Who Is Neale Whitaker Partner? Meet David Novak-Piper On Instagram

Neale Whitaker, an interior designer. ( Source : Instagram )

Neale Whitaker is a television personality who is engaged to his longtime partner, David Novak-Piper.

Famous interior designer Neale Whitaker sometimes referred to as the "principal designer," is also a TV host. He is renowned for his transformations that make people happy.

He is a man of many talents. Neale is an interior designer, editor-in-chief of Belle magazine, and judge on the television series 'The Block'. Whitaker is a renowned television personality.

Who Is David Novak-Piper? Explore Neale Whitaker Partner 

Neale Whitaker of The Block and his boyfriend David Novak-Piper declared their engagement in 2021. The couple, who has been together for over 20 years, posted the joyful news on Instagram.

Neale along with his partner. ( Source : Instagram )

It is known that the gay pair first met in Australia and still resides there now. The duo can be seen actively complimenting one another on their social media accounts.

David was heard declaring his deep love for Neale. According to online sources, Neale and David wed after dating for 13 years. Neale, who is 56 years old and was born in the United Kingdom, now lives in Australia.

The couple is very much in love and loves to spend time with one another. They also do not shy away from gushing about the love they have for each other on their social media accounts. David and Neale believe they are lucky to have found one another.

What Is The Age Gap Between Neale Whitaker And David Noval-Piper?

Neale is 53 years old, while David's exact age is still under review. But judging from David's pictures, he also should be somewhere in his fifties.

So the couple should have not much of an age difference. Neale was born in London, the United Kingdom, in 1962. He attended Chatham House Grammar School before attending the University of Warwick for his undergraduate studies.

He was a very career-focused person and believed in working hard. He began working for a magazine publishing firm in 1988 as the Harpers and Queens magazine's promotions manager, and he has never looked back.

Neale began working for the prestigious British contract publisher Redwood in 1990 as the Marks & Spencer magazine's deputy editor.

Explore Neale Whitaker Instagram

Neale's Instagram handle goes under @nealewhitaker. He has a 124k followers on his Instagram account while only following back about 7.5k people.

Whitaker is very active on his Instagram account, with about 2.8k posts. He has a verified Instagram account and a lot of followers. Neale posts pictures of his friends and family quite often. He loves to spend time outdoors and often documents his life through his Instagram account.

The 2011 Belle Coco Republic Interior Designer of the Year award went to Neale. He presently serves as editor-in-chief of Belle, a publication known as a "bible for designers." Neale, his companion David, and their two dogs reside in the inner Sydney district of Surry Hills.

Neale has contributed to the contemporary design movement because he was born in the 20th century and has been developing his ideas since the 1980s. Modernism takes the stance that art may be created using an infinite variety of materials. Neale has inspired designers to be creative and devoted to their work. He is a very talented person, and he is equally charismatic in the entertainment industry.


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