Who Is Pete Arredondo? Wikipedia Bio And Personal Details Of The Police Chief


Pete Arredondo did not attend the board meeting ( Source : instagram )

Chief Pete Arrendondo has been fired as the school district's police chief. His contract was terminated after the board's unanimous decision in Uvalde School. 

He had been accused of making poor decisions during the massacre on May 24 that killed 19 students and two teachers in Robb Elementary School. The parents of the victims have been demanding justice ever since that time. 

Chief Pete Arredondo Wikipedia Bio - Who Is He?

Chief Pete Arredondo was said to be the on-site police commander in the May 24 mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas. He received public scrutiny because of poor decision-making in response to the incident.

Before officers entered the rooms and killed the attacker, the attacker was in two adjacent classes for more than an hour. As per the policy for active shooter scenarios in which the police are taught, they are supposed to end the immediate threats.

However, Pete, who was said to be the commander that day, delayed taking down the shooter and instead tried several keys in nearby classrooms to find the master key to the room where the gunman was holding the kids and teachers hostage. 

Many believe that if law enforcement had acted quickly to the situation, the 19 children and two educators might not have lost their lives tragically. But instead, the supposed commander waited 77 minutes to recuse the children and educators.

Pete does not have a Wikipedia bio, but he spent roughly three years as a police captain at Laredo's United Independent School District before joining the Uvalde school district in early 2020. 

He oversaw the north half of the Laredo school district and was third in command at the Webb County Sheriff's Office. He had a brief stint as a detective. He spent 16 years in various positions with the Uvalde Police Department.

He had served as the school district's police chief since March 2020. However, he took a leave of absence from his position in June. Moreover, he also submitted his resignation to the Uvalde City Council, which was accepted on July 12.

Does Pete Arredondo Have A Wife?

Pete Arredondo has been in the headlines since the incident at Texas high school. However, his personal details are still confidential. 

Thus, there is no information regarding his wife or any immediate family members. Nonetheless, it is believed that he is a family man. 

What Is Pete Arredondo Age?- More On His Family Details

The family of the Texas mass shooting victims has been demanding the board fire, Pete Arredondo. Finally, after three months of outcry, the school board unanimously decided to do so.

Arredondo did not attend the conference, but his lawyer presented a 17-page press statement in which he claimed that the district had not acted legally in moving to remove Arredondo and that he was worried about his safety as he had been receiving death threats. 

His attorney, George Hyde, said that a letter from the district suspending him without pay does not qualify as an official "complaint" required by law to consider termination, reports CNN. 

Pete Arredondo has been fired
Pete Arredondo has been fired ( Source : twitter )

On the other hand, Pete has denied that he was the commander on-site that day. Instead, he argued that his approach to the incident was responding as a police officer and did not title himself commander. 

The 50 years old has been fired from his position at Uvalde School. His contract has been terminated. He was at the age of 25 when he first started his career as a law enforcement officer. 


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