Who Was Amber Belken From San Antonio? Everything We Know About Her Murder Case


Amber Belken was murdered in 2007 ( Source : instagram )

Amber Belken, the San Antonio woman's murder case, still shocks many people. Dateline portrayed the story of the murder and how the officers got their hands on the murderer. 

As per sources, this specific case was said to have one of the largest rewards in San Antonio's history. Eb Games had put on a $100,000, $95,000 reward for those who would provide information about the incident and the killer. 

What Happened To Amber Belken?

Amber Belken, a game store manager, was found dead on January 29, 2007, at the back of the establishment. The shop appeared to have been robbed, and the incident began as a robbery.

She entered her store at about 9 AM on January 29, 2007, and was discovered dead at 2 PM when EB managers visited to find out why she had not been answering the phone. Initially, her family and even the police had suspected the assistant manager of Amber for murdering her. 

She was said to be dissatisfied with his work, and they did not like each other much. Coincidentally, on the day of the murder, she was allegedly going to submit a negative work review of Brandon Beil. 

And her family and the detectives suspected him as they thought there was a possible purpose for him to murder her. However, after several search warrants and testimonies from other witnesses, he was free of suspicion. 

Finally, after a long wait, they got a lead in the case when a former store employee contacted the police, saying he knew who was behind the killing. The U.S. Marshalls Service detained Geovany Rivera, age 23, who was on the list of the 15 most wanted marshals, at a cousin's home in Mexico.

He was also a former employee of EB Games. According to the man who tipped the officials, Rivera had approached him the morning of the murder and suggested that they rob the business. However, he had thought he was not serious about it. 

Dateline Presented The Murder Case Of The San Antonio Woman Amber Belken

Amber Belken became one of the high-profile cases in San Antonio. She was a wealthy white woman whose death was suspicious. 

Dateline had featured the case in one of its episodes named, Everything She Knew".The store she managed was robbed, and she was found dead. After over a year of her demise, her family was able to get justice as they confronted the murderer of their daughter in court. 

He was Geovanny, who had fled to Mexico after killing Belken. When the officials got their hand on him and brought him back to Texas, he was charged with murder. He had entered the guilty plea as well. 

Geovany Rivera Arrested In Mexico
Geovany Rivera Arrested In Mexico ( Source : archive )

When her parents asked why he killed her, he did not respond. On the other hand, his defense said he had not gone to kill anybody. He intended to rob and then get away. 

He had lost his job and needed money to feed his family. However, Belken recognized him during the robbery, and he killed her out of fear. Nevertheless, intention or not, he had taken an innocent life. He was convicted and was said to be eligible for parole in 30 years. 

What Was Amber Belken Age When She Died?- Her Parents Had Doubts On Her Employee

Amber Belken was at the age of 25 when she tragically died. She was murdered in the EB games store where she worked as a manager. 

Her parents waited for over a year to get justice. She was their beloved child. 

She was born on December 6, 1981, in San Antonio. She left behind her parents, Randy L. Belken and Lelia D. Belken, and a lover Fred Campbell. 


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