Who Is Steven Bagwasi? Everything We Know About The Boxer


Professional Boxer Steven Bagwasi ( Source : instagram )

During the ESPN Africa Boxing series, conducted at night in Johannesburg, local professional boxer Steven Bagwasi had a successful day in the ring.

Underdogs against South Africans, Steven Bagwasi and Kutlwano Ogaketse, entered the ring. The local guys entered the ring without decorations that would have encouraged their opponents to take advantage of them.

Ogaketse defeated Prince Ndlovu unanimously, demonstrating his dominance in the process.

Let's explore more about Steven through the article here. 

Who Is Steven Bagwasi?

As ESPN Africa began its return to live boxing in Johannesburg, Steven Bagwasi reportedly defeated veteran Koos Sibiya by a split decision.

It was a unanimous decision that might have gone either way, but the 27-year-old Botswanan, who improved to seven victories and one defeat, was the prospect going into this fight.

This junior-lightweight match was professional and without incident, but it served as a decent save for a program that had just lost its main event—an SA title fight—the day before.

However, ESPN can potentially be a fantastic platform for a sport already having trouble before Covid-19 swept over the globe. In essence, this competition served as a development event.

Rafael Lita of Namibia was defeated by Steven in 2017 through Technical Knockout (TKO) in the fifth round, demonstrating Steven's credentials as a contender for the WBA Pan Africa Lightweight title.

The referee ended Lita's suffering just 20 seconds before the end of the fifth round in a lopsided six-round fight in which Bagwasi had been outplaying his far more skilled opponent the entire time.

With the victory, Bagwasi—who had triumphed in his three (3) professional fights—came much closer to vying for the championship now held by Ayanda Nkosi of South Africa.

Steven Bagwasi Age & Ethnicity 

Steven Bagwasi is reportedly 27 years old. He belongs to the African ethnicity. 

During his recent match, the little Bagwasi began the game on the back paddle while carefully observing his opponent. Bagwasi returned to demonstrate how his boxing skills have improved.

His defense was outstanding, and he was committed to scoring as many points as possible. Ogaketse told Sport Monitor that he was pleased with his performance.

He said, "I feel fantastic. We went to his backyard and took the shine off him." According to Ogaketse, he fought following the strategy given out from his corner. Bagwasi claimed that defeating a skilled fighter like Sibiya was a significant turning point in his career. 

Steven Bagwasi in the frame
Steven Bagwasi in the frame ( Source : twitter )

"As a professional boxer, I've discovered that experience does not necessarily translate into skill. They have more fights than I do, so there. I need to defeat boxers like him if I want to succeed," said Bagwasi.

He added that a title fight is his next objective. Coach Thebe Setlalekgosi of the Drad Boxing Stable stated that his boxers were participating in the opening matches of the year and that the strategy was to go out and perform fundamental exercises.

He claimed that the adversaries were more skilled and that he was aware they would attempt to box out his fighters. Being underdogs, according to Setlalekgosi, is advantageous. "Our amateur history always comes to our aid constantly.

What Is Steven Bagwasi Net Worth?

Steven Bagwasi's net worth is still under review. However, he must make a decent amount as a professional boxer. 

Workchron estimates that the average pro boxer makes $35,584 a year, with earnings ranging from $22,000 at the low end to $37,000 at the high. Steven might earn in this range. 

Pro boxers' take-home money may be far less than the figures indicate because they must cover their travel, training, and management costs out of these winnings.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, athletes who compete professionally made a median yearly pay of $51,370 in 2017. This indicates that half of the professional athletes, including professional boxers, made less money than this. Ten percent of workers earn less than $19,220 annually.

Pro boxers-specific job growth statistics are not kept on file by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It does, however, retain information about professional athletes in general, whose careers you may anticipate taking a similar path.

Pro athletes' employment is expected to increase by 7% from 2016 to 2026, which is around the average for all occupations.


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