die Of Influenza?

Jaimie Branch is rumored to have died of influenza. However, there is no confirmation regarding her death cause. Besides, there were no reports about her bad health either. 

Her family has not appeared on media to share the information as they are mourning. Thus, the record label, International Anthem, was the first to share the news of her passing. 

Tributes for Jaimie Branch
Tributes for Jaimie Branch ( Source : twitter )

The statements said that she was a daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, friend, and teacher who touched countless lives with her music and spirit. Her family needs support and love during these difficult times. 

Jaimie Branch Dies At Age 39- Did She Have A Husband?

Jaimie Branch died at the young age of 39. She was a professional trumpeter and composer.

Some of her fans are curious about her love life and wonder if she may have a husband. But, she was single and not married to anyone yet. So, there is no history of her relationships either. 

While there is the possibility of her having a relationship, she has not shared about it personally in the media. Thus, it seems that she was not seeing anyone when she died. 


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