Who Is Rose Swisher & Where Is She Today? Bill Russell Ex Wife As The NBA Legend Passed Away


Bill Russell ( Source : Youtube )

One of the best NBA players in history, Bill Russell, has passed away. According to the social media post, the venerable NBA big man peacefully with his wife by his side. The sad news was shared online on Sunday by Russell's official Twitter account.

The iconic big man for the Boston Celtics was 88 years old and earned five league MVP honors in addition to 11 titles.

The Untold Truth About Bill Russell's Wife Rose Swisher

Bill Russell's first wife was Rose Swisher, a basketball player. When the two former lovers initially connected, they were in college together. On December 9, 1956, Rose and Bill Russell were united in marriage. Jacob Russell, William Russell Jr., and Karen Russell are the couple's three children.

Before being divorced in 1973, they were married for almost 20 years. Rose Swisher passed away on September 11, 2014, at the age of 78.

Dorothy Anstett was the second spouse of Bill Russell. In 1977, amidst the debate surrounding inter-racial unions at the time, he wed Dorothy. Dorothy was white, and although inter-racial unions had only been legal in 1967, they were still uncommon.

Russell was 43 years old when they got married, and Dorothy Anstett was 29. Before getting married in 1980, Bill and Dorothy shared three years of living together. They never had kids together. The United States' Dorothy Anstett was born in Kirkland on June 28, 1947. She was fourth in the 1968 Miss Universe competition and previously won the Miss Washington pageant in 1968. Dorothy is a University of Washington alumna with a major in English.

Bill Russell's Daughter Karen Kenyatta 

Lawyer and television commentator Karen Russell was born on January 20th, 1962, and graduated from Georgetown University and Harvard Law School.

Talented television reporter Karen has worked as the executive director of Artists for a New South Africa and the development director for the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Center for Human Rights. She has also written for the Huffington Post.

Karen routinely makes appearances as a legal and political pundit on CNN, MSNBC, and TruTV.

On November 2, 1957, Bill Russell's son William Felton Russell Jr., sometimes known as Buddha, was born in Melrose, Massachusetts. Son of a basketball great attended St. George, Utah, and spent several years working for Cox Trucking. Sherrill Hansen, a childhood sweetheart of William's, was married. Sean Tyler Russell, their child, was born.

Bill Russell Family

Bill Russell was born to his parents, Charles and Katie Russell. He grew up in a neighborhood where there was racial segregation, and his family frequently experienced widespread acts of prejudice. He was raised in abject poverty with a rough childhood and he was only twelve years old, and his mother passed away.

He began playing basketball at McClymonds High School, where he attended. George Powles, the young kid's coach, pushed him to improve his abilities and become a competent player.

A scholarship from the University of San Francisco was made available to him (USF). That made him thrilled to obtain the scholarship since it gave him the chance to break out from a life of racism and destitution.

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