Who Was Anne Heche Father Donald Joe Heche and How Did He Die? A Look At The Actresses' Terrible Past As She Fights For Life

Anne Heche's father Donald Joe Heche died of AIDS ( Source : Kingaziz )

Anne Heche's father, Donald Joe Heche, died of AIDS and was a choir director. 

People often speculated about his sexuality, and Anne has clarified it in many interviews on his behalf. 

Who Was Anne Heche, Father Donald Joe Heche, and How Did He Die?

Donald Joe Heche is the father of the well-known American actress Anne Heche. He claimed to work in the gas and oil industry in addition to being a choir director, and of course, he is a very famous person. In some quarters, he was referred to as Don Heche. Joe had three more kids: Nate, Suzanne Cynthia, and Abigail Heche.

Anne Heche, his daughter, is also an actor and a filmmaker. She was bothered by his father's child from when she was a baby until she was 12 years old. She revealed it in her story "Call Me Crazy," which she talked extensively about in one of her open interviews in 2001.

He was born in 1938 and passed away in New York City on March 3, 1983. Donald passed away of AIDS after suffering from complications of Aids and also was a carrier of the virus. At the age of 45, Donald passed away in New York City. He never came out as gay, but after learning of the diagnosis, her mother realized that her spouse had been living a double life as a gay man.

Heche's brother was killed when he crashed his automobile into a tree a few months after her father died. Heche has asserted that she thinks he committed suicide. According to the Camden Courier-Post, Nathan was driving down a wet road when he lost control and crashed into a tree.

Even before her catastrophic vehicle accident in California on Friday, troubled actress Anne Heche's life was rife with suffering. Heche was involved in two separate car accidents on August 5: she first crashed into a garage at an apartment complex before driving into a house in her blue Mini Cooper, leaving her "severely burned" and "intubated" in a hospital in Los Angeles.

Her sister, Cynthia, passed away at the age of two months due to a heart problem before the star was born. The situation progressively deteriorated. She has been losing her family members, and now her life is in danger. 

Assault On Donald Joe Heche's Daughter: Her Mother Nancy Heche Today

Heche said that her father sexually molested her from when she was a baby until she was 12 years old, causing her genital herpes. However, why would a gay man assault a young woman? Anne Heche was asked in a 2001 interview with The Advocate. She answered, "I don't think he was just a gay man."

Anne added- "I think he had a sexual perversion. My impression was that my father had to hide his sexual orientation. He was entirely in denial until he passed away; he never came out as gay. We know he had gay contacts, which is how he contracted his STD. Heche said on Larry King Live, "He was a very promiscuous man, and back then, we were aware of his manner of life."

Anne is the youngest child of her mother, Nancy Heche, who is an activist. She has been left by her late husband Donald and moved to her family in Chicago from New Jersey. After his passing, Heche's mother launched a lifelong religious war against homosexuality and repeatedly reprimanded her daughter for her sexual orientation. Heche has accused her mother of enabling her daughter to be abused, and she has received criticism for it.

Anne Heche has stated in numerous interviews that she has no desire to reunite with her mother, who is now 85, but that she has started to get along with her only sibling, who is still alive, Abigail.

Donald Joe Heche's homosexual relationships

Donald's daughter Anne revealed that her father never accepted her sexuality until he died. Donald's tale had two sides. A devout Baptist who leads the choir during the week but frequents gay clubs on the weekends, abandoning his wife and their five children, instead spends his time in these establishments. Following his AIDS-related death, his family was left indigent.

Heche claimed in a 1998 interview with Allure that her father led a strict Catholic choir during the day and frequented gay bars at night. The woman added that my father was engaged in extensive dealings and having grandiose fantasies. I also experienced it; therefore, I am aware of many links between the insanity.


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