Who Is Michael Rimmer? Eilish Mccolgan Partner and Boyfriend As The Runner Wins Gold At Commonwealth Games


Eilish McColgan and her boyfriend, Michael Rimmer in Australia ( Source : Instagram )

Scotland runner Eilish McColgan broke the 5000m British Record and her partner, Michael Rimmer, congratulated the record holder runner on his social media.

Eilish also won the Commonwealth games 10000m champion title with a record of 39: 48: 60 beating the Kenya runner, Irene Cheptai, by a close 0.9 seconds.

Her partner has been a great motivator and practice buddy for the championship, making everyone curious about the partner of the Scottish runner.

Who Is Michael Rimmer? Eilish McColgan Partner

Michael Rimmer is a Scottish mid and long-distance runner, Eilish McColgan's boyfriend and partner. The couple often flaunts each other on their respective social media accounts with words of love and praise for each other.

With the recent win of Eilish McColgan, her boyfriend Rimmer congratulated her on writing,

"WHAT A WEEK!!! 😳 First England beat Germany, and now @eilishmccolgan breaks the 5,000m British Record. Not sure which one I enjoyed the most. "

Micheal Rimmer and Eilish McColgan training together ( Source : Instagram )

Michael also revealed that the two trained together for her championship as he wrote," we've spent the best part of the last nine months away on training camps, with only around three weeks of it actually at home. It's great to see all that hard work and dedication come to fruition."

So, you can tell her partner supports his girlfriend's career and dedication to the sport. Also, if you're wondering how he could keep up with his girlfriend, Michael is a middle-distance runner.

Age & Height Of Eilish McColgan's Boyfriend.

Born on February 3, 1986, Eilish McColgan's boyfriend, Michael Rimmer, stands tall at 1.82 m at 36.

The couple has an age gap of 5 years since Eilish is only 31 years old, but they share the same passion for running, and training together has been an excellent way for them to spend time together.

Eilish McColgan and her boyfriend, Michael Rimmer ( Source : Instagram )

The athlete's boyfriend, Michael, graduated from Christ The King High School and majored in History during his Bachelor's degree at Liverpool John Moores University.

The two have been dating since before 2014 for more than 8 years now, and are still going strong to this day. 

What Does Michael Rimmer Do?

Michael Rimmer is not just any ordinary boyfriend who helps train with his championship title-earning runner girlfriend. Rimmer is an English middle distance runner who has competed in the Olympics twice.

The 36-year-old won the 2010 European silver medal with a record-breaking seven British Champion titles from 2006 to 2013. Rimmer has also represented Great Britain in the World Championship in 2007, 2009, 2011, and 2013.

Apart from his career as a middle distance runner, Eilish's boyfriend also worked as an ambassador for the Wells Sports Foundation and was affiliated with Nike for more than nine years.

MIchael Rimmer in the 2008 Olympic trials ( Source : Instagram )

He still identifies as a self-employed professional Olympic Athlete, although it has been a while since he partook in a run or a championship.

However, he is constantly training with his star athlete girlfriend, Eilish McColganand supports his partner. Michael does not leave a chance to show his pride in his girlfriend and her achievements.

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