Who Is Thorsten Weck and What Is His Net Worth? Lilly Becker Shares PDA With New Boyfriend In Ibiza

Lilly Becker is now with a new guy, Thorsten Weck ( Source : Germany )

While spending a romantic yacht day in Ibiza on Friday, Lilly Becker and her new boyfriend Thorsten Weck was engaging in plenty of PDA.

The 46-year-old model, who was on vacation with the sports agency consultant who resembled her tennis star ex, didn't hold back and was looking great in a golden swimsuit.

It seems like Ibiza, a Balearic island, is a favorite destination for Lilly Becker. She frequently visited with her family while her marriage to Boris Becker was still intact or went on quick getaways to let loose with her ladies. Lilly returned to Ibiza at the end of July, but her estranged husband is still incarcerated in HHM Prison Huntercombe, which is located west of London.

Who Is Thorsten Weck? Lilly Becker's New Boyfriend Is Getting All The Attention

After the aforementioned steamy holiday with Lilly Becker, Thorsten Weck is all over the Internet. Adding to it, his looks are making headlines. Does he not look like Borris Becker? It's quite subjective, but the news portals have definitely chosen the perfect title for the news. 

Thorsten is a German national who owns a Sports management company named 'Thorsten Weck Sports management GmbH.' The organization mostly focuses on the placing and advising of professional athletes as well as those clubs and companies and related activities. The website strictly mentioned that no legal and tax advice is provided through the company. 

His work area is Düsseldorf, Germany. There is also a site that gives an overview of all players who work with Thorsten Weck Sports management GmbH on the Internet. Hence, looking at it from the outside, he seems an extremely successful person. 

Thorsten Weck's Net Worth: How Rich Is The Celebrity Spouse? 

The sponsors' (companies and brands that advertise through sports) perspective is how the sports marketing agency makes money, but sports marketing also generates direct income for sponsors because they are more likely to see an increase in sales of their goods and services as a result of sponsoring or partnering with a sports team or athlete.

Thorsten Wreck is one of the most demanded marketing agencies in Germany. Hence, his earnings are quite high but vary from season to season and time to time. However, he is dating one of the richest women in the business. Therefore, he seems to have a net worth of over a million by now. 

On the other hand, his better half, Lilly, has a worth of $10 million as per reputed sites. 


Lilly Becker And Thorsten Weck's Age Difference

Lilly Becker is 46 years old. She was born on June 25, 1976, in Rotterdam, Netherlands. On the other hand, her new boyfriend, Thorsten Weck, seems to be in his 50s. Hence Becker and Weck definitely have an age difference of at least five years.


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