Who Is Sam Ezersky From New York Times? Facts You Did Not Know About The Journalist

Sam Ezersky had his first crossword published in the LA Times at age 17 ( Source : Twitter )

Sam Ezersky, the New York Times' associate puzzles editor, had a passion for puzzle-solving from a young age.

When Sam Ezersky was six years old, he was flipping through a magazine when he stumbled onto a straightforward word search. He looked for more puzzles because the way the words fit together captured his attention.

His stepfather and mother supported his interest. Soon, he was looking behind their backs and offering solutions as they solved their challenges. Let's explore more about him. 

Who Is Sam Ezersky From New York Times?  

Sam Ezersky is now 26 years old. However, his exact date of birth is unknown. In an article written about him in 2020, his age was indicated to be 24 years old. Thus we predict he might be running at the age of 26 now. 

At 14, Ezersky began submitting puzzles to Shortz, who rejected many of them but urged him to persevere. And Ezersky did. At the age of 16, he sold his first puzzle to the Los Angeles Times, and at the age of 17, Sam sold a puzzle to Shortz with the assistance of another puzzler.

His interest was sparked by a crossword puzzle book written by Will Shortz, the longtime New York Times crossword editor. In addition to solving them, he saw himself as a possible creator of riddles. According to Ezersky, it marked a turning moment for him. He is a Jersey City resident.

Sam Ezersky in the frame ( Source : Njmonthly )

A few years later, Shortz, Ezersky's idol, delivered the commencement address during Ezersky's third year at the University of Virginia.

But doing puzzles is not entirely a solo activity. The community and the individuals they encounter along the way are two of Ezersky and Shortz's favorite components of the craft. The two of them initially met during a tournament.

After graduating the following year, Ezersky interned for Shortz during the winter break and began working as an associate puzzle editor for the Times.

What Is Sam Ezersky Net Worth? 

Sam Ezersky's net worth is still under review. However, he must have accumulated a decent amount by selling his puzzles. 

Comparably reports that the average crossword puzzle maker in the US earns $69,114 annually. The typical bonus for a crossword puzzle maker is $1,830, or 3% of their annual compensation, and 100% of those surveyed say they get bonuses every year.

Crossword puzzle creators average a total payment that is 24% higher than the US average in San Francisco, at $85,637. Sam might earn in the range mentioned above or more than that. 

A puzzle's difficulty is matched to the day of the week, with Monday being the easiest and Saturday being the most challenging when it is being prepared for publication. The editors typically change approximately 50% of the clues but rarely the words in the grid—the most important day of the week, not the hardest.

Ezersky still periodically sends the Times his crosswords. When he creates a puzzle, he comes up with a theme and the solutions that make up the grid. The remaining words in the grid are then filled in after he places the black squares. The last are the hints.

Sam Ezersky Wife- Is He Married? 

Sam Ezersky has chosen to maintain his personal life in secret. His marital status, including whether he is single, married, or has a girlfriend, is unknown.

But in 2021, he shared images of a group of doughnuts on Twitter with the caption, "Mine in purple, my girlfriend's in blue... many more have been demolished since!" This suggests that he might be seeing a significant someone in his life. He has chosen to keep a secret about her identity, though.

When he has the time, Ezersky solves riddles from other magazines. For several years, he participated in the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, a timed event in Stamford, Connecticut. In 2016, he came in first place among competitors under 25 and 28th overall.

When he's not working on puzzles, Ezersky enjoys going for walks along the harbor in nearby Hoboken and watching sports in bars with young people, just like crossword puzzles are starting to draw.


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