Who Was Dianne Hood From Colorado Springs? Details About Her Murder Case And Husband


Dianne Hood was gunned down outside of a Lupus support group meeting ( Source : Twitter )

Dianne Hood was killed by her husband's lover Jennifer Reali while walking with a friend outside the Otis Park Community Center to her car in Colorado Springs. 

Hood, a the 32 years old woman, was killed by Reali after two shots in her backside. The women died on the way to the hospital. After the investigation, the killer found Reali, the officer's wife and mother of two children. 

What Happened To Dianne Hood?

Hood died after a shot from behind. She had left a Lupus support team at a community center, and this incident occurred in Colorado Springs. The masked assailant, a murderer Jennifer Reali, shot her from beside after grabbing Hood's purse. 

The gunfire at Hood's back, and she fell to the ground. After that, Reali even fired another shot again. The information had told by the witness who call 911 for help. Although the victim had rushed to the hospital, she demises on arrival. 

In the incident, police found Hood's purse at the crime scene. There was no trace of credit cards and money. Also, after investigation, the officer discovered an Army field Jacket near the location. Even they grabbed military fatigue pants, a black ski mask, and glove inserts. 

At first, the police were unknown that the suspect was Reali. The witness described the shooter as 5 feet and 6 inches tall and stocky, who must be part of military service. They thought the murder was a robbery, but the officials questioned it another way. 

They thought Hood may not have carried much money while parting with the support group. After recovering the bullet from the Hood body, people found it was an 1870s Colt 45 Peacemaker, an antique gun. Also, they found dog fur from the cloth. 

Later, the local business owner reported the suspect was Reali. It had mentioned that she had an affair with Hood's husband, Brain. 

Colorado Springs Woman Dianne Hood Murder Case Update: Is The Killer Death?

Jennifer Reali, a killed of the Colorado Springs women, had been in prison for almost decades after she pledged guilty for the murder of Hood in 1990. She had killed her lover's wife. The killer died on March 24 at age 55.

According to the Colorado Department of Corrections Spokesperson Marke Fairbairn, she has been identified with pancreatic cancer for four years.

In 1990, Hood had gunned down outside of a Lupus support group meeting. The inquiry led to a twisted love triangle. As a result, the murderer was held captive for 30 years. On December 12, she was on Parole.

Hood's son said he forgives Reali for the murder of her mother in the name of Christ. In 1992, the killer had sentenced to life in jail for the execution-style murder of Hood. 

Dianne Hood Family Details

Hood was born to a caring family. She had three children with her husband, Brain Hood. Also, he is a successful insurance salesman and a dedicated Christian. Perhaps, The couple met each other in college. 

Moreover, Brain was a former all-American football player. He appeared to be 6 feet and 3 inches tall. After examining the hood case, the official understood that her spouse had a physical relationship with Reali. 

Even Reali disclosed that she committed the crime at the behest of Brain. Brain said to Jennifer about the god's plan to kill his wife. He even added that Hood is in a painful situation, and the death is her relief. As a result, her partner told her to kill her twice. 

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