Who Is Tracy Murphy From Asha Farm Sanctuary & What Was She Arrested For?


Tracy Murphy, founder of Asha Farm Sanctuary is accused of cheating two cows which she claimed has been wandering ( Source : Mobile )

Tracy Murphy, 59, Asha's Farm Sanctuary proprietor, was detained on Tuesday for grand larceny in the third degree.

Who Is Tracy Murphy From Asha Farm Sanctuary 

The now accused lady has run the Asha's Farm Sanctuary for almost a decade. She, moreover, is the residence of Newfane, New York, USA.

Farm animals, according to Murphy, have a secure sanctuary on her farm. According to her LinkedIn, Albert the Super Cow and his barnyard pals, including hens, donkeys, turkeys, pigs, lambs, a blind cow, a mother cow, and playful steers, call Asha their home.

To run our Sanctuary full-time, Tracy resigned from her highly profitable position as an Assistant Vice President at the international company HSBC in 2014.

She has substantial business, leadership, and organizational expertise from her time at HSBC, where she held the position of officer-in-charge for worldwide project management.

Tracy graduated from the esteemed Duquesne University with a bachelor's(2005-2009) in management and a master's(2009-2014) in leadership.

Samsara, a rescued dog, and Scarlet, a saved cat, share her home with her. In 2012 and 2017, she lost her beloved pets, Asha and Beemer, who were her best companions for life.

Odin, an English Mastiff who had been her boyfriend for 12 years and died right before Christmas, passed away six months after Beemer. In 2008, Tracy came to his aid after he had been abandoned at an animal shelter. Two feral kittens that Tracy recently saved were ones she captured just before winter.

Moreover, she served as a community organizer/ founder in Buffalo Vegan Society from Jan 1998- Nov 2014.

She even fundraised for a cow named Williow, which belonged to Greyson. The cow came from the controversy of Asha and owner Greyson as Greyson alleged her stealing his cows.

The owner of Asha Farm was arrested today for third-degree grand theft after word of her arrest went viral on the internet.

What Was Tracy Murphy Arrested For?

It sounds so strange if someone is detained for stealing domestic animals, which is what occurred.

Two cows, which Murphy claimed wandered onto her farm, were suspected of being stolen by the 59-year-old Murphy. According to her, two cows, Little Willow and Ishamel arrived at her Sanctuary around July 16.

Murphy claims that she reported their wanderings to SPCA the same day. She revealed that the alleged owner had called her after reporting and told the truth along with excitement to work together.

the proprietor of Newfane Farm Sanctuary Tracy charged with grand larceny ( Source : Wivb )

The New York State Police officials located both cows and gave them back to the rightful owner.

The owner of the lost cows is Scott Gregson, who owns Mckee Farm, a beef cattle farm near Sanctuary, and said he no longer saw his cattle when the domesticator went to feed them. 

According to him, they noticed missing their cows on July 16, and SPCA informed him of their belongings in Sanctuary. He added that his children are too wondering when the cattle would return home.

Murphy expresses hope that she may reach a compromise with the owner while all that Gregson wants is his cattle back home. After being taken to SP Lockport for processing, Murphy was sent back to the Niagara County jail to await his arraignment.

Tracy Murphy and Two Cows controversy

Greyson's two cows which have been lost found by Asha Sanctuary, and they posted a video of them writing they are not going to hand over animals that are going to go to slaughter.

She fundraised for the cow as she claimed one cow's illness and received $40,000 of the $50,000 needs after medical bills incurred from March to May.

Murphy said she just captured the cattle because she couldn't leave them to be in the wild or get injured or shot. Local farmers have rushed to the streets shouting Release the Beef in the suspected cattle rustling case. Still, the animal rights group Asha's Farm Sanctuary seeks evidence of ownership and refuses to release the livestock.

Lockport troopers went to Murphy's house on July 25 to rescue the cows. Along with the fighters, the SPCA, and the cows' owner.

According to the reports, Murphy demurred getting cows back home, and a warrant was then executed for the cattle farmer's arrest and retrieval of the cows.

The cows are already located and finally returned to the owner.

In addition to advocating for the wellbeing of the cattle, Murphy is seeking board and damage payments for each cattle she has sheltered. Although Murphy estimates that the expense of feeding the cattle is closer to $5 per day, the claim is for $100 per day on the board.

Both parties have sought legal counsel to settle their dispute over the two heads of cattle. Although they are not the property of Asha's Farm Sanctuary, the campaigners are not prepared to give them up quickly.

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