Who Is Starbucks CFO Rachel Ruggeri? What We Know About The Business Executive After Her Appearance On CNBC


Starbucks CFO, Rachel Ruggeri ( Source : Seattletimes )

Starbucks CFO Rachel Ruggeri has become the talk of the town after her appearance on CNBC's Squawk Box talking about the coffee chain's turnover and expectations.

The newly appointed CFO talked about the exceeding turnover from Starbucks in contrast to the turnover expectations by Wall Street.

Her appearance on CNBC has made people curious about the business executive, her personal life, her sexuality, and her family.

Who Is Starbucks CFO Rachel Ruggeri?

Rachel Ruggeri has been the third chief financial officer of the coffee shop chain Starbucks for over a year now, and she has shown significant improvements in the company after taking charge of the company's activities.

Starbucks appointed Ruggeri, Senior Vice President of Finance, as the new CFO replacing Patrick Grismer On February 1st, 2021.

Rachel joined Starbucks in 2001 and has been a long-time veteran employee of the chain. During her interview with CNBC, she revealed her plans for the coffee giant, and everything was going great for this company.

The Starbucks CFO has been working in the finance sector for over two decades now with an education background in Bachelors of Accounting from Walla Walla University and a Masters in Business Administration from Washington State University.

The business executive joined Starbucks coffee company as the director of finance in 2001 and worked for six years before briefly working for a year and nine months for PRCN.

In 2010 she again joined Starbucks as the director of finance in Hyperion. Fast forward to 10 years, and now she is the company's Chief Finance Officer, helping the company achieve higher turnover even during a recession.

Is Rachel Ruggeri Transgender?

Although Harry has not opened up about her sexuality and gender, it is doubtful that she is transgender. There have been issues and complaints against the coffee giant from transgender parties which doubtfully would have occurred if she was a part of lgbtq+ community.

With recent talks of employees unionizing, there have been complaints against the franchise about threats against the employees, focusing on transgender employees.

According to the union representing the Starbucks employees, managers of the company threatened transgender employees about taking away their Health Care benefits coverage if they were to unionize.

However, the company has denied all the claims made by the union and the employees. If Rachel were a part of the LGBTQ community or transgender, there would be no chance for such a claim to be made in the first place.

Rachel Ruggeri Family

CNBC's Squawk Box was one of Rachel Ruggeri's first media appearances, so she is not one to be very active on social media either. According to Rachel's bio on Starbucks stories, the accounting expert is married and lives with her husband and her dogs.

Rachel Ruggeri, accounting expert and CFO of Starbucks in Washington ( Source : Stories )

Her bio further states that she loves to spend time with her family traveling, and enjoying outdoor activities like running and hiking in the Great Northwest Seattle area where they reside.

The couple shares a common passion for animal welfare and rescue and supports Idaho Vizsla Rescue, The Chimpanzee Sanctuary, and many other rescues in the area.

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