Who Is Shakira Akabusi? Everything We Know About Kriss Akabusi Daughter


Shakira Akabusi: The Founder Of StrongLikeMum ( Source : Baby-Magazine )

Shakira Akabusi, daughter of a British former sprint and hurdling track and field athlete Kriss Akabusi, is a fitness expert, social influencer, public speaker, and founder of Strong Like Mum.

Strong Like Mum is a book and a campaign where Shakira has combined her professional expertise in pre and postnatal fitness and her personal experience to support women through their pregnancy and postnatal journey.

She aims to bring together a growing community of women who support one another to achieve their personal goals in business, lifestyle, sports, and all other aspects of parenthood.

Shakira mentioned that during her first pregnancy, she had insecurities about her pre and postnatal mental health problems and had struggles that led her to complete breakdown while at the airport.

Shakira Akabusi Is The Daughter Of British Athlete Kriss Akabusi

Rising star Shakira Akabusi is the daughter of former British athlete Kriss Akabusi. She was born to her parents, Monika and Kriss Akabushi, in Southampton, United Kingdom.

Shakira grew up in Hampshire, running through her favorite countryside cow fields with her parents. According to sources, she graduated from drama school and toured the country in the musical phenomenon High School Musical 2, where she played the part of Taylor, one of the female leads.

Shakira is passionate about empowering women to develop confidence and positivity during pregnancy and to balance motherhood with a healthy lifestyle. In addition, she is trying to shatter motherhood's stereotypes, particularly body image and mental wellbeing.

Shakira Akabusis' Husband And Children - Is She Pregnant In 2022?

Shakira Akabusi is 34 years old mother of four children from London. She shares her story of how she got back into shape just eight weeks after giving birth to her twin's baby, hoping to inspire others' new mothers in her book Strong Like Mum.

Shakira Akabusi is married to Tom Martin, a kind and supportive person who always cares for her. The couple lives in London, United Kingdom, along with their four children.

The Founder Of StronglikeMum Shakira Akabusi With Her Daughter ( Source : Instagram )

Shakira and Tom are families of six living in London. Tom is helping and supporting in raising their children. The eldest son of the couple is Rio. The second son of the family was Ezra. Moreover, the couple was blessed with twins named Asher and Aryana.

During her discussion with Ranvir Singh and Dr. Hilary about pre and postnatal mental health problems, she mentioned that her OCD and anxiety symptoms escalated after the birth of her first son, Rio.

Meet The Founder Of StrongLikeMum On Instagram

Health and fitness expert specializing in pre and postnatal health, Shakira is on Instagram with the handle shakira.akabus, where she regularly posts providing her fans with information about pregnancy and women's fitness through and after the pregnancy. 

She has been posting regularly about her daily life as a mother and keeps updating about events in her life. Besides being a women's health specialist on Instagram, she uses the platform to promote her campaign StrongLikeMum.

Over time she has amassed several thousand followers on her Instagram and has about two thousand posts. She also runs a podcast discussing women's health and pregnancy.

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