Who Is Noah Donohoe Father? What We Know The Story As The Protest Emerge In Belfast

Noah Donohoe was seen cycling naked through a housing estate and missed for days while police found him dead ( Source : Instagram )

Noah Donohoe, a 14-year-old Belfast teenager who went missing in June 2020, was discovered dead six days later in an open flood channel.

At Noah Donohoe's funeral, mourners were told that since the news of his passing broke, "a genuine sense of shock and bewilderment has gripped the community."

Who Is Noah Donohoe's Father? His Wiki bio

Noah Donohoe's mother is Fiona Donohoe. According to several tweets she's posted on her Twitter account, she was apprehended after she voiced worries about why her teenage son didn't have a crime scene investigation evaluation when his body was discovered.

At St. Patrick's Church on Donegall Street in Belfast, a modest, private funeral service was held where Noah's aunts Niamh and Shona also joined with tears in their eyes. 

During these significant incidents, Noah's father is not mentioned anywhere. So, no details about him are available right now. 

Noah Donohoe Story and Case Update

Noah Donohoe, a 14-year-old Belfast teenager who went missing in June 2020, was discovered dead in an unprotected flood channel six days after his disappearance was reported. He rode his bicycle out of his south Belfast home and vanished without a trace.

A few minutes later, he was observed cycling naked about four kilometers from his home, leading authorities to suspect that he had fallen off his bike and hurt his head. According to both his family and the police, this kind of action is "totally out of character."

During a search on June 26, police discovered the teen's backpack and laptop computer. The corpse of Noah Donohoe is thought to have been found in North Belfast, according to a statement released by the PSNI on June 27.

Later, a post-mortem determined that Donohoe drowned, a finding that "raises more concerns than answers," according to Andree Murphy, a representative for the Donohoe family and a member of Relatives for Justice.

Examining the Fiona Donohoe Arrest Story According to her Twitter, Fiona Donohoe was arrested and held for one night in jail. After she voiced concerns about why her teenage son did not have any crime scene investigation evaluation after his body was discovered, she was apprehended. Noah's mother did, however, spend one night in the cell before being freed. She promised that PSNI would deliver her the following evening to avoid attention at this time from the public and the media.

To help her in her objective through her online media account, Fiona Donohoe is seeking that PSNI makes all files on the case of her recently deceased son relevant to the general public.

Four documents that the police have not yet turned over but are essential to Noah's position are requested to be turned over. They have kept Fiona from obtaining such records throughout the litigation. The police have asked for public interest immunity. If granted, they will genuinely wish to keep the records' contents and the documents were hidden from the general public.

However, if the situations are delicate and police or paramilitaries are involved, this invulnerability may be used. According to Change, however, missing young people instances are particularly phenomenal. It's now one of the most widely publicized things petitions on the Change website, with about 150,000 people having previously done so.

Noah Donohoe Protests in Belfast

Thousands of people demonstrated against a PSNI request to suppress some details from an investigation into Noah Donohoe's death in Belfast's center. The teen's mother thinks it's an effort to hide the details surrounding her son's passing.

Numerous individuals gather to protest Noah Donohoe in Belfast City Hall: Six days after going missing, the 14-year-old child was discovered dead in a storm drain in north Belfast in June 2020. ( Source : Itv )

A protest was held after Shailesh Vara approved the PSNI's request for public interest immunity (PII) in connection to three police files that would be utilized during the inquest into the child's death.

We appreciate everyone who came out in the heat today to support Noah; Noah's mother spoke to the crowd. Sinn Féin North Belfast MP John Finucane said the family deserves the truth and openness while speaking at the event.

Redactions about private information and investigative techniques that, if disclosed, might have a negative influence on the security of a person or persons, or other unconnected investigations, Assistant Chief Constable Mark McEwan said.

The PSNI, not the secretary of state, applied Public Interest Immunity, and the coroner is responsible for deciding whether or not the information is PII, as revealed by the Northern Ireland Office spokesperson. The secretary of state carefully considered the report and received a thorough briefing before signing the PII certificate.

Because they are dissatisfied with the Police Service of Northern Ireland's (PSNI) investigation into the Belfast teen's strange death in June 2020, Noah Donohoe's family is trying to meet with Ireland's Minister for Justice Helen McEntee and has also written letters to TDs.

The family's request to the Irish government comes after the PSNI reported on February 3 that a separate inquiry had been started about access to the Department of Infrastructure's storm drain network near Premier Drive / Northwood Road in North Belfast.

As the dead body of the teen was found six days after his missing, Fiona now states: "I honestly have a lot of concerns about this search, the police's approach to it, and the reason it took six days.


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