Who Was Donnie McClurkin - Did The Singer Passed Away? Details To Know About His Death Hoax


Donnie Mcclurkin is an American Gospel singer ( Source : News )

Donnie Mcclurkin becomes the victim of a death hoax. As a result, some fans wonder what happened to him. 

Donnie Mcclurkin is an American gospel singer who receives love from fans around the world. His fans are concerned for him as some posts on the internet are talking about his demise. Here is the truth behind it. 

What Happened To Donnie McClurkin?

Fans think something may have happened to Donnie McClurkin. Some rumors indicated his death news. However, there is no official news about it. 

Thus, it seems to be a hoax. And, it is not the first time that some sources on the internet have wrongly used such titles in videos or articles to gain viewers. 

Previously, some users on Youtube used the title regarding Donnie's death, but they talked about his father's demise in the video. 

The singer has been active on his social media handle for the past few days. His last post was on his IG handle three days ago. Likewise, he was live on his Facebook on July 31, 2022. And he had been replying to comments nine hours ago. 

Donnie McClurkin Death Hoax Addressed- Did He Pass Away?

Donnie Mcclurkin seems to have been the victim of a death hoax. He has not passed away. He is alive and kicking. 

Nonetheless, he had a tragic loss in his family before. First, he lost his two-year-old brother and was hit and killed by a speeding driver when he was eight. Then, in 2013, he lost his father to Acute Myocardial Infraction. 

He even went through a near-death situation himself. In 1991, he had sharp pain and swelling, followed by internal bleeding, which was later diagnosed to be leukemia. 

Likewise, in 2018, he was involved in a serious road accident when he lost control of his car after losing consciousness while driving. 

Who Is Donnie McClurkin Wife?- Does He Have Any Children?

Donnie Mcclurkin always hoped to have a complete family with a loving wife and children. However, he has expressed his remorse on how he could never fulfill that dream because he never knew how to take care of his relationships. 

He had struggled with his homosexuality. He has shared that his first sexual encounter was forced upon him by another man. He had many past relationships, men and women, but he said he messed it up. 

Donnie McClurkin with his biological son Matthew and adopted daughter Michelle ( Source : Buzz )

In 2016, he had sparked rumors of getting engaged to Nicole C. Mullen. But, they clarified the rumors saying they would love to get married, but Nicole wanted some time since her previous marriage had failed. 

In 2021, McClurkin indicated that the two of them had separated and said he had never been in a long-term relationship. And he said he thinks he will probably be alone all his life and never marry. 

Nevertheless, the Gospel singer has a son named Matthew McClurkin, born in 2000, and an adopted daughter named Michelle McClurkin.

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