Who Is Sean Marshall? Selling The OC's Brandi Marshall Husband Is A Pro Basketball Player


Sean Marshall Is An American Former Basketball Player ( Source : instagram )

Sean Marshall is a former American professional basketball player married to Brandi Marshall

Former public relations executive Brandi Marshall and Sean have known each other since middle school in Rialto, California. Throughout their adulthood, the couple met up once in a while, but they connected through BlackBerry Messenger.

The newest spin-off, Selling the OC, just dropped on Netflix, and pro basketball player, Sean Marshall's wife, is one of the 11 casts posing as real estate agents. The competitors, including Brandi Marshall, will face many challenges to have their chance with that old bell the duo makes the agents ring after closing a deal.

Brandi Marshall is the wife of former pro basketball player Sean Marshall. She is a hardworking mother of two children and plays a significant role in office politics.

Who Is Sean Marshall?

Sean Marshall is the husband of "the great communicator" Brandi Marshall. He had a 13-year-career as a pro-basketball player before retiring. 

Brandi Marshall's husband, Sean, is also the founder of Pro's Vision, a training company dedicated to helping aspiring NBA players hone their skills. In addition, the company Pro's Vison has maintained an Instagram page where they upload content promoting numerous basketball players.

He is also the creator of Team Challenge ALS, a sports team that raises money to help cure Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), a neurodegenerative disease.

Sean Marshall Is Husband Of Selling The OC's Star Brandi Marshall
Sean Marshall Is Husband Of Selling The OC's Star Brandi Marshall ( Source : womenshealthmag )

According to WomensHealthMag, his college roommate Peter Frates (who died in 2019) motivated Sean to raise awareness and support for ALS. Baseball player Pete, who also invented the viral Ice Bucket Challenge, died in 2019 after being diagnosed with ALS.

The retired pro-basketball player, Mr. Marshall, was a star athlete at Boston College. In 2007, during his senior year at the Jesuit school, Sean was named Atlantic Coast Conference player of the year.

Brandi Marshall's Husband Is A Pro Basketball Player

Brandi Marshall is a real estate professional married to pro basket player Sean Marshall. The pair had known each other since their pre-teen but started seeing them as a romantic partner while Sean was in Turkey, and she was living in Los Angeles.

The Rising Zephyr's Sean traveled to Turkey to partake in basketball tournaments, per EartheNecklace. In 2013, after a year of moving to Turkey, the sportsman invited Brandi to visit him there. 

The pair rapidly bloomed romantic feelings for each other and married on June 27, 2015. The couple organized a wedding ceremony in San Clemente to get married and live as lawfully wedded husband and wife.

Brandi Marshall And Sean Marshall Has A Son And Daughter

The Marshall family is blessed with two sons and a daughter. The newlywed couple welcomed their first child, a daughter. Speculating her images on Instagram, the eldest kid of Brandi and Sean seems to be in her pre-teens.

Sean fathered his second baby, a boy, with his wife, Brandi. The youngest boy of the pro-sportsperson seems to be a few years younger than his eldest sister. The kid's parents have uploaded several pictures on their Instagram accounts.

Brandi cited that her family is the center of her life. As per her O Group bio, she values the title of wife and Girl Scout mom. Brandi and Sean have two little ones, one daughter and a son.

Sean And Brandi Marshall's Family

Sean James Marshall was born on April 11, 1985, in California, United States. His father, Sylvester Marshall, cited on his Facebook that despite being a cancer victim, he attended his son's Sean wedding to Brandi.

Brandy Marshall's mother, Anna Bell, shared a photo on Facebook in May 2018. She captioned the post, "Hands down the strongest woman I know."

However, Brandi has always avoided discussing her parents' lot; hence more information is yet to be available. She has two sisters, Britney Bell and Kandice Manning. 


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