Who Is Sophie Hambleton? Everything We Know About The Cast of Good Grief


Sophie Hambleton: Everything We Know About The Cast of Good Grief ( Source : Resources )

Sophie Hambleton is an actress from New Zealand popularly known for Westside, Encounters, and The Dead Room and now portrays the role of Sharyn in the web comedy series Good Grief.

Good Grief is a comedy series set in a small New Zealand town. It follows the story of two millennial sisters who inherited their grandfather's funeral house and its eccentric employees. Both sisters have very different personalities; one wants to carry on her grandfather's legacy and spend more time with her sister, and the other is busting to get out of New Zealand to DJ in Bali.

Sophie Hambleton Hails From New Zeland And Is The Daughter Of An Actor 

Sophie Hambleton hails from New Zealand and is the daughter of an actor and a drama teacher. The actress from New Zealand started performing on stages from a young age, as both of her parents have a career in acting.

Sophie Hambleton With Her Father Peter ( Source : D3lp4xedbqa8a5 )

Her father, Peter (via nowtolove), has a career as an actor and director in New Zealand and is recognized for his role as Hobbit in the popular fantasy movie written by J.R.R Tolkien. The actress's mother also has gathered experience as a performance artist as she has a profession as a drama teacher.

The actress has appeared in many big titles like Encounters, Birth Deaths And Marriages, and No Man's Land, including the remake of the 1965 theatrical black comedy How To Murder Your Wife, which presents the true story of Alfred Benning's murder of his wife, Betty. 

She also has been nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the 2021 New Zeland Television Awards for her work in season six of Westside. 

Actress Sophie Hambleton's Age

The New Zealand TV Award nominee, was born in 1985 (via nowtolove) and took on performance at a young age. As her mother was a drama teacher, she was exposed to the theatrical world from early age and has performed in different drams while in school. 

Sophie went to Toi Whakaari -New Zealand's only national drama school in Wellington, as a performing arts student to study acting and graduated in 2007. She won a Chapman Tripp theatre award for Actress of the Year three years after graduation in 2010.

At 33, Sophie moved back into her family home in Wellington from her Aucklands house while rehearsing for a play by Elisabeth Easther, Speed.

Actress Sophie Hambleton Is Married To Tom Knowles.

New Zealand actress Sophie is married to Tom Knowles, a professional musician, actor, and writer. Tom Knowles and the various artists he teams with have been at many great parties, events, and music functions over the past 13 years as cover bands performers. 

Sophie Hambleton Husband Tom Knowles With Daughter Marley Rose ( Source : Instagram )

The couple welcomed a daughter Marley Rose March 20, 2022, in their home in Auckland. The couple married on 2021 after a few years of seeing each other. Sophie recently posted a picture of Tom on his thirtieth birthday.

Sophie Hambleton's Instagram Profile

Apart from being a renowned actress, Sophie is also active on Instagram, with several thousand followers. She often regularly posts about adventures she has been through and keeps updating about events in her life.

Her husband, Tom Knowles, also maintains an Instagram profile, mostly posting about his gigs and promoting his musical events. He currently performs as Shrek in the Shrek the Musical New Zealand tour.

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